My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires - Chapter 430: Desire

Chapter 430: Desire

Chapter 430: Desire

Ruby was very paranoid, she couldn't live calmly until everything was under her control.

Her husband, who is her love and her obsession.

Her mother, who is the woman she respects and loves the most.

Her childhood friends, whom she now considers like sisters.

And several other beings that became important to her.

These beings are important to her, and by understanding this, she made this scroll which contained a complete a.n.a.lysis of all the people around her, and the women her husband came into contact with.

In the event that someone manages to manipulate her loved ones to harm anyone close to her, she will have a contingency plan for that.

And because she knew how she is herself, she guarded this scroll with very high security, defense magic, trap magic, and blood magic.

There were several procedures that only Ruby knew to be able to take the scroll in her hand, and the scroll itself had a magic that if someone else took it, the scroll would self-destruct.

The information that was here was very sensitive, if it fell into enemy hands, she understood very well the catastrophe that could happen.

And yes, there was also a contingency plan in place in case she was controlled or became a potential traitor.

The possibility of someone controlling Ruby to speak everything she knew, or using what she had planned against her family was not void, she understood that.

Knowledge is power, but it can also be a curse.

And as the person who had the most knowledge about her family members, she was very cautious.

'If someone else were controlling me now to get this information, the magic placed on this scroll would paralyze my brain. I would go into a coma, and in the next moment the magic would send the necessary information to the people of my 'connection'.'

Ruby got up, and put the parchment on the table, and soon she started taking notes, updating the profiles of Aphrodite, and Haruna.

Haruna, because her husband was clearly interested in her due to their similar personalities. The Scathach case proved that it was only a matter of time before the woman fell into her husband's clutches.

But as she didn't have much information about the fox, she left most of her weaknesses open.

The other was the G.o.ddess of Beauty, Aphrodite.

And as in Haruna's case, Ruby didn't have enough information about this woman, she just had a basic overview of the personality of the G.o.ddess.

And from what she'd observed, the G.o.ddess had been interested in Victor from the moment they'd first met, and at some point when Victor gained Aphrodite by absorbing Adonis.

The G.o.ddess's interest grew even more.

'At first it was because of his warrior att.i.tude, if the myth has any truth, Aphrodite likes men like Ares... And then it was because he became so handsome that she couldn't ignore it anymore. By absorbing Adonis her beauty has already grown to supernatural levels, and by gaining her blessing, my husband's beauty has grown to the point where even women are jealous of him.'

Ruby also didn't forget the myth of Adonis and Aphrodite, the man was so good at what he did, it made the G.o.ddess of beauty go wild. Not just the G.o.ddess of beauty, the G.o.ddess of the underworld, Persephone too.

'My husband now in Aphrodite's vision is the junction of the most handsome man alive, and the savage warrior she likes, he hits all the G.o.ddess's weak points.'

'I'll watch her more, and maybe, I can include Aphrodite and Haruna in this plan~... The help of a t.i.tan G.o.ddess is very useful, especially she has the power to enslave everyone just with her look~'

'And the help of those who have an army at their disposal is even better~'.

Ruby's head was spinning at high speed, and her distorted smile only grew as she jotted down all her thoughts and plans she had for these two women.


"...." Kaguya did her best to ignore Ruby's oddities, even for a Maid who aspires to be perfect, she knows that all of her master's wives are... Hmm...


Kaguya doesn't know what that scroll is that is in Ruby's hand now, this is information that even she doesn't know.

The only people who know about this are his master, and Ruby.

Finis.h.i.+ng writing down everything Ruby from the G.o.ddess and Haruna, she closes the scroll and does the whole process again, and puts the scroll in the manga shelf.

Changing to a serious expression, she said:

"Come on, Kaguya. We need to talk to the witches."

"Yes, Lady Ruby."


Fulger Cla.

"Niece, what happened?" Victoria asked curiously as she looked at Sasha who was visibly shaking.

"...." Sasha looked at her aunt with a dead, lifeless look that scared her aunt to h.e.l.l.

"My mother f.u.c.ked my husband."

"...." Victoria opened her mouth wide in surprise, she knew this was going to happen since Natas.h.i.+a herself announced it, but... It remains surprising.

"And she married my husband, I can feel her presence in my connection." Sasha spoke in the same monotonous tone.

"Eh?" Now the news from surprising to extremely shocking.

An awkward silence fell around them, and only the sound of an antique clock was heard.

Several thoughts ran through the minds of the two women.

Sasha was just in the moon world: 'The moon is beautiful~, look at the clouds, the clouds are cool~'

Her mind was completely blank, she really didn't want to think about anything right now, she thought she was ready for this news, but the shock was bigger than she thought.

Victoria: 'I don't even want to think about the consequences of a countess marrying a vampire count, I don't even want to think about the problems that will occur if the king or some other vampire finds out... Wait, what if my sister gets pregnant by that one. men? The son of a countess and an earl, which Clan will this child inherit?'

Victoria only felt a headache the more she thought about the consequences of her sister marrying her daughter's husband!

"Do you want to take time off?" That was all Victoria could say after a long time of silence.

"...Yes..." That was all Sasha said before getting up and leaving the office with Victoria.


In a room in Eleanor's castle.

Eleonor looked at Natas.h.i.+a sitting next to Victor as she held his arm with a big smile on her face, her smile was so radiant that for a moment Eleanor felt like she was taking physical harm.

It was as if she was in the presence of the sun itself.

Natas.h.i.+a was dressed in modern clothes that were black vegetable pants with black boots, and a white s.h.i.+rt that showed off her collarbone, and her belly.

Her long golden hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she was wearing two simple silver earrings.

In her modern attire, she appeared to be a young adult, privileged to be an immortal vampire.

Victor's clothes were simpler, he was wearing black sneakers with black details, black pants, and a long wine red s.h.i.+rt that had the print:

Of a roaring western dragon, and within that roar was written:

"Who is your dad?"

"...I'm sorry, but... Can you repeat that again?" Eleanor asked.

"Sure~... Nice to meet you again Eleanor, I'm Annastas.h.i.+a Fulger, Countess of Clan Fulger, and WIFE to Victor."


Another silence fell around her, and all Eleanor did was place her hand on her face, and take a long, long breath.

"Umu, performing like that won't cause trouble?" Victor asked curiously as he looked at Natas.h.i.+a.

"... You do not like?" Natas.h.i.+a asked with a slight smile.

"I love it." Victor stated with a small smile.

"...." Her smile grew even wider.

"But won't that cause you problems?"

"Don't worry about it~."'s smile Natas.h.i.+a turned a little evil towards the end.

"Umu, if you need anything, just call me."

"Oh? Won't you forbid me?" Natas.h.i.+a asked slightly surprised.

"Why should I do this?" He asked looking at her with an odd look.

"... Well... Why is it normal to do that?" Natas.h.i.+a spoke.

"Meh, just do what you want, my wives are free, to do what they want, they are prettier that way." Victor can't help but smile.

'They s.h.i.+ne brighter when they do what they want.'

"Oh" Natas.h.i.+a couldn't help but feel sweet inside, she was so sweet So sweet, she felt like her insides were filled again!

"Of course..." Victor caresses Natas.h.i.+a's cheek: "Treachery is not allowed~"

He spoke in jest, but his emptiness was quite serious.

"!!!"'s body Natas.h.i.+a visibly trembled when she felt her husband's gaze, and her smile only grew distorted now.

'That look~... He's looking at me with that look~!' A burst of euphoria occurred in Natas.h.i.+a's mind.

Unlike other times, the look Victor gave her was the same look he gave his wives, and Natas.h.i.+a knew that, because of that, she reacted that way.

"Mmm." She acted rather shyly as she hugged Victor even tighter: "Don't worry about it, I love you, my Darling."

"I'm not worried." Victor laughed, and that was the truth, he knew Natas.h.i.+a's personality well, he was just stating facts.

"Umu. I want you to think only of the fate of the people who dared to try to touch me~." Natas.h.i.+a's melodious and dangerous voice was quite surprising.

"Poor b.a.s.t.a.r.ds." Victor can't help but laugh.

Feeling physical, mental, existence, and dimensional damage from Natas.h.i.+a and Victor's 'atmosphere', Eleonor spoke:

"...I know it's kind of late to ask this, after all, everyone with two neurons could understand what was going on in that mansion, but... Did you f.u.c.k your mother-in-law?"

"Yes." Victor's answer was short and expressive enough.

"And did you marry her?"

"Yeah~;" He smiled a little at the end.

"Do you intend to have a child with her?"

"It is clear."

's smile Natas.h.i.+a grew even wider and her aura exploded with happiness and covered the entire castle.

"Ughh." Eleanor received more damage, and this time, she was not alone, all the single women in the castle received physical damage from this aura.

"Son is a big responsibility, you know?"

"Yeah, but I've decided not to think about it, and leave it to fate, it's not like I'm going to stop ending up inside her."

"I won't either, I feel happier when you're done inside me~."

"...." Seeing the bright smile of the couple, all Eleanor wanted to do now was...

"I need a drink." She spoke with a slightly red face due to how shameless the two of them were.

"You can't drink alcohol." Natas.h.i.+a spoke.

"f.u.c.k it, because I was born a vampire?"

"Fufufufu~." Natas.h.i.+a laughed softly as she looked at Eleanor with a curious look.

"...And now what?" Eleanor asked after a bit of silence.

"I'm going back to training, I'm feeling like I'm about to reach a new level of power."

"Geh, are you going to get even stronger? Aberration!"


"It was not a compliment!"

"For me it was." He smiled kindly.

"...Hmph." She huffed to the side, why can't she beat him in an argument?

Victor laughs a little and says:

"...After training and achieving this breakthrough, I will fulfill my promise to you."

"Do you still remember that?" She looked at him in mild shock.

"Of course, I never forget my promises."

"...Mhmmm..." Eleanor couldn't help but show a sneaky little smile.

'I don't even have to ask then...'

"I thought I already told you that."

"Shut up, I forgot." She blushed a little,

"Chiken brain."

"Hmmm!? What do you say, mother f.u.c.ker?" Her face distorted, she looked like a complete delinquent.

"I also want your help with something Eleanor."

"Mmm? What do you want from me?" She completely forgot that she was insulted.

'Hahahaha~. she's actually quite fun to tease.' Victor thought.

"I want to find a good place to start building my territory, do you have any maps of these lands?"

"...yeah." Eleanor replied after getting over her little surprise.

"Ohh, are you finally going to start making your turf?" Natas.h.i.+a asked.

"Yeah, I have the basic plan I made with Ruby, but I need to find a good spot, Eleanor and her power will be welcome too."

"That's true, your Clan's power to control the land is quite useful."

"Since you're going to help me hunt the monsters, and we're going to be neighbors, it's only natural that I help you too."

'And there are also those weapons he gave me...'

"Hmm~." Natas.h.i.+a touched her chin while making sounds like someone was thinking.

Then a lightbulb clicked on in her head.

'A more robust a.s.sessment is needed... What can Victor offer her?' Looking at her husband, the only thing she could think of was his body.

But that was his perverted side thinking, his rational side thinking:

'Influence... My husband is basically the second person in the whole nightingale who has the most influence, second only to the king.' It is no exaggeration to say that Natas.h.i.+a was not wrong.

If Victor wants something, and asks his wives, it's 100% sure they'll do it. And this is due to the reason that Victor never asked for favors related to using his influence for his wives, they were always the ones who made decisions for their own will.

"Later, I'll lend you the map of these lands that my Clan made... Speaking of Clan, something arrived for you, Victor" Eleanor puts her hand in the pocket of her red coat, and throws something to Victor something:

Victor takes the item, and sees that it was a letter, with the coat of arms of the King of Vampires.

"Vlad?" Curious about what it was, Victor opens it and reads the message.

Natas.h.i.+a who was close to him also read the message, and she couldn't help but flash a sly smile.

'Scathach is going to have a heart attack, kekekeke~'

"May I ask the contents of the letter?" Eleanor couldn't help but ask curiously when she saw the smile of the two beings.

"Vlad invited me to a meeting, a really fun meeting~;"


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