My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm - Chapter 829 Asking for Guidance

Chapter 829 Asking for Guidance

Chapter 829: Chapter 829 Asking for Guidance

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Noted. Zhou Huaiming responded, and with the cooperation of King Xian, he quietly brought the gold medal back to the relay station.

He brought the person he had caught earlier to the military camp.

After flus.h.i.+ng out all the spies, Zhou Huaiming brought the army back to Qianzhou Province.

After King Xian received the news, he immediately ordered Zhou Huaiming to lead his men and surround all the official residences in the Qianzhou Province.

Lord Chen and Lord Fang were directly locked up in the cell.

King Xian personally guarded and interrogated them.

Zhou Huaiming, Yang Zeheng, and the military guard Lord Tian began interrogating the other officials, including Mrs. Fang and Young Master Fang.

However, there was no need to interrogate Mrs. Fang and Young Master Fang. Once they revealed their ident.i.ties, they told them everything they knew.

Lord Fang and Lord Chens crimes of corruption and bribery have also been exposed.

After knowing that Mrs. Fang had confessed, the remaining officials knew that it was useless to hide it, so they confessed everything.


Next, the county magistrates of the following counties were all removed, except for the two newly appointed ones. Even the county magistrate, the chief clerk, and the constable were all involved.

In short, it involved nearly everyone.

Of course, this mainly referred to corruption.

As for the spies, there were only Lord Fang and two generals from the military camp. The rest were the servants sent to the various manors.

Most were concubines and maids.

However, only Lord Fang and his two trusted aides knew about the weapon storage. The other officials only knew that he was secretly mining copper. Everyone received dividends, which was why they had hidden it for so long.

Knowing that the matter was too severe, King Xian directly reported it to the Emperor.

The reply he received was that Lord Fang and the others were naturally sentenced to death, including his concubines and children.

Lord Chen and the other officials were also sentenced to death, and their families were exiled to the southwest. The three closest kins of relation were prohibited from partic.i.p.ating in any scholars examinations.

All of his a.s.sets were handed over to the national treasury.

At the same time, Lin Yifans investigation of the Lou family also ended.

Originally, he had a good impression of Lou Yifei, and the Lou family didnt find any problems.

However, after being implicated by Lord Chen, Gu Chengrui felt regretful for a while and could only choose someone else to replace him.

On this day, after setting up the medical center here, Gu Chengrui went to look for King Xian.

Greetings, Your Highness.

You may rise. You contributed greatly to this matter.

How are things going on your side? King Xian personally helped him up and asked after arranging for him to sit down.

Your Highness, Im done here. Im here to ask you how you will settle the bandits in Lion Camel Ridge.

You can make the decision, according to the Emperor. What do you think?

Gu Chengrui did not hide anything and told him his thoughts. If they choose to farm, at most, more than ten people will be a.s.signed to one place.

Otherwise, they can easily cause trouble if they gather together.

This is also what Im worried about. However, according to what you said, its possible to scatter them all.

Ask them what they think. Settle it as soon as possible so that nothing else will happen.

Ill have to trouble the prince to come with me. Its easier to be convinced with someone from the royal family present.

Dont forget that you are also a member of the royal family. You have to call me uncle. King Xian smiled.

My slip of the tongue, but the princes appearance will be more useful.

You guys can go together. You guys can discuss it more later.

Thank you, Your Highness.

After that, they chatted about the situation in Qianzhou Province. After making an appointment with Yang Zeheng, Gu Chengrui returned to the inn and prepared some gifts for Tiger and the others.

It was mainly food, drinks, clothes, and cotton clothes..