My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1666 - They're All Experts (2)

Chapter 1666 - They're All Experts (2)

Chapter 1666: Theyre All Experts (2)

The awkward atmosphere lasted for quite a while.

Yu Shangrong sighed. He turned around and asked, Is there anyone who wants to challenge me?

Since the Commander of Xuan Meng Hall had admitted defeat, the next step was for Yu Shangrong to accept challenges from others.

All ten commanders of the ten halls naturally could not issue challenges and could only wait to be challenged.

At this moment, a faint voice rang from the side of Xihe Halls flying chariot.

Why dont I give it a try?

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice in confusion.

Lan Xihe looked slightly surprised. She turned around and asked, Mr. Ouyang?

Ouyang Ziyun was a Great Dao Saint who had long been famous in Xihe Hall.

Qi Sheng, who was watching from afar, furrowed his brows slightly as he murmured, I almost forgot about him.

The Silver Guard next to him said, It seems like there are variables

Lets just watch. We can draw a conclusion so early, Qi Sheng said.

Ouyang Ziyun isnt simple. Its said that even Lan Xihe has to show him some courtesy, the Silver Guard said.

I know, Qi Sheng replied.

The Silver Guard did not speak anymore.

Ouyang Ziyun said, Ive been staying in Xihe Hall for too long. Im feeling a little restless.


Ouyang Ziyun appeared in front of Yu Shangrong before he cupped his fists together and said, Please.

As soon as Ouyang Ziyun finished speaking, he launched energy seals in all directions.

Upon seeing this, Bai Zhaoju said praisingly, Ouyang Ziyun has been a Great Dao Saint since ancient times. Hes been stuck at this stage for 100,000 years. Im afraid no one understands Great Dao Saints as much as he does. Ling Weiyang, youre going to suffer a loss this time.

Ling Weiyang also did not expect Ouyang Ziyun to step forward. However, he still said, I believe in Yu Shangrong.

Yu Shangrong smiled faintly as he waved his sword.

Energy swords flew out, accurately hitting the energy seals one after another. The number was just perfect; they were neither too many nor too few.

The two opponents fought as though they had rehea.r.s.ed it for a long time. After a while, there was no clear winner or loser.

In the beginning, the duo tested each others strength and did not use their full strength.

After dozens of rounds, it was still a draw.

Ouyang Ziyun said with a smile, Good swordsmans.h.i.+p. Its time to get serious.


Following that, the duo moved, leaving afterimages in their wake. In just a blink of an eye, they appeared at the center of the arena and began to fight fiercely. The scale of the battle increased immediately by several times.

Ordinary cultivators could no longer catch their movements. They only saw a sky full of energy swords and energy seals clas.h.i.+ng.

Yu Zhenghai frowned as he said with a hint of displeasure, As expected, Im quite unlucky.

What do you mean? Ling Weiyang asked curiously.

Why cant I meet such an opponent? Yu Zhenghai said, dissatisfied.

Ling Weiyang:

After thinking for a moment, Ling Weiyang thought it was not good to indulge the duo too much so he said solemnly, If youre itching to fight then Ill accompany you to spar.

Upon hearing this, Yu Zhenghai smiled sheepishly. I was just joking. Please dont take it so seriously.

After all, there were several levels between their strength. What was the point of sparring with such an opponent?


Suddenly, energy seals exploded and swept out in all directions.

Protective energies appeared around the flying chariots in the air immediately.

So strong!

How the f*ck are the rest of us going to compete like this?

The compet.i.tion had just begun not too long ago, but there were already four Great Dao Saints.

Wei Chen sighed. I didnt lose in vain earlier.

There were quite a few people whose expressions did not change as they watched the battle; their energy fluctuations were stable as well. This meant that they were all experts.

In the arena.

Ouyang Ziyun shouted, Spirit Light Seal!

A dazzling light energy seal, which was clearly different from the other energy seals, pushed the energy swords in the sky back.

The two opponents flew back at the same time.

The crowd below cheered loudly.

Perhaps, Yu Shangrong had been too arrogant earlier. Now that Ouyang Ziyun seemed to gain the upper hand, many people were cheering for him.

Yu Shangrong tossed the Longevity Sword out. Then, it circled the sky like a dragon.

Another infinite-grade weapon!

As expected of the Azure Emperors men!

The Longevity Sword turned into two, and two turned into four

Before long, the sky was covered by energy swords. Among the countless energy swords, there were a few that were much more dazzling than the others. These few energy swords suddenly shot toward Ouyang Ziyun.

What a way to control the sword! Ouyang Ziyun said as he spun around and waved his hand.

Ouyang Ziyun had experienced many battles in his life, after all. A huge energy seal appeared in front of him at this moment. Then, he raised his hand to the sky before a dazzling energy seal shot up.



When the dazzling energy seal rushed toward the sky full of energy swords, Yu Shangrong flashed forward to face it. He held the Longevity Sword horizontally in front of him, and it thrummed as it blocked the energy seal.


The Longevity Sword buzzed as it began to bend. Following that, Yu Shangrong was pushed back by a powerful force.

Nonetheless, the countless energy swords were still under Yu Shangrongs control. At this moment, they flew toward Ouyang Ziyun.

At this moment, Ouyang Ziyun felt as though even the air was as sharp as swords. He exclaimed in surprise, Your control is really amazing.

Ouyang Ziyun could only fly back as he unleashed palm seals after palm seals.

The s.p.a.ce tore as the attacks collided. Fortunately, s.p.a.ce could easily and quickly mend itself.

At this moment, someone exclaimed, Wonderful! This is what the commanders compet.i.tion should be like!

Just as Ouyang Ziyun was about to dispel all the energy swords, a dark crack appeared above him.


The Longevity Sword slashed down from the crack before it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Upon seeing this, everyone exclaimed, Tearing the s.p.a.ce and traveling through cracks in the s.p.a.ce! This is the Great Daos law of s.p.a.ce!

Yu Shangrong emerged from the crack and said tonelessly, Return and Enter Three Souls.

Boosted by the Great Daos law of s.p.a.ce, the range of Return and Enter Three Souls covered the entire Cloud Domain. In just a moment, it seemed as though the entire place was filled with Yu Shangrongs figures. They were difficult to distinguish from his true body.

Ouyang Ziyuns eyes widened slightly in surprise. Hows this possible?

For some reason, Ouyang Ziyun found this sharp and terrifying sword technique vaguely familiar.

At this time, all figures merged into three figures before the three figures merged into one as an energy sword tore through s.p.a.ce.

Ouyang Ziyun stomped his foot, and a lotus bloomed under his feet. He effectively neutralized the law of s.p.a.ce and pushed his hand down fiercely.


Ouyang Ziyuns hands tore the fabric s.p.a.ce as he accurately clamped down on the Longevity Sword.

Everyone was stunned.

Oh? Yu Shangrong frowned slightly.

Even Eldest Senior Brother isnt completely confident hed be able to deal with this move, but Ouyang Ziyun managed to clamp down on the sword?

Indeed, it was just as people said: the Great Void was filled with experts.

Qi Sheng frowned.

The Silver Guard asked, Do you need me to make a trip to Xihe Halls flying chariot?

Lets continue watching. Theyre both Great Dao Saints. I dont believe Yu Shangrong will lose.

You trust him that much? the Silver Guard asked curiously.

He once said that hes invincible among those in the same realm

I hope thats the case

The two opponents in the arena were in a deadlock.

Ouyang Ziyun clamped the Longevity Sword tightly, refusing to let go.

Yu Shangrong also refused to give in.

At this time, another energy sword shot out with an ear-piercing sound.

Ouyang Ziyun asked, Young man, who taught you swordsmans.h.i.+p?

Its self-taught, Yu Shangrong replied curtly.

You can learn swordsmans.h.i.+p on your own, but sword intent is hard to emulate. You cant fool me! Ouyang Ziyun said.

Yu Shangrong c.o.c.ked an eyebrow and said with a faint smile, Since you understand sword intent, you should submit now.


A golden halo appeared at Yu Shangrongs back.

The cultivators in the Great Void had never seen such a thing before so they looked at it in shock and confusion.

Sixteen leaves spun around the golden halo like ten-foot-long blades.

Sixteen leaves?! Hows this possible?!

The cultivators from the ten halls and the other forces broke out in a commotion immediately.


The sixteen leaves flew out and attached themselves to the Longevity Sword.

At this moment, Ouyang Ziyun sensed the threatening and dangerous aura between his palms.

This is bad!

Ouyang Ziyun released his hold on the sword and retreated.

This retreat created an opening for Yu Shangrong. He chased after Ouyang Ziyun at an even faster speed.


After a moment, the duo came to a stop at the same time as though they had a prior agreement.

The sword in Yu Shangrongs hand stopped half an inch in front of Ouyang Ziyun.

Then, a ripping sound rang in the air as Ouyang Ziyuns long robe tore open.

It was over.

The Cloud Domain was as quiet as a graveyard.

Most of the spectators could not believe their eyes. There were too many of them who had never seen 16 leaves before. It was a fresh and shocking sight.

An ordinary cultivator could sprout 12 leaves at most. What did 16 leaves mean?

Ouyang Ziyun looked at Yu Shangrong with a complicated expression.

Yu Shangrong sheathed the Longevity Sword expressionlessly before he said, Thank you.