My Abilities Come with Special Effects - Chapter 629: Edge Sharpening and Dragon

Chapter 629: Edge Sharpening and Dragon

Chapter 629: Edge Sharpening and Dragon

Transformation (1)

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There were many people on the observation platform. From above, they looked down at the lonely people in the square.

It felt like the football field of the World Cup in Lin Yans previous life, only with more people.

The comments, vulgar teasing and disdain mixed together and poured into the white jade square, completely drowning Lin Yan, Jin Hao, and Hu Ji.

Lin Yan was fine.

He had already guessed it just now, but he did not expect the Holy Fan a.s.sociation to really have such a bad taste. They built such a huge square and made them watched by so many other genius seeds without knowing anything.

It was obvious that these people were all geniuses partic.i.p.ating in the Genius Meeting.

There were some frequent comments.

This is the standard of a pre-selection pa.s.s? I can do it too!

106 pre-selection, only 105 geniuses?

Dont underestimate the enemy.

He couldnt even dodge an attack like that. Did he come here with connections?

No wonder he came from a remote planet. Im afraid it was easier to pull strings

Lin Yan could roughly guess that the reason why there were so many people was very likely because of his pre-selection pa.s.s.

It was only because of Jin Hao and Hu Jis dramatic performance that most peoples attention was sucked away, but now, he could still feel countless gazes of scrutiny, interest and disdain lingering on him.

However, Jin Hao and Hu Ji seemed to have been struck by lightning and were completely numb.

If only Lin Yan and the other two had seen what happened just now, although they were embarra.s.sed, they could still pretend that nothing had happened with their powerful psychological abilities.

But now

There had to be tens of thousands of people who saw it!

Hu Ji opened her mouth. It was as if she had been suddenly stripped naked and thrown into a group of hungry black monkeys and gorillas. She only had one feeling in her heart.

Oh no!

The image of a pure and beautiful G.o.ddess that she had built over the years had completely collapsed!

Jin Haos face was even paler. His pupils were about to lose focus. Social death! Complete social death!

However, when he heard that those people actually thought that he was weak and vulnerable, the hesitation and fear in his heart instantly turned into monstrous anger.

Shut up! Youre all f*cking idiots! Shut up! F*ck!

The entire venue fell silent. It was not because Jin Hao threatened them, but because they did not expect Jin Hao to dare to curse in front of so many people! He was even cursing so badly!

Chang Ming reached out to cover his face. There was no hope. He had just said that Jin Hao would definitely be unlucky, but he did not expect it to come true.

Interesting. Very interesting.

How dare he curse? How dare he curse?!

Isnt he too bold? Isnt he afraid of death?

Gong Yanqing is here too, right? She hates it when people curse in front of her!

Hes too arrogant. Even Li Muxing doesnt dare to curse so dirtily in front of Gong Yanqing!

Oh, I get it. This guy still doesnt know about Gong Yanqing, right?

Then its over. Hes finished, swearing in front of so many people.

Jin Haos defense was broken, and his face instantly turned red. What bullsh*t Gong Yanqing, Li Muxing! Youre afraid of them, but Im not! A group of flies are hiding, and theyre useless. If you have the ability, come over! F*ck!

The scene fell silent again.

Everyone turned their heads at the same time and looked at a figure sitting far away on the highest stand.

It was a woman with a pure temperament. She was wearing an ancient dress with green sleeves. She had long hair and looked like an immortal. Her temperament was as cold as a fairy from the sky. However, she was too far away and her spiritual power covered her face.

Youre Gong Yanqing!

Jin Hao finally found a clear target and immediately shouted, Are these people afraid of you? Pfft!

Come down if you dare! Ill definitely let you know what a real man is!

On one hand, it could be said that he wanted to show his strength, but on the other hand, it was completely a form of teasing!

Therefore, almost everyone present sucked in a cold breath.

They were screaming in their hearts.


This fellow actually dared to tease Gong Yanqing!

Someone was going to die!

However, Gong Yanqing did not stand up. He only said indifferently, Everyone has witnessed it. He sought death himself. You cant blame me.

She gently raised her hand and pointed at Jin Hao.


A sword hum that seemed to reverberate through the world suddenly rang out.

In an instant, a terrifying huge sword that was purely made of spiritual power and was a hundred meters long suddenly appeared in the sky!

Following the trajectory of Gong Yanqings finger, the long sword pierced towards Jin Hao like a huge meteor!

The speed at which the huge sword stabbed down looked very slow, but in fact, it had already enlarged rapidly in front of Jin Hao in an instant.

Just the invisible sword energy attached to it was like countless sharp blades, cutting his body and causing intense pain.

In just an instant, his heart was completely filled with fear.

He couldnt blockit!

There was no way to stop it!

He would die!


He roared and wanted to activate his Treasure Image to block the sword for an instant before taking the opportunity to escape!

However, under this terrifying pressure, his mind seemed to have been frightened away by this sword, and his Treasure Image was even squeezed by a terrifying pressure.

The Treasure Image, which should have been able to expand to 600 to 700 meters, actually only expanded to 10 meters tall and could not be unfolded at all!

Under the huge sword, the ten-meter-tall Treasure Image was simply an insignificant ant!


The huge sword suddenly emitted a buzzing sound, and a dazzling sword storm suddenly bloomed. It was like a thin thread that streaked across Jin Haos Treasure Image..