Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 888

Chapter 888

Chapter 888: How is She

Gu Chaoyan forced herself to take some bites, but she could not eat anything more. She drank some tea and felt better, when the oily taste was gone.

Zhou Huaijin looked at her worriedly.

That would not work. The boat was far from the bank, and they had to stay for a very long time on the boat. So such little intake of food was bad for her health.

Just eat some more. Zhou Huaijin coaxed.

Gu Chaoyan forced herself to eat some more but she did not want to go on.

Instead of forcing her, Zhou Huaijin asked her to nap some more. That medicine should work after the rest.

Gu Chaoyan nodded. She believed that lying down made her feel most comfortable.

Zhou Huaijin accompanied her to the room.

Sword One and Qing took care of her when she was in the room, whilst he was guarded outside. In this way, he was able to help when Chaoyan needed it.

Seeing that the situation was quite serious, Zhou Huaiyu came and asked Zhou Huaijin next to the closed door. How is she?

Just feeling unwell, Zhou Huaijin said worriedly. Well, people who have this kind of problem would they run into any more serious issues? Lets just get on the bank and take the land path instead, what do you think?

Zhou Huaiyu thought for a while.

He said, It should not be a big issue, shell just not feel well on the way. Even if we approach the bank, we wont find a place until two days later. Lets see what happens tomorrow. If she is still feeling this bad, we can ask the doctor to check her out.

Zhou Huaijin frowned deeply.

Okay that was the only way out. He wished Mr. Zhao could be here.

Chaoyan was a medically capable person, but she could not cure herself. That wasnt a very good sign.

It was his fault. He had noticed the weird look on Chaoyans face just now, so he should not have believed her words that she was fine. Now things had become so serious.

He felt so bad for her.

Brother, go and eat, I will take care of Chaoyan. Dont worry. Zhou Huaijin said with a serious look on his face.

Zhou Huaiyu looked at the room, then he nodded and left. He was the brother, so even if he was concerned about her, he should not show it on the surface.

He wished that things would be better the next day.

He had seen many people like this. Some could recover after the pills, some suffered the whole day through.

She was a skinny girl, and she would not have a good time if she had to suffer on the way.

Zhou Huaiyu shook her head.

After dinner everyone went to bed.

Zhou Huaijin could not fall asleep, so he guarded outside Chaoyans door, hoping that nothing bad would happen overnight.

Sword One asked Zhou Huaijin to have a break in the middle of the night, but he turned that proposal down he would stay and guard, besides he just could not fall asleep anyway.

It was a very long night.

When dawn arrived, Gu Chaoyan woke up, but she started to vomit. Qing, who barely slept, woke up and took care of her.

When Zhou Huaijin knocked at the door and entered, Gu Chaoyan was looking so pale that she almost vomited out all of her stomach fluids.

Get the doctor here! Zhou Huaijin bellowed furiously.