Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 133

Chapter 133

The followers were dressed all in black, in the same way as Rong Chuxuan and Lin Sen. Gu Chaoyan understood directly that these were hidden guards like the other two.

Zhou Huaijin mentioned before that he was getting her new hidden guards. So Gu Chaoyan was not surprised to see them here.

“Sword One, Sword Two, Sword Three, and Sword Four are all some of the most outstanding hidden guards from Shadow Door, they are yours from now on.” Zhou Huaijin said calmly.

During this interval Gu Chaoyan had been observing the expression of these four people.

Gu Chaoyan did not pay much attention to Rong Chuxuan before, since she knew that he was Zhou Huaijin's man. And so she ended up in trouble.

Therefore, when she was given new guards, Gu Chaoyan had to take a closer look at them.

She nodded with her gaze upon the four guards.

When Zhou Huaijin was speaking, the four guards did not show much emotion. However, when they were looking at her, they showed a touch of respect. That was great. They understood what status they were in and what their missions were.

However, Chaoyan fell into a new thought.

Zhou Huaijin was worried that she would get injured, so he got her martially skilled hidden guards, but she had been a killer in her previous life, and ordinary people would not be able to hurt her. So she did not need so many hidden guards.

Now what she needed was to get back the dowries…

So she needed people who could help with the management of stores.

“I don't need so many hidden guards, one will do. I need some people who are good at running businesses.” Gu Chaoyan thought for a while and put forward her suggestion directly.

She had the plan to train such people of her own, but she needed time. So she could use some of Zhou Huaijin's guards first before she got the ones of her own. When her own people were well trained, she could return the present ones to him.

As she was speaking, Zhou Huaijin smiled and pointed at the four guards. “They might be called hidden guards, but they have learned all kinds of things at Shadow Door. So they should be capable enough to run the stores.”

Gu Chaoyan gasped. So these four people were versatile?

The Shadow Door seemed to be an excellent place full of talents.

“However, you have to take the whole thing into consideration. The Lin Family used to be the imperial business family, and your mother's dowries took up half of the Lin Family's properties. The amount might even exceed that of my mansion! So those people are not enough. I will get you some more experienced businessmen these days, and you can hire them whenever you need them.”

As he was talking, Zhou Huaijin thought of something. “If you need my help, just turn to me. It would be very difficult to get everything back with your own hands. There are too many of the properties. I believe that the Gu Family had their eyes upon the properties when they decided to marry your mother. When your dowries are taken, the whole mansion would fade away. I don't think that they would make the whole thing easy for you.”

He could use his power when the power was needed.

Zhou Huaijin was not a saint. If not for Yan's own plan, he could get all the dowries back within one day with his own power.

Now he had to respect Yan and let her do what she needed to do, but he could not possibly allow Yan to be in a disadvantageous position.

Gu Chaoyan smiled. “Don't worry, I won't show mercy when the time comes.”