Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 979 Recruiting New Staff

Chapter 979 Recruiting New Staff

Chapter 979: 979 Recruiting New Staff

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Tan Rou had been staying in the TR company during the summer break. Hang Wei had arranged a very large office for her on the top floor. Many times, when Hang Wei went out to discuss matters, Tan Rou was the one who oversaw the companys big and small matters.

In fact, as the boss of the company, Tan Rou didnt need to look through everything. Therefore, most of the time, she would leave the management to Hang Wei and only care about the research and development department.

Hang Wei had been on a business trip for the past two days, so Tan Rou had helped him take care of the companys affairs. Coincidentally, the company was hiring new employees, so Tan Rou had been walking around casually to see if there were any good seedlings that she had taken a fancy to.

Everyone in the company knew her. When she appeared in the HR department, the noisy environment in the HR department finally quieted down.

The HR manager came over to report to Tan Rou with dark circles under her eyes. Boss, weve selected ten good candidates today. Well arrange for an interview tomorrow. Will you be able to join us?

Sure. Ill join tomorrow. Tan Rou nodded. In the past, when she was not around, Hang Wei had personally interviewed the employees of the R&D department but now that she was back, she had to personally interview them so that she could have suitable talents under her.

Everyone has worked hard. As the boss, Tan Rou was very considerate of her employees. Ill treat everyone to coffee today. All the employees who work overtime will receive a threefold bonus when they get paid next month.

The employees of the HR department were immediately motivated. Thank you, Boss!

Tan Rou walked inside. She flipped through the list and saw Chen Yaos name.

Print another copy of this persons information for me. Tan Rou pointed at Chen Yaos photo.

The manager immediately reacted. Okay, boss. Ill get someone to arrange it now.

To be honest, she had been thinking about whether she should get rid of this girl. Although this girls university was very good, she did not have many achievements during her university days.

Speaking of which, this girl was also from the Physics Department of the Capital University and had graduated this year. Could it be that she and Big Boss were cla.s.smates?

The manager felt that she had to be careful. When she arranged the interview tomorrow, she had to remind the other interviewers to pay more attention to this girl and improve her score.

Tan Rou noticed the managers expression. Dont think too much and dont try to guess the bosss intentions.

The HR manager immediately understood that Tan Rou knew this interviewee, but it was not the kind of relations.h.i.+p she thought. It was that the interviewee had a grudge against their boss.

Alright. The HR manager immediately went to print out Chen Yaos information.

After Tan Rou received the interview form, she sat on the sofa beside her. She smiled mockingly as she looked at it. She patted Chen Yaos interview form twice and threw it aside.

Zhuang Liu, guess whose form I found in our companys application form? Tan Rou sent a message to Zhuang Liu.

I dont know. Who is it? Zhuang Liu replied.

Chen Yao. Tan Rou sent a voice message saying, No wonder she insisted on having dinner with me. She dared to invite me because she wants to join my company! However, shes an interesting person. She doesnt want to spend money when she asks others to do things for her. If she treated me to a meal at that time, I might have agreed.

Based on your att.i.tude, Zhuang Liu replied, even if she invited you to dinner, you wouldnt agree to let her join TR Company.

You understand me the best, Tan Rou said.

Zhuang Liu replied again, Theres something I forgot to tell you. On the second day of the graduation ceremony, I asked Xiao Mo to check on Chen Yao and those people. I also privately informed all the companies in the Capital not to hire them.

Did you forget to inform our company? Tan Rou asked.

Zhuang Liu was silent for a while and decided to push the blame to Xiao Mo.

Its all Xiao Mos fault. He left out your company.

Tan Rou sent a voice message. Thats enough. Dont drag Xiao Mo out to be the scapegoat. Hes an employee. Youre the boss.

Then how do you plan to deal with Chen Yao now? Zhuang Liu asked.

Tan Rou said disdainfully, Shes not worth my time but I really want to see what she has to say during the interview tomorrow. So, Ive decided to let her partic.i.p.ate in the interview.