Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 945 Coincidentally Encountering a Classmate

Chapter 945 Coincidentally Encountering a Classmate

Chapter 945: 945 Coincidentally Encountering a Cla.s.smate

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Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu had already returned to the capital after their trip, but Tian Tian and Tao Zhis trip had just begun. After seeing enough of the sea of flowers, Tian Tian s.h.i.+fted her gaze to the rose field.

There was an open-air rose garden here. All kinds of roses were blooming on the branches. Some were very beautiful, some were fragrant, and the ones that were not were rare. Anyway, there were all kinds of roses that could be seen on the market here.

However, this was not Third Aunt Taos flower field. Tian Tian and Tao Zhi could not take photos in the sea of flowers. They could only take some photos at the edge of the flower field.

Even though she could only take photos from the side, Tian Tian was already very satisfied. As long as she could come out and play with Tao Zhi, she would be happy wherever she went.

Tiantian, stand in front of the tallest pink rose bush. Then, squat down and stroke the rose with your hand. Tao Zhi instructed Tian Tian to pose.

Tian Tian followed Tao Zhis instructions. Is this okay?

Tao Zhi looked at his beautiful and cute little girlfriend in the photo and wished he could hug her in his arms and kiss her to his hearts content. However, there were many people here to play. He was afraid that Tian Tian would be shy, so he decided to kiss her when he got back.

After taking a picture of the roses, Tian Tian took a fancy to the champagnecolored roses. Ah Zhi, lets go over there and take a picture. Let someone take a picture with us.

Sure. Tao Zhi hung the camera on his body and went to hold Tian Tians hand.

There were quite a lot of people at the champagne-colored Rose. Tao Zhi and Tian Tian waited for a while for there to be fewer people. They spotted a few girls who had come to play together and planned to let them take photos later.

h.e.l.lo, sisters! Tian Tian walked towards the girls with her camera. My boyfriend and I would like to take a picture together. Can you help us take a picture?

The beautiful woman in the lead smiled and said, Sure, little girl. Wheres your boyfriend?

Tao Zhi walked over. Here.

When the woman saw Tao Zhi, she immediately became very excited. Tao Zhi, is that you?

When Tao Zhi heard this woman call his name, he tried hard to remember where he had seen her before. You are

Im An Hui. Dont you remember me? We were cla.s.smates in middle school and high school, An Hui said. At that time, I sat in front of you and often lent you my homework to copy.

Tao Zhi had some impression of her. He did remember that the cla.s.smate who copied his homework seemed to be this girl.

Oh, An Hui, long time no see. Tao Zhi said politely.

Tao Zhi, why are you so cold to me now? I remember that we were quite close when we were in school, An Hui said with a smile.

Tao Zhi was still very cold. Really? I dont remember.

The female companion beside An Hui sized Tao Zhi up carefully and then said to An Hui, Huihui, is this the good friend you mentioned? Hes very handsome!

Tao Zhi was a little puzzled. If he was really good friends with An Hui, why didnt he have much of an impression of her? He even had an impression of the cold Zhuang Liu, so why did he not have much impression of this good friend? The only explanation was that his relations.h.i.+p with An Hui was not as good as An Hui had said.

Tian Tian stood at the side and looked at An Hui. This woman was very beautiful and had a great figure. One look and one could tell that she was a pa.s.sionate, hot, and s.e.xy woman.

On the other hand, he was neither tall nor good-looking. There was still baby fat on his face. He was like a round ball and did not look good at all.

Air Zhi, is this your cla.s.smate? Tian Tian asked softly.

Yes, shes An Hui, my high school cla.s.smate, Tao Zhi replied.

An Hui seemed to have suddenly noticed Tian Tian. She asked curiously, Tao Zhi, is this your younger sister? Shes so cute!

This is my girlfriend, Tiantian, Tao Zhi said.

Girlfriend? The smile on An Huis face froze. When did you have a girlfriend? Why didnt I know about it?

Tao Zhi frowned slightly. Do I need to report to you that I have a girlfriend?

Sensing that Tao Zhis expression was not good, An Hui hurriedly said, Its nothing. Im just a little surprised. When I was in high school, you didnt agree with so many beautiful girls chasing you. So its because you like cute girls.

She then looked at Tian Tian and said, Little girl, you look so cute!