Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 2390: Mission 70

Chapter 2390: Mission 70

Chapter 2390: Mission 70

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Gu Chaoyan made repeated attempts to summon the Chaotic s.p.a.ce, yet received no response.

Resigned to the silence of the dimension, she recognized that it wouldnt provide her with any guidance.

Prior to embarking on this mission, Gu Chaoyan understood that it would be vastly different from her previous a.s.signments. Ascending from the Paragon Martial G.o.d realm to the half-step Golden Immortal realm posed a monumental challenge. She knew that the Chaotic s.p.a.ce, in rewarding her, would present a correspondingly difficult mission.

What troubled Gu Chaoyan even more was her lack of knowledge about how to proceed, what steps to take, and how to fulfill the mission.

She found herself in a state of utter confusion.

Her only option was to proceed step by step and endeavor to complete the mission as swiftly as possible.

In this primitive world devoid of spiritual energy, Gu Chaoyan had no time for training. She adhered to her usual routine, ensuring that she obtained the necessary rest.

The next morning, she awoke to find that everyone in the clan had their own designated tasks and greeted her with respect.

The clan operated like a well-oiled machine, a testament to the strength and unity of the tribe.

The clan members exhibited impressive mental fort.i.tude.

Surveying the clans state, Gu Chaoyan recognized that she hadnt yet fulfilled her mission, but she took solace in their exceptional mental state.

With the clans basic facilities in place, Gu Chaoyan considered her next steps and decided it was time to address certain necessities.

The clans commonly used bowls were in a state of disrepair, and she decided to address this issue promptly.

There were individuals within the clan skilled in bowl-making, though their main duties often entailed food preparation.

Gu Chaoyan approached Garcia personally. Garcia, please come here. I need your a.s.sistance.

When he heard the Tribe Chief calling his name, his face flushed with excitement. Garcia was responsible for crafting bowls within the clan, and he had never imagined that the Tribe Chief would seek him out one day for a task. This marked the first time he had interacted with two different Tribe Chiefs.

In the clan, those a.s.signed to such seemingly mundane tasks seldom engaged in conversations with the Tribe Chief.

Tribe Chief, what can I do for you? Garcia, an older member of the clan with strong mental fort.i.tude, exuded enthusiasm.

We need to create new bowls for the clan. Most of our current ones are damaged, Gu Chaoyan explained.

The matter of the bowls appeared to trouble Garcia.

It had always been this way.

Perhaps other races with more advanced capabilities could produce superior items, but he was limited in what he could achieve.

Hence, the task was challenging.

Tribe Chief, we lack the necessary resources. We can only we can only do this Garcia voiced his concerns.

Dont worry, Ill a.s.sist you personally, Gu Chaoyan a.s.sured him calmly. Dont feel overwhelmed, just give it a try.

Garcias expression lightened slightly upon hearing her words.

She led Garcia to the designated cooking area and provided guidance on creating an environment suitable for crafting. She also explained the heat requirements and the necessary precautions.

Together, they initiated the process.

Out of the ten bowls they produced, four turned out flawlessly without any defects.

Garcias face was a mixture of astonishment and elation.

Just as Gu Chaoyan was about to discuss further, Giles rushed in.