Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 2300: Mission 31

Chapter 2300: Mission 31

Chapter 2300: Mission 31

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Lady You paid no heed to what Shen Chengw.a.n.g was saying; it was as if she didnt take him seriously in the slightest.

Of course.

Such had been Shen previous att.i.tude towards Lady You and Shen Lianxue, and he had possibly been even more neglectful. Apart from disregarding them, he had permitted others to mistreat them.

Given Shen current disposition, Shen Lianxue felt no sympathy for him whatsoever.

Naturally, the members of the clan disapproved of Shen defiance of the clans wishes.

At this moment, Shen Chengw.a.n.g was also disinclined to acknowledge Shen Chengvvang. Instead, she focused on arranging where to store these items. The gifts bestowed by the emperor held special significance.

Lady You, however, wasnt overly concerned about this. She meticulously preserved the list of gifts, intending to match it in the future.

On the morning of the second day following Lady Yous return, Shen Lianxue received a summons to the palace.

Gu Chaoyan was well aware that the King of Southern Mist intended to discuss the upcoming war.

In tact, she was confident about prevailing in this matter, so there was no cause for alarm.

Youve arrived, the Emperor of Southern Mist remarked, his attention fixed on something he was studying with his head lowered. Upon hearing footsteps, he spoke without looking up, knowing that Shen Lianxue had arrived.

Yes, Your Majesty, Gu Chaoyan responded with a polite bow. She refrained from kneeling as the King of Southern Mist impatiently instructed, Rise, theres no need for formalities.

Come closer; let me show you this, the Emperor of Southern Mist requested.

This is

Your mother must have already informed you about the map of Southern Mist and Chengqi, so I wont elaborate on that. Lets focus on this. Chengqi, being larger in territory, naturally possesses greater wealth. Furthermore, Chengqi has a longstanding mountain rich in spiritual energy. This mountain is inhabited by demon beasts, and their demon cores are highly valuable for enhancing cultivation. Consequently, the people of Chengqi have notably stronger cultivation than our Southern Mist, and our borders have been subjected to repeated encroachments.

During this period, Chengqis actions have become increasingly audacious. The borders common folk have been adversely affected. Our Southern Mist must take action. Lianxue, take a look. Do you believe in our ability to emerge victorious? inquired Emperor Southern Mist.

Gu Chaoyan scrutinized the map closely.

The map was rather simplistic, featuring only essential markings. It appeared to have been pieced together through numerous skirmishes.

What about Chengqi?

Currently, Chengqis generals are at the Sixth Heaven of the Martial Warrior Realm, which is considered high for Chengqi. However, the distinguis.h.i.+ng factor lies in the number of generals at the Martial Warrior Realm. Chengqi boasts four such generals, whereas Southern Mist cant compete in this regard. Our sole border general is slightly more advanced. We can barely contend with a Fourth Heaven of the Martial Warrior Realm, but we have just one such general!

We can win, Gu Chaoyan affirmed.

But is it truly possible? The Emperor of Southern Mist was evidently filled with a degree of excitement, born from the prospect of victory after enduring prolonged adversity.

It is indeed possible. Your Majesty might not be aware, but I have already reached the Ninth Heaven of the Martial Warrior Realm. There is no cause for concern when facing Zhan Chengqis generals. Moreover, our overall cultivation and military strength might not match Chengqis, but we can easily overcome this disadvantage.

Examine the map. Chengqis terrain is higher, whereas ours is lower. We are inherently disadvantaged in terms of terrain. However, if we strategically utilize the landscape, we can transform our disadvantages into advantages.

In what way?