Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851

1851 Proof that You Are the Pheonix Girl 3

Please conduct yourself appropriately, Gu Chaoyan remarked coldly, her expression one of disdain.

Ouyang Mingjing, who had been in high spirits, suddenly felt as if he had been doused in icy water.

Over the past few days, he had arranged for numerous maids to attend to her and provided her with luxuries. He had believed that they were getting along well, but now he found himself having to caution her to be careful.


The Elder Men were right.

His priority should be impregnating her.

He wasnt taking risks for his own sake.

Ouyang Mingjing, accompanied by Gu Chaoyan and Longqing, approached the Elder Men.

Ouyang Mingjing gestured towards the white jade sword in Gu Chaoyans hands and spoke, The white jade sword can only be wielded by the Phoenix Girl to vanquish demons and Fey. Cant this sword serve as proof of her ident.i.ty?

The Elder Men did indeed notice the white jade sword in Gu Chaoyans possession.


It did belong to the Phoenix Girl.


The white jade sword was merely a weapon a.s.sociated with the Phoenix Girl, distinct from the significance of Golden Rolls.

Golden Rolls held the fate of thousands of lives.

And Golden Rolls was the sole evidence of the Phoenix Girls ident.i.ty.

Golden Rolls was the only thing the world acknowledged.

According to the Golden Rolls

Elder Man didnt dwell on that point, but he was nearly certain that she was indeed the true Phoenix Girl, not someone Ouyang Mingjing had casually and indifferently brought back to deceive the people.

If she was genuine, then things would become very complicated.

The Elder Men didnt wish to be enemies of the Phoenix Girl.

Hence, they were attempting to prevent the Phoenix Girl from marrying the City Lord.

Elder Man shook his head quietly. No.

The white jade sword is unique, but that alone doesnt prove that she is the Phoenix Girl.

Phoenix Girl, please present the Golden Rolls.

Why? Why should I prove anything to you? Gu Chaoyan interrogated sharply.

That statement startled the Elder Men.


They remained calm.

We want to see the Golden Rolls, not take the Phoenix Girls belongings. What we want to see is the Golden Rolls. My lady, you may not be aware, but Snow Territory is no longer as independent as it was a century ago. Enemies are encroaching upon Snow Territory, and conflicts arise frequently. While Snow Territory can defend itself, it is on the verge of collapse. The Phoenix Girl can aid us. Without the Golden Rolls, you cannot be the Phoenix Girl. You cannot be the wife of the City Lord of Snow Territory, as it wont be beneficial for us at all, Elder Man explained.

Elder Man kindly revealed Ouyang Mingjings true intentions to her.

Upon hearing his words, Gu Chaoyan began to develop a liking for Elder Man.

She added, If enemies come to Snow Territory, then Snow Territory should be capable of defending itself. Whats the point of placing all the hope on a single Phoenix Girl? In that case, what happens when the Phoenix Girl is no longer present? Wont future generations of Snow Territory face the same predicament?

Elder Man gazed deeply at Gu Chaoyan.

As for Ouyang Mingjing