Monster Integration - Chapter 3762 Disk of Origin Extraction and Transference

Chapter 3762 Disk of Origin Extraction and Transference

Chapter 3762 Disk of Origin Extraction and Transference

Rose Valley, Razaal

"Disk of origin extraction and transference," I said as the violet bronze disk came into view in front of me as I entered inside with others.

"Sometimes, I wish, whether it is a curse to get this thing," said the old man beside me. "Definitely a blessing, old man," said Kandan; he was very excited.

I am excited too, but there is worry in my heart. It is a hot potato, if the news leaked, the organizations would be wiped out, without anyone knowing how.

The artifact is too precious; to forge it, one would need to be at least a Grade 8 artificer. Only primes have them and not all Primes.

From Grade 7, one can enter the realm of laws. Making progress in a profession thousands of times harder than before. Most professionals stopped making progress after reaching Grade 7.

"It would have been great. If we could find the intruder," said the old man and the mood instantly became heavy.

It is the thing, that worried me most. I haven't even slept, since the intruder appeared. If the intruder found out, what was happening here; it would make things extremely dangerous for the Razaal.

"We do not need to be worried about the intruder. If they had been strong enough, they wouldn't have hidden themself. We also have already ascertained that it is someone that came from the ruin and not someone our enemies have sent," said Kandan.

It made me feel a little relieved, but the worry remained.

We took our place and waited. We didn't need to wait for long before an Earth-Sovereign beastman came inside.

We had spent countless resources to train the artificer.

We had found the disk, over a century ago, and it only required one piece. Seeing how important it was and how dangerous it is for our organization. we had started to groom our most trusted to be artificer, spending more resources, than we would have.

Even though we four had tried to learn the artifice, our progress stopped at grade 4.

"Is it ready?" asked the old man, with eyes s.h.i.+ning and heart beating fast. I am too excited. This disk is too important. It will transform the organization and might even give me a chance to step into the Prime.

I am at the limit of my talent. I would need something really extraordinary to light up the spark, that will pave the way toward the prime.


Ardo took out the wooden box and opened it, revealing it. Yellow bronze table with complex lines on it.

We only needed one piece. We had waited for it for centuries and now we will get what we want. It made me so excited that I began to shake.


I was looking at it excitedly when suddenly the formations turned red. Throwing the cold water at the excitement.

"Someone had appeared outside the formation," I said, looking at the info that the formation provided.


I opened the gap and sent my soul sense out and was immediately shocked. I was expecting a Sky Sovereign and was preparing myself for the fight, but I found myself looking at an Initial Sovereign.

The most shocking thing is that he is one of ours. The badge and imprinted aura on it are proof of that.

"How can he appear here?" asked the old man in shock. His shock is valid, considering there are seven layers of protection surrounding the valley and the young man had crossed six layers.

He did that without any of us noticing.

Even Sky Sovereigns wouldn't be able to do it, but it is a Sovereign.

I tapped on the formation and disappeared. Appearing in front of a young man, who seemed to be waiting for me, seeing the smile on his face.

There was not even a hint of fear in his eyes as he looked at me.

"h.e.l.lo, Dean Irim and honorable Sky Sovereigns," I greeted them from my abode, through the body of the Sovereign.

For a moment, n.o.body spoke. All of them were busy staring at me with their eyes full of shock. They couldn't seem to believe, that I was in front of them.

"Who are you and what have you done to Hriren?" asked the Dean finally.

"I am Markus, for the conversation's sake. As for what I did, I just borrowed the body of this young man for my purposes," I replied politely, but it still shocked them, so much that some had lost control over their aura for a fraction of a second.

It is a good thing that they had controlled it swiftly, or it would have harmed the body, I am controlled.

I don't want anything to happen to poor Hriren.

"What do you want?" asked the old man. He is stone skin with s.h.i.+mmering skin; the same level as the woman, but slightly weaker than her.

"I want to use the disk of origin extraction and transference," I replied, and I thought I would die, as the aura of the old man exploded and he moved to blast me into pieces but was immediately stopped by the woman.

"Strom, he is controlling the person, not personally here," said the woman and that seemed to calm the old man down.

"You are the person who intruded into our organization?" asked the woman, and I nodded.

"My apologies for that, I entered the rift, not knowing where it would take me. To make up for it, please accept this small token from me," I said, and the wooden box appeared in my hand.


The woman took it after a moment of hesitation before opening it. Immediately, a surprise appeared on her face.

It is quite a rare thing inside the box, very useful for the Sky Sovereign of her level. I didn't want to part with it, but I needed to make a good impression and it seemed to have done the job, as their expression calmed a lot.

"I am sorry, but the disk is the greatest treasure of our organization, we couldn't let others use it." She said, and her denial is firm.

It made me smile. I had expected it. Now, I am pretty sure, I will be able to use it, to get what I want.