Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss - Chapter 1839 - 1839 Interested In The Treasure

Chapter 1839 - 1839 Interested In The Treasure

Chapter 1839 - 1839 Interested In The Treasure

1839 Interested In The Treasure

Councilor Ding glanced at Huo Yao cautiously. For some reason, he could smell a faint scent of danger in the air.

Huo Yao composed herself and acted as though she did not smile at all. She simply said, Nothing will go wrong with the Sangry Town project. Dont worry.

Huo Yao looked unhurried and calm. Councilor Ding had been very worried recently. For some inexplicable reason, her words made him slowly calm down.

He sighed, looked at Huo Yao solemnly, and said, No matter what, I will do my best to help you complete your a.s.signment.

Huo Yao could tell Councilor Ding clearly did not trust her, but she did not bother explaining anything to him. Thank you, then.

Its my job. Youre too kind, Miss Huo. Councilor Ding nodded. He did not continue staying at the villa. Before long, he left.

After leaving through the door, someone called Councilor Ding back.

Madam would like to talk to you. It was Meryls maid.

Councilor Ding looked in the direction the maid was pointing and paused briefly. Eventually, he followed her.

Huo Wanying had gone out early in the morning, so only Meryl was home at this time. When Councilor Ding entered the room, she was arranging flowers in the living room.

Did you want to see me, Madam?

Meryl moved elegantly without stopping the flower arranging. She simply raised her head to glance at Councilor Ding. I need your help with something.

Councilor Ding was a little lost. Madam, how can I help?

What do you think of Wanying? asked Meryl casually.

Miss Wanying is smart and capable. She has a lot of potential. Shes one of the best of her generation. Councilor Ding gave his honest opinion.

Meryl was accustomed to people lauding praise on her daughter. She finally looked straight at Councilor Ding sternly. Then, do you think shes a suitable heir?

Councilor Dings eyes froze briefly. The instant they made eye contact, he knew why Meryl wanted to see him.

Only one person could be the heir, so

Councilor Ding smiled courteously and said, Im not sure, either. After all, the test hasnt finished yet.

Meryl could detect him avoiding the subject. She automatically smiled upon hearing his words. Isnt the outcome obvious?

Councilor Ding did not respond to her provocative words.

Smart people usually make the right choice, said Meryl mildly. She reached her hand out to take a pair of scissors from beside her and casually snipped the flowers in the vase.

His voice became increasingly cold. Madam, if thats all, allow me to take my leave.

Did this mean he refused to heed her warning?

Meryl went too hard with the cutting. A rose fell off and landed on the table, so only a bald stalk remained standing inside the vase.

Councilor Ding did not wait for Meryl to react. Instead, he turned and strode out quickly.

Before long, he was out of sight.

Seeing this, Meryl was so infuriated that she threw the vase in front of her to the ground. Who do you think you are?

The moment her daughter took over the clan, he would be the first to go!


After seeing Councilor Ding, Huo Yao thought about the message she had received from Cloud Realm and went to Min Yus villa.

Yang Yi and Zhuo Yun were both there.

What did you want to talk about? Min Yu asked Huo Yao looking at her.

Huo Yao nodded. When she glanced over, she deliberately overlooked Zhuo Yun and spoke slowly. Im interested in the treasure you mentioned previously.

Hearing this, Yang Yi nearly choked on his own saliva. Ahem ahem