Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss - Chapter 1615 - 1615 If They Were Not Swapped At Birth

Chapter 1615 - 1615 If They Were Not Swapped At Birth

Chapter 1615 - 1615 If They Were Not Swapped At Birth

1615 If They Were Not Swapped At Birth

Lu Xia sat on the ground with her hair disheveled and her makeup in a mess. She trembled when she raised her head. She promptly saw Huo Changfeng while he sat with his legs propped on the coffee table.

Who are you? Why did you capture me? asked Lu Xia in a sharp tone.

She did not recognize Huo Changfeng right away though she vaguely found him familiar.

Even in her past life, Lu Xias understanding of the Huo family only stopped at their immense wealth. She did not know how they made their riches or where they came from.

Huo Changfeng was unsurprised that Lu Xia did not recognize him. After all, they had only met a few times previously, mostly when she was young.

It was natural for her not to remember him.

It was even better that she did not recognize him.

Huo Changfeng put down his leg, stood up, and slowly walked toward Lu Xia.

Since he was walking on a carpet, no footsteps could be heard until he stopped in front of Lu Xia. Huo Changfeng squatted down casually as he looked at her deeply. Tell me. Who told you to touch Miss?

Lu Xia shook her head and automatically retreated. I dont know what you are talking about. I didnt do anything

A name suddenly popped up in Lu Xias mind mid-sentence. The only person she had any conflict with today was Huo Yao.

Were these men sent by the Huo family?

Lu Xia clenched her fists. By Miss, do you mean Huo Yao?

Huo Changfeng smiled slightly and said unhurriedly, Who else could I be referring to? You?

Huo Changfeng pondered as he flicked some nonexistent dust from his pants. As though he did not insult her enough, he continued. Now that you mention it, if we didnt find out you were swapped at birth, you would still be Miss Huo. You would still be the one and only dignified daughter of the Huo family.

The moment he finished his sentence, Lu Xias face turned ashen. Thoughts about things she could no longer possess promptly flooded her mind.

If people did not find out they were swapped at birth, she would be the proud daughter of the clan.

If she was still Miss Huo, her life would never end up in the hands of others.

Just thinking about it, Lu Xia felt exhausted and empty inside. She slumped onto the ground and did not move for a long time.

The subordinate glanced at Lu Xia as she went into a daze. He quietly wanted to give the chief steward a thumbs up.

No one could compare to the chief steward when it came to dis.h.i.+ng out insults.

He was killing her from the inside by humiliating her!

Huo Changfeng stood up, walked to the couch, and sat down.

His subordinate standing by the side poured him some more tea.

After some time, Lu Xia finally snapped out of her chaotic thoughts. She looked at the lofty Huo Changfeng sitting on the couch.

Despite the insults, she restrained herself and said, I suggest you release me this instant. This country is governed by law. Once my teacher finds out I am missing, he will certainly make your life hard and definitely call the police.

Your teacher? Is he very powerful? asked Huo Changfeng with intrigue.

That goes without saying! Lu Xia raised her chin and spoke confidently in a proud tone. If you provoke my teacher, the family will end up going bankrupt no matter how rich you are!

People were helping Qiao En. The Huo family were just rich merchants incapable of offending them.

In a word, apart from money, prestige and influence were equally important. Without power, money was useless.

Lu Xia was completely unafraid now.

If she went missing, her teacher would definitely use his connections to find her at all costs.