Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - Chapter 699: I'll Take You to a Place

Chapter 699: I'll Take You to a Place

Chapter 699: Ill Take You to a Place

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Mia, is there anything in this world that can help people other than ghosts? Alex asked. He told her about his encounter with Yinn, omitting the process of breaking her wrist.

Amelia thought for a moment and looked to the side. Master, is there anything else in this world that can help people?

Elmer didnt know what to say. Hed heard him. She didnt have to repeat it.

Elmer said, Yes, weve mentioned witches before, the chumaxian, the Divine Daoists, and so on. These arent considered Yin ghosts, but some are considered Yin spirits. Its hard to say.

Elmer thought that there must be something following Yinn. She herself said that she knew how to read fortunes

Amelias mind raced. She recalled everything Elmer had taught her in the past. Then she summarized it and asked, Is it raising imps? That was all she could think of.

Alex said, I dont think so. If she was raising an imp, he could more or less feel the cold aura, but he didnt feel anything.

Elmer also denied it. No. If it was a imp, I would have discovered it when we saw Yinn in the morning. He thought for a moment and said, In the south, people believe in witches who can help people see things, tell fortunes, and solve difficulties. In the north, its more common to say that shes a chumaxian. The chumaxian was probably a continuation of the Shamanist sorcerer tradition. It involved fortune-telling and drawing talismans and feng shui to solve difficulties. It was actually related to what Amelia was learning now.

Amelia nodded. It means that theyre the same as me, but the difference is that Im more serious and stronger than them, right?

Elmer: He didnt know if she was serious or not, but she was definitely powerful. After all, she was the King of h.e.l.l. She was definitely stronger than others.

Amelia rubbed her chin again, deep in thought. So if its not raising imps, its a chumaxian?

Elmer shook his head. Im not sure. A chumaxian cant go through the Shanhai Pa.s.s. If you want to know whats behind Yinn, you have to go and take a look yourself.

Amelia nodded. Yes, yes! Master, go quickly. Master could fly over with a whoosh. No ghost could escape!

Elmer said helplessly, No, youre the one who wants to go over and see for yourself. If I help you do everything, Ill raise a useless person.

Amelia said, How can that be? Mia wont be raised to be a good-for-nothing. After a pause, she pinched her round stomach and said resentfully, Ill only be raised to a fat ball. A good-for-nothing wont have a powerful master, so I wont become a good-for-nothing. Ill only become a fat ball.

Elmer choked, speechless.

Seven, who was eating, looked up when he heard that. Fat is 30% wealth, if youre not rich you can at protect your home! If youre fat, Ill love you more.

Amelia was speechless. She didnt know what Seven had been reading recently. He kept saying corny romantic words.

Alex suddenly said, By the way, Mia, Daddy is taking you somewhere.

Amelia asked curiously, What place?

Alex laughed and carried her out. Youll find out when you get there.

Burton Familys villa. A certain hall master had just returned from a mission. He still smelled of killing intent and blood, but he was holding a little puppy in his arms. The puppy was about three to four months old. It was trembling in the arms of a burly man with killing intent. The hall master entered the villa and walked for a while to the back of the mountain. There was an open area below the back of the mountain. It was the size of a football field and had some weeds growing. There were a few low houses built on the side. They were relatively transparent on all sides, but they could shelter from the wind and rain.

The hall master casually put the puppy down and called someone to take it away.

Alex brought Amelia back and said, Dad made a shelter. Last time, he could tell that Amelia wanted to help those stray cats and dogs, but what could a child do? Although the Walton residence was big, Old Madam had planted vegetables and built a garden in the villa. Further away, there were neighbors. If they brought all the cats and dogs back, they did not know if it would affect the neighbors. If Amelia really brought the stray animals back, the Walton family would naturally not object. They could afford to hire someone to take care of them, but Alex felt that there was no need to turn the Walton residence into an animal shelter.

However, the Burton familys villa was different. The Burton familys villa was a real villa. Because they had to train, it had a huge territory. There were mountains, forests, water, plains, and valleys. It was made into a small combat simulation venue.