Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2712

Chapter 2712

Chapter 2712: Slander

When Ruans Third Miss saw this, she couldnt help but gasp in surprise. She dashed over to help her up. Whats the matter, Little Four?

However, the girl screamed before she touched her. Brother Little Jiu, Brother Little Jiu, dont

As soon as these words were out, everyones faces changed immediately. They all looked at the young man who was eating and drinking without caring.

They recognised this young man; his name was Feng Jiu, and he was the mansions head steward. The two of them were alone in this courtyard, and the Fourth Miss appeared to be being bullied, which sparked peoples imaginations.

Could this young man in azure have taken advantage of Ruans Fourth Miss?

If they thought about it, there was a possibility. He was, after all, a young man. It would be natural for someone to be unable to control his emotions. This girl, however, was not an ordinary person. She was the Fourth Miss in the Ruan family. She was recently in the limelight. If something went wrong, the Ruan family would not take it lightly.

People started talking in a hushed tone for a while, but Xie s.h.i.+si, who had pushed his way from behind, heard it. She rushed forward and pushed the Fourth Miss hard while yelling at her. What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Little Jiu is not like that at all! If you keep talking nonsense, I will slap you in the face.

Little s.h.i.+!

Xie Yutang walked up to her and pulled her back, telling her not to act rashly. With a gloomy face, he glared at the Fourth Miss Ruan Ruyun sternly. You can eat whatever you want, but dont talk nonsense! Little Jiu is not someone you can slander casually!

Guo Xinning, who stood behind the crowd, observed this scene with astonishment. He noticed the weeping girls dress was ripped. She appeared dejected, with a panicked expression on her face. He stopped and looked at Feng Jiu.

Would Feng Jiu take advantage of her? He honestly couldnt believe it.

What has happened?

The beautiful womans voice came from behind, causing everyone to turn around. People moved aside when they saw that she and a few other women had also come.

Mother, that Ruan Fourth slandered Little Jiu and said that he bullied her! Xie s.h.i.+si rushed to her side, reporting angrily.

But now, seeing everyone had already surrounded the courtyard with their eyes fixated on her, Feng Jiu put down her chopsticks, called the maid to take the dishes away, leaving only the wine, and then she looked at the beautiful woman.

While Im drinking wine here, this Ruans Fourth Miss tore her own dress and screamed for help there. Feng Jius lips curled slightly as she calmly explained the situation.

You are spouting nonsense! My Fourth Sister is a girl. How could she defame you in this manner? Clearly, its because you have bad intentions toward her!

Ruans Third Miss spoke angrily, her beautiful eyes glaring at Feng Jiu. How dare you touch my Ruan family. Today I will gouge out your eyes because you dont know your status and fail to recognise your betters.

When she heard this, Feng Jiu raised her brows and her eyes became cold. Ruans Fourth Miss, dont bother crying. Tell everyone, what did I do to you? She said with a faint smile.

Ruans Fourth Miss lowered her head, covering the remorse and agitation in her eyes. When she raised her head again, her eyes were filled with fear and pain. Brother Little Jiu, I didnt expect you to treat me this way. You really scare me.