Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2624

Chapter 2624

Chapter 2624: Array

Weve often sparred and were not all that different in terms of strength. A compet.i.tion like this is uninteresting. After all, its not like a big compet.i.tion inside the clan. Wed better

A young man spoke up, his voice was loud, and his gaze was drawn behind the crowd. Why dont we have a sparring match between our servant boys? They also have a wide range of abilities. How about we treat this as some form of entertainment?

Hahaha, alright, alright. This is interesting, lets do it here! Theres no need to go to the practice field because the s.p.a.ce in the centre is sufficient. Another young man echoed the sentiment, clapping his hands and expressing his antic.i.p.ation.

Because its sparring between our servant boys and entertainment for us, there should be some advantages for them. A young man dressed opulently stated. After surveying the audience, he suggested, How about we come up with some gadgets as a prize for the winner?

No problem. Everyone responded. They had those gadgets. Those were already considered excellent prizes for the servant boys.

Only Xie Yutang hesitated. He was aware that, while Feng Jiu appeared simple and honest, she was not easily persuaded and she refused to listen to him.

Telling her to compete against these servant boys? He didnt think shed do it!

He looked back at Feng Jiu and was about to speak when he heard Feng Jius icy voice.

I will not partic.i.p.ate in the excitement. You will do it yourself if you choose to. Feng Jiu looked at Xie Yutang with a disinterested expression.

When Xie Yutang saw Feng Jius face, he couldnt say anything. He turned around and smiled at the audience sheepishly. Its fine with your servant boys, but you can forget about mine.

Everyone was taken aback when they heard this. How is that possible? Yutang, youre no fun.

Sure thing. Its just a game and something fun to do. Why dont you join in on the fun? Do you think your servant boy will lose?

Haha, he doesnt usually play this kind of game. He is quite dumb and unable to play, so we will just watch. Xie Yutang said. Seeing that the young man still intended to talk, he rose up and clutched his stomach. Ughh, I think I drank too much wine. I need to use the lavatory. You all go ahead and play.

All the young guys were surprised for a while before laughing as they saw him dash from the courtyard clutching his stomach and accompanied by his servant boy. Xie Yutang is rather interesting. How can he use his need to urinate as an excuse to flee?

I think that his servant boy is more interesting. He actually stated that he would not play and told Yutang to play alone. The young man dressed in opulent robes who was seated next to Xie Yutang laughed. Ive never seen a servant boy with such courage.

Yutang previously stated that the young man saved his life, thus he likely could not treat him as an ordinary servant boy. Let them go! Another man grinned and beckoned the servant boy standing behind him. Try sparring with them. There is a prize for the winner.

As a result of the servant boys sparring matches, the courtyard became lively again. Outside, Xie Yutang, who had exited the courtyard, turned to face Feng Jiu, who was standing beside him. I even pretended to urinate as an excuse. I must have made them laugh themselves to death. I should not have complied with my mothers request to bring you along today.

Feng Jiu strolled in silence, ignoring him. She followed him as he grumbled and inadvertently entered the array in the courtyard. Feng Jiu frowned imperceptibly.