Medical Master - Chapter 1981 Healing!

Chapter 1981 Healing!

Chapter 1981 Healing!

Its night.

Hotel, room.

The old man was sitting on the sofa and seemed to be thinking about something.

After this whole day of pounding down, he felt that his body was much more relaxed than before, although his own internal qi was completely suppressed, turning himself into an ordinary person, but under those fifty great doctors and thinking saint doctors, not only his own internal qi, but even the yin energy that had been hidden inside the old mans body for so many years, trying to find a chance to unleash havoc, was also suppressed by the abandonment.

Originally, it could only suppress one strand of internal qi energy, but when it was about to suppress the old mans own internal qi energy, the strand of yin energy suddenly burst forth and tried to use the opportunity to harm the old mans body.

Faced with this situation, the fifty great doctors and the four saintly doctors were taken aback and hurriedly s.h.i.+fted their targets, suppressing the Yin energy first.

This was the only way to avoid the result of the old mans internal injuries becoming more severe.


It took everyone a great deal of effort to suppress the old mans own internal qi as well.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have taken all day.

It was only after the Yin energy and his own internal qi had been suppressed that the old man finally felt clearly how serious his internal injuries were, and without the maintenance of his internal qi, the pain was a constant cone of pain.

Fortunately, the old man had practiced martial arts for a hundred years, so he could still hold on to this pain.


Walking into the room, Fang Qiu called out.


The old master snapped back from his deep thoughts, looked up at Fang Qiu, and nodded with a gentle smile.

Although the old man himself felt much more relaxed.

However, from Fang Qius point of view, the old mans face obviously looked a little bad, without the checks and balances of his internal qi, the pain in his internal organs was constantly stimulating him.

Elder, Ill treat your internal injuries first.

Without hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately walked over.

The old man stood up and prepared to walk inside the living room to sit down on a plate.

You just sit down.

Fang Qiu let the old man sit on the sofa, while he himself sat down beside the old man, and then stretched out his left hand to gently press on the old mans back.

The old man closed his eyes and felt quietly.


The old man then felt that a warm current surged into his body from Fang Qius palm, like a trickle of water, towards his internal organs.

Along with this warmth seeping in, the pain coming from the old mans internal organs was instantly reduced by a lot.

This way.

After controlling this golden inner qi into the old mans body, Fang Qiu immediately mobilized his Nian Li and quickly penetrated into the old mans body, taking in all the conditions inside the old mans body.

The arrival of this thought force was not noticed by the old man.


When Fang Qiu exerted his thoughts into needles and began to st.i.tch up the old mans internal organs, the old mans mind immediately understood.

Although the internal qi had been suppressed, the last hundred years of cultivation had made the old man very sensitive to the internal qi energy, and he clearly sensed that Fang Qiu had not used the internal qi to repair his internal organs, and that the function of the internal qi percolating into the internal organs was merely to alleviate the pain and contain the internal organs.

In this case, the injuries in the internal organs were constantly being touched and healed, and it was obvious that there was another energy that he could not feel within himself.

This energy can only be chanting!

Without the obstruction of the two energies, Fang Qiu treated the old mans injuries as if he were treating an ordinary person.

Not for a while.

The needles made by the thoughts, then all the wounds in the old mans internal organs were mended, and then the golden internal qi under Fang Qius control, a large number of seeped into the old mans internal organs, in the colleague of containing the injuries, rapidly urging the cellular regeneration in the old mans internal organs.

It was because the injuries to all five organs were so severe.

Just treating the old man like an ordinary person took Fang Qiu a full hour.

An hour later.

It was only when the injuries in the old mans internal organs were finally all recovered.


Healing the old mans internal injuries, Fang Qiu withdrew his hand while secretly sighing in relief.

What do you think, Gramps?

Fang Qiu asked softly.

Very good.

The old man opened his eyes and nodded with a smile, All the pain, all of it, has disappeared, its like getting a new life.

Fang Qiu smiled and nodded.

Although this method, which can temporarily cure the injuries in my internal organs and bowels, doesnt make much of a difference as far as my internal injuries are concerned, its not bad to be able to go back to being an ordinary person and take it easy for a few days.

The old man said with a relaxed face.

Master, you dont have to worry.

Looking at the old master, Fang Qiu said confidently, Ive already thought of a way, this is only the first step in the treatment, tomorrow I will definitely be able to heal your injuries completely!


The old man smiled and nodded.

He trusted Fang Qiu so much that he didnt even question it for a second.


Fang Qiu talked and chatted with the old man for a while, talking about his plans and telling the old man to make sure to follow the methods he described.

Only after everything had been explained and the old man had gone to bed did he leave quietly.

Day two.

Fang Qiu responded to the call and came to the conference hall early along with the fifty great doctors and four holy doctors to ask someone to invite the old man over.

After the old master and Li Ji, who was disguised as Nameless, arrived, the fifty great doctors, along with the four holy doctors, began to each use their own methods to lift the suppression of the old masters own internal qi.


After the suppression was lifted, not only the old mans own internal qi, but that yin energy would naturally be liberated as well, which the old man knew all too well and had responded to long ago.

Thirty short minutes.

All the suppression in the old mans body came into contact.

The familiar internal qi, once again, filled the whole body, and the Yin energy, the moment the suppression was lifted off, rushed directly towards the old mans internal organs at a strangely fast and incomparable speed.

The internal organs that had already been completely healed by Fang Qiu were instantly shrouded in Yin cold with this surge of Yin energy.

Clear out.

The moment he sensed that the two strands of energy had been completely liberated, the old man spoke directly to Li Ji, who was standing beside him, disguised as Nameless.


Everyone in the conference hall, including Fang Qiu, were all invited out by the police.

In the entire conference room, only the old man was left alone.

Even Li Ji, who was disguised as Nameless, retreated with all the police officers to guard the door.

In the conference hall.

When everyones gone.

The old man immediately sat down and closed his eyes, and as Fang Qiu explained last night, he used his own internal qi to fight with the clothes-taking Yin energy against each other.

Because the internal injuries had been healed by Fang Qius treatment, without the hindrance of the internal injuries, the old man was very confident that he would be able to completely suppress the clothings negative energy, and then destroy it little by little.


This Yin energy is strong, the old man is being no way to eliminate it completely at once, and in the case of a one-time elimination can not be eliminated, the longer this energy stays in his body, the more serious the injuries suffered by his already healed internal organs will be.

The old man thought that Fang Qiu wanted him to eliminate as much as possible one point of the Yin energy, and then use this method repeatedly to eliminate the Yin energy little by little.


The old man didnt have the slightest reservation.

Directly urging all of his inner qi, he frantically sparred with this Yin energy.

And just then.

Fang Qiu, who had already left, but when everyone went to eat lunch, he found a gap and quietly turned back, and with Li Ji helping to cover for him, he re-entered the conference hall and came to the old mans side.


Seeing that the old man was controlling the two streams of energy within his body to fight frantically, Fang Qiu took a big deep breath, then with a wave of his right hand, he directly executed the Great Destruction Hand.

Along with the surge of internal qi in his body, a huge attractive force exploded out from Fang Qius palm.

A stream of heaven and earth qi originating from nature surged out crazily from all directions.

These Qi of Heaven and Earth were completely different from those that Fang Qiu had been able to attract before, this was the only natural, pure Qi of Heaven and Earth that he had discovered between Heaven and Earth after he had comprehended the truth of Yin and Yang.

This Qi of Heaven and Earth was not azure like the one Fang Qiu had absorbed during his cultivation, but rather it was a light gray color, as if it was made from a blend of black and white.

This is the qi that combines the yin and yang of heaven and earth!

Before comprehending the truth of yin and yang, even Fang Qiu had no way of sensing the existence of this kind of Qi.

Under the attraction of the Great Destruction Hand, the yin and yang qi of the heavens and earth, rapidly converged and was controlled by Fang Qiu, quietly introduced into the old mans body, and surged towards the battlefield where the two energies were fighting each other.

Discovering the appearance of this energy, the old man was not alarmed because he sensed that this energy did not have the slightest hostile intent, otherwise this energy would have been blocked and countered by his own internal qi as it entered.

It was because of the lack of hostility that the old man let this energy in.

But what I didnt expect.

After this energy appeared, it was surprisingly without the slightest bit of sluggishness, and with incomparable ease, it merged into the old mans own internal qi as well as that stream of yin energy respectively.

With the fusion, the two strands of energy that had originally been sparring especially fiercely, even under the guidance of this strange energy, just like yin and yang, began to slowly fuse!

This scene made the old man very surprised.

He realized that the new energies that had been fused together had completely changed into energies of their own, and although the sinister aura had been eliminated, the energies themselves were still there.

With a feeling full of astonishment, the old man continued to urge the two strands of energy to spar.

Two hours later.

Under the guidance of that one strand of heaven and earths yin and yang qi that acted as a seal, the two strands of energy that had been sparring with each other all merged together flawlessly.

With all the fusion of these two energies, the internal injuries that had tossed the old man around for decades were finally completely healed.

Not only that.

Because of refining all of the Yin energy, the aura on the old mans body began to rise like crazy.

The cultivation that had been stagnated by internal injuries all these years began to surge forward at this moment as well!

Feeling the energy aura that had skyrocketed from the old mans body, Fang Qiu let out a long breath and a heartfelt smile welled up on his face.

And at this point.

The old man woke up with his eyes open.