Medical Master - Chapter 1279 - Chapter 1279 It Found the Herb!

Chapter 1279 - Chapter 1279 It Found the Herb!

Chapter 1279 - Chapter 1279 It Found the Herb!

Chapter 1279 It Found the Herb!

Fang Qiu quietly followed the hyena that had been infected with the mutant Ebala virus. Because he didnt dare to show himself openly, he could only hide and observe in the dark.

Of course

Hyenas have the instinct to sniff out danger, but their abilities were far inferior to that of martial arts pract.i.tioners and gurus. As a result, even though Fang Qiu stalked it for a whole night, it didnt notice his presence.



Fang Qiu had been keeping a close watch on it.

The hyena had suffered symptoms of severe infection, such as a raging fever and bleeding in the gums and mouth, etc.

It still hasnt been found any herbs?

Fang Qiu was surprised.

The hyena had been seriously ill for several hours. Although it had been looking around all the time, it never stopped moving.

Even when it found some herbs, it just put its nose close to smell them and left.

It hadnt eaten even one blade of herb.

He followed it until dawn.

Then, Fang Qiu saw the hyena stop by a pool, locate a herb, and started chewing on it.

It found the cure!

This scene made Fang Qius heart race.

But he didnt go out immediately.

Instead, he continued observing it in secret.

After it ate the herb, the hyena immediately lay on its stomach and rested.

Many animals that came to get water subconsciously avoided going near the hyena when they saw it from a distance. They seemed to know that the hyena was infected with the virus.

Even lions lost their interest in the hyena.

He waited for some time.

After several groups of animals bypa.s.sed it, Fang Qiu finally saw the hyena stand up again.


He did not hesitate at all.

As soon as the hyena got up, Fang Qiu rushed up and caught it again.

When he got closer, he saw that its condition was much better than before.

This time

Because of the virus outbreak, the hyena had become so faint and weak that it couldnt even make a sound when it encountered an enemy. But now, as soon as Fang Qiu appeared, it immediately growled and no longer appeared powerless. Instead, Fang Qiu felt it was full of vim and vigor.

As expected, this herb works!

Fang Qiu was overjoyed when he saw this.

Ignoring its snarls, Fang Qiu suppressed the hyena again the hyena was rooted to the spot by his overwhelming internal Qi.

After that, Fang Qiu started to examine the hyena.

Through this inspection

He found that more than half of the viruses in the hyenas body had disappeared!

Fang Qiu had a good grasp of the amount of virus in the hyena because he was the one who activated the outbreak of these viruses.

And now

The amount of virus in it was significantly lower than before.

That was to say

More than half of the mutant Ebala viruses had been killed!

This discovery was a pleasant surprise for Fang Qiu.

Without delay

Fang Qiu immediately picked the herb the hyena had eaten and examined it closely. Then, he started to look for similar herbs around.

He wouldnt let go of a single one.

He picked all the herbs within sight.

After a while, Fang Qiu collected a large bunch of herbs.

After that

Fang Qiu looked at the hyena and waved to it as he intended to take it with him.

At first

It growled furiously at Fang Qiu and was even ready to pounce on him. But right after he released his internal Qi, the hyena obediently pressed itself to the ground.

Fang Qiu dispersed the internal Qi

The hyena rose to its feet and again growled, but showed no signs of wanting to escape.

Little fellow, youre quite resilient, arent you?

Fang Qiu sneered.

When the hyena was about to pounce on him for the second time, he unleashed his internal Qi again and forced it to lie on the ground.

The hyena, pushed onto the ground once again, immediately stopped its growling.

Then, Fang Qiu withdrew his internal Qi, and the hyena rose and growled at Fang Qiu for the third time.

However, this time, it was not as fierce as the previous two times. It only snarled at Fang Qiu but had no intention to attack him.

When Fang Qiu saw this

He left it alone.

Anyway, the hyena could not escape from his control.

In fact

Fang Qiu wanted to let the hyena go, but it still had the virus in its body. He feared it would infect other wild animals if he set it free, although they could always find suitable herbs. Anyway, it would be best if these animals could avoid being infected.

Most importantly, Fang Qiu needed to continue with his observation of the viruses in the hyenas body. He needed to see if this herb could temporarily hold back the virus or eradicate it.

He continued to pick the herbs.

Fang Qiu got all the herbs that grew within a range of five kilometers. After that, he was ready to return to the Hippo tribe.

At the next moment

On his way back

The hyena suddenly came up behind him and snarled.

Each time Fang Qiu walked ahead, it would move a step forward, but it had no intention to attack.

Its strange behavior aroused Fang Qius curiosity.

How could a hyena that lived in the wild do this?

Even though he was suspicious

Fang Qiu left it alone and walked on his own. Gradually, he sped up.

To his surprise, after he accelerated, the hyena started running to keep up with him.

In the end

Fang Qiu maintained a steady speed and went back to the Hippo tribe.

The hyena followed him back.

It seemed to be exhausted.

It no longer snarled at Fang Qiu. After it came back, it moved to the side watched the situation around it and stayed within the tribe.

At the sight of this scene

Fang Qiu was a little stunned.

He had no idea what the hyena meant.


He did not pay any attention to it and began to process the herbs.

After that, he began to decoct the medicinal potion!

The hyena smelled the medicine.

It even ran over to stand guard and was not bothered by the smell at all.

Of course

Fang Qiu was there.

So, the hyena didnt dare to create any trouble and just laid quietly aside.

Before Fang Qiu brewed the medicine

He tasted the herbs personally. After confirming its special effect, he took out the other herbs he had collected and picked up some. By decocting these different herbs together, he could maximize their effects.

The medicinal potion was ready.

Fang Qiu got a big bowl and poured all the medicinal potion into it. After it cooled down a little, he fed it to the chief of the Hippo tribe.

Then he distributed bowls of the potion to the other patients in the tribe.

After they finished drinking

Fang Qiu stayed with them.

While he waited for the drug to take effect, Fang Qiu examined the hyena again. To his surprise, he found that all the viruses in its body were gone.

The hyena was all right now!

Fang Qiu was overjoyed when he saw this.

He had never imagined this result: the hyena recovered fully after merely eating one blade of the herb.

The effect of this medicine was exceedingly good, right?

He waited for an hour.

First, he confirmed that these patients had absorbed the medicinal potion. Then, Fang Qiu quickly checked on everyone and found the potions potency was pretty good. More than half of the viruses in them had been destroyed. Although their condition was better, the viruses had not been totally eradicated.

Upon closer inspection

He believed the efficacy of the medicine had been brought into full play.

That was to say

Though this medicine was effective, the result showed that not all viruses that could infect people were killed. Even if only one virus remained active, this one would divide and produce more viruses that would spread again. Eventually, another outbreak would occur.


To cure the patient, he had to kill all the viruses!

So, compared with wild animals, people need drugs with stronger efficacy.

Fang Qiu murmured, thought of the compatibility of the different herbs, and said, Maybe something is not right with the combination of herbs I chose. Im not familiar with Africo herbs, which are different from those in Huaxia. If I want to make a prescription to maximize this herbs efficacy, Ill have to learn about all the herbs in Africo first. Moreover, its difficult to find detailed information about Africo herbs. Even if I get all the necessary information, I cant match them with the five elements of Huaxia within a day or two.

With this in mind

Fang Qiu turned his eyes to the jade stones in the big truck outside the room.

To enhance the efficacy, I can only use the jade stones to strengthen these herbs first.

That was right.

This was the easiest and most direct method that Fang Qiu could think of now.

These evildoers had taken advantage of the jade stones to harm people, but now Fang Qiu used them to save people. Everything that happened, vice or virtue, seemed to be predestined!

He took out the jade stones from the truck.

Fang Qiu instantly set up a small terrain with jade stones.

Then, he put all the herbs into it and used the terrain to strengthen them.

When this enhancement process was almost complete

Fang Qiu began to decoct the medicinal herbs again.

This time

He didnt set up the terrain at the site where he brewed the medicine, for he felt it was unnecessary. After he finished the infusion of the herbs, they had been saturated with the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Thus, even if he built the terrain here, the herbs couldnt take in more Qi of Heaven and Earth.

The medicine was done.

One by one, Fang Qiu ensured that all the patients drank the medicinal potion.

This time

He observed them nervously.

Before this time, they had just taken some medicine, so the effects of the medicine were slower now. Fang Qiu had to wait for some time.

Three hours later

He is fine now!

When the potion was fully digested, Fang Qiu found that the chief of the Hippo tribe, who had been lying languidly till now, had regained his usual healthy color. He even stood up and kowtowed repeatedly to Fang Qiu with grat.i.tude on his face.

Fang Qiu nodded to show that he acknowledged his appreciation.

When Fang Qiu examined them just now

He noticed that the viruses in the patients bodies were all gone.

All of the viruses had been eradicated!

He walked out of the chiefs room.

Fang Qiu looked up into the sky and laughed in relief.

He did it.

At last, he found the solution!

He succeeded because of a hyena. What a surprise!

Fang Qiu looked around but could not find the hyena. It must have left after its recovery.

Ive finally solved the tricky problem. But theres not much time left. I have to hurry up and process more potion!

Fang Qiu hit upon an idea.

He informed the chief of the Hippo tribe that he had to go out. Then, Fang Qiu tirelessly drove to the depths of the gra.s.sland and began to collect herbs crazily.

In the end

Fang Qiu even filled the big truck before returning to the Hippo tribe.

He returned to the tribe.

Fang Qiu unloaded all the herbs from the truck immediately and using the jade stones, he reinforced all the herbs he had picked.

Afterward, all the people in the Hippo tribe joined him. Together, they processed the herbs and mixed them with other herbs. Finally, they began to make the medicine.


This time, Fang Qiu didnt produce the medicinal potion. Instead, he directly made the raw materials into medicinal pills!