Medical Master - Chapter 1078 - The Truth of the Envoys Death Exposed!

Chapter 1078 - The Truth of the Envoys Death Exposed!

Chapter 1078 - The Truth of the Envoys Death Exposed!

Chapter 1078 The Truth of the Envoys Death Exposed!

Excuse me, Ive brought the body back. In the hall of the headquarters of the Truth Division in Esfahan, one person ran into the hall, knelt down on one knee, and reported to the middle-aged man in fine clothes on the host seat.

Military Counselor, Divine Envoy, lets go and have a look together? The middle-aged man in fine clothes on the host seat stood up.

Okay, the military counselor and the Divine Envoy answered at the same time, then got up and followed the middle-aged man out of the hall.

Soon, they came to a dark cell-like place.

This is the special envoy from Lhexagone? The three of them walked over to the corpse that had yet to decompose.

Its confirmed that this person is the envoy from Lhexagone, Abel, a powerful metahuman of fire element! someone replied.

Yeah. Ive also heard of him. The fat Divine Envoy nodded in agreement. While observing the body, he raised his eyebrows and said, Judging from this bodys condition, the fatal wound is on his neck.

Thats right. The old military counselor nodded, squatted down and looked at it, saying with certainty, This wound is not simple!

As the envoy from Lhexagone, this person must have extraordinary strength. Otherwise, he would not have been sent to Zhongdong. Although his death is not harmless to us, it is not good for us as well, the well-dressed middle-aged man raised his eyebrows slightly and murmured. However, if Lhexagone receives the news that he has died in our territory, it would definitely not stand by. Now the situation in Zhongdong is very bad. If Lhexagone adopts some unusual movements, it will absolutely be more chaotic.

Chaotic? That depends on how chaotic it is. The old military counselor shook his head and smiled. He stood up and pointed to the body on the ground, saying, Divine Envoy is right. The fatal wound of the envoy is on his throat. Judging from the situation of the body, he should have been dead for a period of time, and has even been buried underground once. After the body has been turned from side to side, the wound still hasnt rolled over and been disrupted. Instead, it is very thin, as if the flesh and skin are still connected together.

This proves that the weapon used to kill him is very sharp! Speaking of which, the old military counselor turned to look at the Divine Envoy and asked, Divine Envoy, now who in Zhongdong is able to kill the envoy from Lhexagone and use sharp weapons to cause such a thin but fatal wound on a persons body?

The middle-aged mans eyes lit up when he heard that!

As far as I know, there are many people using sabers and swords, but among them, only one person can cause such a wound. Seeming to think of something, the Divine Envoy pointed to the throat of the body, saying, This wound is obviously the same as that on the chest of Thomas, the second killer in the world. Does Military Counselor mean that the person who killed the envoy from Lhexagone is also John Doe?

Hehe, the old military counselor chuckled and said. The news has been confirmed and can be announced now. Its time for the dogfight.

The well-dressed middle-aged man echoed with a smile, sending someone to spread the news then.

Leader Ameer. After the servants left, the old military counselor looked at the middle-aged man and asked, Hows it going with the investigation? Why did our people attack those forces?

Not yet, the middle-aged man named Ameer shook his head and then said. It is found that a large number of people disappeared overnight and we dont even know how they infiltrated. Is John Doe right? Does the so-called Nirvana Organization really exist?

If so, then this Nirvana Organization is really too powerful, the old military counselor frowned and said while thinking. It wont take much effort to continue to investigate, but we must do more. Since John Doe can protect civilians, he wont do things at random when it comes to war. The two people who appeared that day must be from the so-called Nirvana Organization!

Because the Divine Envoy has partic.i.p.ated in the pursuit, Ameer and the military counselor knew the situation very well at that time.

The two men who appeared all of a sudden and guided the pursuers to the headquarters of the Truth Division were indeed suspicious.

At the same time, the Gospel Division was also searching for the information about Nirvana Organization.

Of course, while investigating, it paid more attention to John Doe.

There was no doubt that its main objective was the map!

Although it also knew that perhaps the Truth Division had just put up a smokescreen, it would be of great help to them to get the holy fruit despite the absence of the map.

In the hall of the headquarters of the Gospel Division, three high-level officials gathered.

News. The middle-aged man in the armor immediately took out his mobile phone after hearing a text message notification. When he clicked on it, he was immediately astounded.

What news? Next to him, the hunchbacked old man closed the book in his hand, turning his head at once.

Just now, he was still talking with the leader about Nirvana Organization that John Doe had mentioned, so he was particularly sensitive about every piece of news that appeared now.

Could it be that the Truth Division releases the news again? the Divine Envoy by the side raised his eyebrows and asked.

Its indeed the Truth Division, the leader nodded and said. It is really shocking. As a special envoy of the five countries, John Doe actually killed the allied special envoy from Lhexagone!

What? The Divine Envoy and the military counselor were both stunned.

John Doe killed the special envoy from Lhexagone? The military counselors face changed. He murmured, How could the Truth Division know about this kind of thing? And what kind of intention did they have to reveal this news? What are the details? Is there any evidence to show John Doe is the murderer?

Though this evidence doesnt look too formal, it is solid. The leader handed the phone over to the military counselor.

Right, right. After reading it, the military counselor was shocked again, and then he said with a complicated expression, I didnt expect that John Doe really killed the special envoy of Lhexagone!

Things are starting to become chaotic.

In the meanwhile, this piece of news was bursting out on the forum of underground forces.

Catching sight of the news, almost all the underground forces in the world were shocked.

d.a.m.n it. The situation in Zhongdong has not been stabilized yet. The five major countries have already begun to fight against each other?

Did John Doe really get the plutonium material map? Otherwise, why would he make a move on the special envoy from Lhexagone? There should be no conflict between the two of them, right?

Could it be that the special envoy from Lhexagone got the news in advance about John Does getting the plutonium material map and tried to s.n.a.t.c.h it from him, only to be killed by John Doe?

Although there is no more direct evidence, it seems that only John Doe can cause such a fatal wound!

Everyone was discussing it heatedly on the forum.

At the same time, the special envoys of the other three countries in Zhongdong promptly frowned as soon as they heard of the news.

John Doe killed Abel? Isabel smiled faintly, but there was a look of disbelief in her eyes. She seemed to be overwhelmed by mixed feelings as if she was hiding something.

What a pity. Upon hearing the news, Lester looked composed without any changing expression. No one knew what he was thinking.

Abel died? Yakov looked astounded when he heard the news.

He hadnt expected that Abel would actually die in John Does hands. He could still clearly remember that before fighting for the holy fruit, he had once told John Doe about Abel.

Now he thought about it. John Doe said that Abel had slept, which seemed to indicate that he had been dead!

Astounded by this matter, the three of them completely couldnt believe that John Doe got the plutonium material map. After all, although the allied five people were not always together, they would still pay attention to each other when taking action. It was not exaggerated to say that they were monitoring one another. In this case, they hadnt seen any chance for Fang Qiu to get the map at all!

Moreover, they hadnt even known where the map was so far. How could John Doe get it?

People on the forum of the underground force were talking about the news fiercely, too.

What the f.u.c.k. What did John Doe do on earth?

Why do I feel more and more strange as I listen? It seems that everything happening in Zhongdong has something to do with John Doe.

Many experts had gone to Zhongdong this time, but up to now, it seems that all the experts dying there were killed by John Doe.

f.u.c.k. What else did John Doe do? Why did he do so many things? Where is he now?

As the news spread, more and more people partic.i.p.ated in the discussion of this event. Everyone expressed his own views on the forum, all shocked by the death of the special envoy from Lhexagone and John Does performance in Zhongdong!

Soon, the special department in Lhexagone also received this news.

The envoy was dead?

They had not expected this result at all, and at the same time, they were particularly irritated.

They had placed almost all their hope on Abel but he didnt make any reports after heading for Zhongdong. All people regarded it as his habit, so they didnt pay too much attention to it. But now it seemed that it wasnt that he wasnt willing to make reports, but that he didnt have a chance to!

Without hesitation, the special department in Lhexagone immediately took action, not only sending some people to Zhongdong to find out what had happened, but also sending people to Huaxia to put pressure on it!

Although the so-called envoy was only a high-end military force recruited by the government from the folk, and the deaths of these unruly people did not impinge too much, the envoy going to Zhongdong, after all, represented the country. Therefore, things could not pa.s.s so easily. At least, an explanation was necessary!

Consequently, Lhexagone was determined to put pressure on Huaxia, asking it to surrender John Doe.

On the other side, in the deep forest, Li Ji stood on a winding path outside a high mountain in Huaxia, feeling extremely nervous, for it was the first time he had reached this place.

He also knew very well that this was the most mysterious place in Huaxia, where the most mysterious department was located. The reason why he came here was to ask about the incident of Fang Qiu!