Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again - Chapter 640: Busy With Work, Falling in Love

Chapter 640: Busy With Work, Falling in Love

Chapter 640: Busy With Work, Falling in Love

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Liu s.h.i.+mei discovered that people always had to go through experiences to grow up. After being forced to fight alone, was Liu Yaner somewhat more mature than before?

She said lightly, Whatever it is, go ahead and say it. As for whether Im willing to discuss it and what results we can achieve through discussion, it depends on my mood!

This persons words were infuriating. Liu Yaner had to take deep breaths over and over again to endure it.

After managing to hold her temper, she said, Double Seventh Festival Poetry Gathering at Yuebin Pavilion. I suppose youve already received the invitation. With your limp, you still want to go to Yuebin Pavilion? Liu s.h.i.+mei raised an eyebrow, mocking.

Well, she never had a kind word for her.

She had reached an agreement with Liu Fuyun to elevate Liu Yaners status. But there was no agreement that she would treat Liu Yaner kindly.

If Liu Yaner was narrow-minded and got herself killed from anger, it was her own doing, and it had nothing to do with her, right?

Liu Yaner endured it for so long, and one sentence from Liu s.h.i.+mei made her so angry that she wished she could lift the roof off!

But at least she had some composure. She hadnt forgotten the purpose of coming to find Liu s.h.i.+mei. Liu s.h.i.+mei, cant you speak properly?

But could she endure it? Was Liu s.h.i.+mei going to indulge her?

Of course not!

Liu s.h.i.+mei chuckled and said, This is how I talk. If you can endure it, then endure. If you cant Im afraid theres nothing I can do about it! I didnt ask you to confront me face to face. Didnt you deliver yourself to my door for a beating?

After all, the people she talked to varied!

Take, for instance, her silly puppy. Cute, lovable, well-behaved every time he looked at her, he would offer a radiant smile. Faced with such a persono, when had she ever mustered the courage to speak harshly to it?

Ah, it had only been a short while since she separated from him, and she was already missing him!

Especially when dealing with noisy hens like Liu Yaner, she missed her silly puppy even more!

You Liu Yaner eventually swallowed her anger: Forget it, forget it. Just tell me, are you going to the poetry event at Yuebin Pavilion or not!

Liu s.h.i.+mei thought for a moment and finally regained her composure, asking, Will the poetry event last the entire day?

Liu Yaner also breathed a sigh of relief and said, It starts close to noon. There will be a feast first, and after lunch, the poetry event will commence. It will continue until the evening, followed by fireworks and festivities. Its a custom to release river lanterns for the Double Seventh Festival. Do you have the memory of a goldfish?

City folks really know how to have fun! Liu s.h.i.+mei grumbled to herself, thinking, What a waste of my time!

But her silly puppy wanted to go, and considering how busy she had been lately, she had somewhat neglected her silly dog.

Hmm busy with work and falling in love!

She said, So, what do you want? Do you want me to help you come up with poems to get by, or do you want me to play the role of an old nanny for you?

You wouldnt be able to handle something like this anyway! Liu Yaner snorted and said, I just wanted to say that Zhang Miaozhen and Miao Linglong might make some moves. If you know anything, give me a heads-up! Anyway, they are outsiders to you. Father said you promised to help me secure the position of Crown Princess!

Her att.i.tude was harsh.

But Liu s.h.i.+mei didnt take Liu Yaner seriously. She frowned and glanced at Xia He, saying, You have Xia He accompanying you. I probably dont need to worry.

Xia He was suddenly mentioned, startling her. She lowered her head and didnt dare to cause trouble.

Liu Yaner snorted coldly and said, After all, Xia He is just one person. The people in my courtyard arent quite up to the mark these days.

Liu s.h.i.+mei found this quite puzzling. What? Dont tell me you want me to find some help for you.. Liu Yaner, do you think I run a charitable organization?