Martial Peak - Chapter 448 – He’s Won

Chapter 448 – He’s Won

When Yang Zhao gave this command, many of the masters in his group rushed towards the Medicine King’s Valley group.

Medicine King’s Valley’s disciples, aside from their exceptional Alchemy abilities, were never good at fighting, so in the eyes of this group of strong masters, this group of Alchemists were no better than lambs waiting to be caught.

Of course, since they had to act with discretion in order to not injure these Alchemists, most of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters simply flew towards them, stretching out their hands in order to capture people.

Seeing all this, Qin Ze remained still, his expression cold and indifferent, apparently not worried about whether he or his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters would be taken away; In fact, all thirty of these white robed Alchemists maintained a calm and aloof manner.

Yang Zhao suddenly felt a little uneasy.

These Alchemists, even if they were insufferably arrogant, should still have had an instinctual reaction to this coming crisis, at least showing some panic on their faces, yet their reaction showed they weren’t worried in the slightest.

But why?

Just as Yang Zhao’s masters were about to reach the Alchemist, the gemstone on Xia Ning Chang’s forehead suddenly shone brightly and a pale blue semi-circular light curtain spread out from it and surrounded the Medicine King’s Valley disciples.

Many of the approaching masters couldn’t react in time and hit this light curtain head on, feeling an amazing elastic reaction which quickly forced them back,.

“Seems they have something to rely on!” Yang Zhao knew that this group from Medicine King’s Valley wouldn’t be so easily captured, so when he saw this strange light curtain suddenly appear he wasn’t surprised, simply steeling himself as she shouted, “destroy it!”

If this group of Alchemists thought they could simply rely on a good defensive artifact to block all of these masters, they were obviously mistaken.

This defensive artifact truly was impressive, but the cultivators on his side were not only numerous, they were also elites of their respective forces.

A brilliant display of Martial Skills and artifacts once again blossomed and the light curtain Xia Ning Chang had put up immediately began wavering under the strain.

However, the expressions on all the Medicine King’s Valley disciples still didn’t show any concern.

Yang Zhao’s expression became profound as he continued to observe the reactions of the Medicine King’s Valley group, the uneasiness in his heart became more and more intense rather than dissipating, the idea of giving up and leaving this place as quickly as possible surfacing in his thoughts.

Just as the light curtain filled with cracks and was on the verge of breaking, a dazzling scattering of lights, like the stars in the night sky, suddenly filled the air. This array of lights let out a piercing radiance before it suddenly flashed and sent out a myriad of lightning fast glowing blades.

These blades were composed entirely of True Qi and shone so brilliantly they were all but blinding, each of them emitting a terrifying aura.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

All of these blades had incredible force behind them and pierced straight towards the surrounding masters like a shower of falling stars.

Like invincible swords, they sliced through the air with unstoppable momentum!

The faces of the surrounding Immortal Ascension masters changed drastically as they all desperately tried to dodge this sudden and unexpected barrage of attacks.

*Hong hong hong…*

All of the True Qi blades were either blocked or avoided by the joint efforts of all the masters present, but when the power contained within each blade erupted it forced everyone to retreat, even causing some of the lower strength Immortal Ascension Boundary masters to pale and spit blood on the spot.

Only those at or above the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage remained completely unharmed!

Yang Zhao’s gaze immediately swept over the Medicine King’s Valley group, quickly fixing on the only old man amongst them.

He couldn’t identify this old man’s origins, and he hadn’t seen him take action, but Yang Zhao still instinctively stared at him for some reason. Yang Zhao couldn’t help thinking that this trick was somehow related to him.

Also, as he stared at this old man who seemed harmless to humans and animals, Yang Zhao felt a strange and inexplicable pressure.

One move. Just one move that he hadn’t even put all his effort into, had forced back more than seven Immortal Ascension Boundary masters; just how strong was this old man?

Could he be an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator? Since when did Medicine King’s Valley have this kind of hidden master?

The repulsed powerhouses all glanced at each other with ghastly expressions, none of them certain who or what had just attacked them.

Everyone was bewildered as they secretly speculated.

However, before any of them could discover the truth, the glowing starry sky suddenly converged, shrinking down into a dazzling ring the size of a palm before landing in the veiled woman’s hand.

“An artifact!” Yang Zhao’s eyes flashed as he showed an incredulous expression.

He had thought that there was a peerless master amongst the Medicine King’s Valley group, but never had he expected that the previous attack was actually sent out from an artifact.

Only an artifact above the Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank could display such power!

Staring at the veiled young woman, Yang Zhao couldn’t help feeling a sense of defeat.

He was a Yang Family Yong Lord, the second oldest of his generation, but even he didn’t possess such rich heritage. Who exactly was this young woman?

The two artifacts she had used just now were both extraordinary, and who could say if she didn’t have any more artifacts on her?

Yang Zhao’s eyes filled with a mix of hesitation and unwillingness, but after a brief moment of indecision, her grit his teeth and quietly whispered to his guardian Blood Warrior and Ye Xin Rou, “Let’s go!”

“Go?” Ye Xin Rou’s attention had also been focused on Xia Ning Chang, silently comparing herself to this young woman she still didn’t even know the name of when she suddenly heard Yang Zhao’s command and couldn’t help muttering in confusion.

But before she could fully collect herself, Yang Zhao and his accompanying Blood Warrior had already begun silently retreating.

Ye Xin Rou hurriedly caught up with his pace and asked curiously, “Second Young Lord, why did you give up so easily? This isn’t like your usual style.”

Yang Zhao hadn’t answered yet when all of a sudden a person raced towards him from the direction he was moving, anxiously calling out, “Second Young Lord, there’s big movement from Yang Kai’s house. Nine of his allies have set out in full force, it seems that only Qu Gao Yi was left behind to guard his flag.”

“I know,” Yang Zhao muttered, his pace speeding up significantly as a bitter smile emerged on his face, “Ninth Brother really has some guts to leave only one Blood Warrior behind to guard his mansion! This time ‘round, he’s won!”

Ye Xin Rou’s beautiful face suddenly changed, immediately understanding why Yang Zhao had so decisively decided to leave. He wasn’t concerned about succeeding. With four Yang Family Young Lords collaborating, even if Yang Kai showed incredible strength, it was still impossible for him to hold on to that group of Alchemist.

If things had continued the way they were progressing, he definitely could have taken away at least some of the Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley.

However, that would still take some time. During that time, where would the nine forces which had set out from Yang Kai’s mansion go?

If they were to patronize Yang Zhao’s mansion, could the people he left behind protect his flag?

By playing such a hand, Yang Kai could easily resolve his current crisis. Yang Zhao had no choice but to retreat. Not only Yang Zhao, but Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying also had to quickly return to their compounds to strengthen their defense!

None of them could be sure whether these nine forces would visit their base or not.

None of them could afford to underestimate the power of these nine forces.

What’s more, that veiled woman actually had a pair of artifacts of Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank or possibly higher. Her ident.i.ty was definitely extraordinary. Yang Zhao didn’t dare move against her until he understood her true ident.i.ty.

Almost at the same time Yang Zhao learned of this news, Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying also received word from their respective camps, causing quite a stir amongst them as they gazed over at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grinned back at them tauntingly while he secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Where is Second Brother?” Yang Kang’s gaze swept over the crowd but didn’t find any trace of Yang Zhao or his forces. Seeing this, his face cramped up before his eyes became cold. Having been abandoned by his Second Brother without a word, he inevitably felt a bit resentful in his heart.

“Ninth Brother’s strategy is impressive! Today’s business ends here, next time we meet, your Fifth Brother will definitely return the favour!” Yang Kang coldly snorted, waving his hand to signal his people to fall backs.

“I will remember Ninth Brother’s lesson!” Yang Shen muttered angrily before he too quickly retreated.

The next moment, Yang Ying’s people also scattered like birds and beasts. The originally chaotic battle instantly subsided and those who were excitedly spectating were immediately thrown into confusion. They didn’t understand why the four Yang Family Young Lords has suddenly chosen to retreat when they clearly had absolute superiority.

Not only were the battle’s spectators confused, the people from Medicine King’s Valley also didn’t understand, only Meng Wu Ya directed a thoughtful look towards Yang Kai, realizing that this little brat had grown a lot over the past few years. Whether it was his strength or wit, they both seemed to have increased substantially.

Yang Kai made no attempt to stop his four brothers from leaving. He hadn’t brought a lot of people with him, so he was in no position to pick a fight. Also, Meng Wu Ya didn’t seem to have any intention to act, so Yang Kai would naturally not go provoking trouble.

“I’ve let Senior Brother Qin experience something unpleasant.” Yang Kai walked up to the Medicine King’s Valley group and bowed with cupped fists.

“It’s nothing.” Qin Ze waved his hand. “None of us suffered any harm.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before turning his eyes to Xia Ning Chang and with a straight face uttering some amazing words, “Little Senior Sister, I’ve missed you!”

These words were simple and sincere, with no exaggeration whatsoever, as if they had come straight from his heart.

Xia Ning Chang stared back at him timidly, the gentle calm in her elegant eyes immediately being replaced with surprise and embarra.s.sment, not daring to respond, only capable of fluttering her long eyelashes.

“Hey, you dare flirt with this old master’s treasured discipline right in front of my face?” Meng Wu Ya loudly interjected, a number of blue veins visibly throbbing on his forehead as his expression filled with dissatisfaction. Although he knew that Yang Kai’s future was limitless, seeing his treasured apprentice who he loved like his own daughter respond so strongly to Yang Kai’s cheap words still made him feel depressed.

“Did cousin also miss me?” Dong Qing Yan jumped out and asked with a smile.

“Nope.” Yang Kai shook his head without hesitation.

Dong Qing Yan’s mouth twitched for a moment before she glared back at Yang Kai spitefully. “Stupid cousin, smelly cousin, I hate you to death!”

Yang Kai paid no attention to his rambunctious cousin and instead turned to his allies and said, “Let’s head back first.”

His four brothers had all rushed back to their bases to reinforce their defences, but Yang Kai also had to quickly return to his compound as only Qu Gao Yi remained there to guard his flag.

This group from Medicine King’s Valley was essentially here to follow Xia Ning Chang so they naturally had no objections, allowing Yang Kai to take the lead as they followed him back to his compound.

Staring at the head of the crowd and seeing Xia Ning Chang and Yang Kai talking and laughing together so intimately, Lan Chu Die couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

She used to have a good relations.h.i.+p with this Junior Brother of hers as well.

But back then, she hadn’t held on to him tightly, even choosing to abandon him when he was facing difficulties.

And before she could turn her head again, she no longer had such an opportunity.

After leaving High Heaven Pavilion and joining the Dong Family, Lan Chu Die no longer thought about the time she had spent in High Heaven Pavilion, but when word of the Yang Family Inheritance War began spreading, she once again heard the name Yang Kai.

Only at that moment did she realize just how precious the piece of jade she chose to abandon had been!

Thinking back, she found it laughable that she thought it to be no more than a speck of dust at the time.

“Lan girl.” Dong Qing Han, who was by her side, suddenly spoke to her in a low voice, “My cousin may be a young man, but after spending so many hard years outside on his own, his mentality is far more mature than his age would suggest. Coupled with his background and great personal strength, his demeanor has become quite rigid, particularly when it comes to grat.i.tude and grudges. But if you show him enough sincerity, I think you shouldn’t have a problem improving your relations.h.i.+p. After all, he’s still only human.”