Martial Peak - Chapter 368 – Oh It Seems I Was Mistaken

Chapter 368 – Oh It Seems I Was Mistaken

This person… was interesting.

Actually trying to arrogantly order a Young Lord of the Yang Family to help clear rubble while saying it was a chance to show off his skills.

The place where Yang Kai would show his talents was the Yang Family’s Inheritance War and definitely not here.

“Are these two your friends?” Xie Hong Chen turned his attention to Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian and asked in a faint voice.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s expression twitched slightly but they eventually didn’t speak. They were Yang Family Blood Warriors, and their official rank was lower than a Yang Family Young Lord, so naturally they weren’t qualified to be Yang Kai’s friends; however, Yang Kai simply admitting as such was quite flattering to them.

Xie Hong Chen though simply smiled and nodded, “Since they are friends of Junior Brother Yang then they are also friends of High Heaven Pavilion. If the two of you don’t mind, you can also help out around here, naturally, we will also provide enough benefits for your efforts.”

Both Blood Warriors’ brows twitched as somewhat mocking expressions spread across their faces.

The two of them had trouble maintaining a straight face as they glanced back and forth between themselves and Xie Hong Chen.

Although they were only ordinary Yang Family Blood Warriors and no doubt had a lower status than the Yang Family’s Young Lords, but that was still only a matter within the Yang Family. If they went out and announced their status, even if it was an Elder of first-cla.s.s forces who saw them they wouldn’t dare treat them so frivolously, let alone ask them to act as labourers.

Was this little brat actually trying to get them to help rebuild the High Heaven Pavilion?

Also, did he really think he had enough benefits to entice a Yang Family Blood Warrior? That wasn’t something an average person could put out! Where was this little brat summoning such boundless courage from?

Xie Hong Chen, completely oblivious to the trouble his mouth had gotten him into, looked up into the sky and wrinkled his brow, muttering to himself, “What kind of eagle is that, it’s so irritating.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help scratching his nose as he stifled his laughter, glancing over towards Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian who were making even more awkward expressions.

The Golden Feather Eagle followed Yang Kai around faithfully and was circling up in the sky. The sounds of its cries had thus naturally attracted the attention of Xie Hong Chen.

Xie Hong Chen stared a moment before nodding slightly, and a hint of admiration flashed across his eyes, “Hmm, this eagle seems to have some extraordinary points though.”

Saying so, he quickly turned and shouted to the side, “Uncle Zhong.”

A middle-aged man about forty or fifty years old soon flew over. This man was also a former member of the High Heaven Pavilion, a disciple from the previous generation and had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage with a decent apt.i.tude. As he landed he casually asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Xie Hong Chen turned his gaze up towards the Golden Feather Eagle and asked, “Uncle Zhong, can you chase that eagle away? We wouldn’t want it disturbing the two young ladies.”

Uncle Zhong also looked up but a moment later shook his head, “It’s too high, and the eagle itself looks like it possesses decent strength, I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it.”

Xie Hong Chen frowned and looked displeased, waving his hand as he grunted, “It’s okay, carry on.”


After Uncle Zhong left, Xie Hong Chen smiled indifferently, “Looks like I’ll have to do it myself. Junior Brother Yang, wait a moment while I handle this eagle.”

“Ah…” Yang Kai nodded as his expression remained indifferent.

The next moment, Xie Hong Chen shot into the sky and headed straight towards the Golden Feather Eagle.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian didn’t show the slightest desire to block him, instead of wearing a smug expression like they were looking forward to a good show as they stared at Xie Hong Chen’s back.

That was a Yang Family Golden Feather Eagle if it were so easy to catch or beat, it wouldn’t be a Monster Beast worthy of the Yang Family’s dedicated cultivation.

“Does the Little Lord and this man have some kind of resentment?” Tang Yu Xian looked towards Yang Kai with a smile. Just from the way, Xie Hong Chen spoke to Yang Kai and how he now was trying to show off his authority and skills, it was obvious to her that the two youths had some kind of grudge.

“It’s all in the past!” Yang Kai replied indifferently, gently shaking his head.

His dispute with Xie Hong Chen was just really just a petty squabble caused by jealousy, but now that their Sect had been destroyed and so much else had transpired, Yang Kai no longer cared about such trifles.

“Where is the eagle?” While Yang Kai was watching Xie Hong Chen, a concerned voice suddenly called out from nearby.

Immediately afterwards, two shadows quickly approached from the distance.

The first person was a young woman of around twenty years old. She had a tall figure, jade white skin, and a slim waist; her purple dress perfectly complemented her n.o.ble temperament giving her an impeccable appearance.

Next to her, there was an exquisite girl who seemed a few years younger. Although this girl was small, the pair of jade peaks rising above her chest could only be described as tremendous. It seemed like these two proud mountains would burst from the clothes which barely contained them at any moment as they bounced up and down in an exaggerated fas.h.i.+on. With a light blush on her small rounded face and a sleek shapely bottom that swelled just the right amount, the very sight of her made the nearby mean swallow unconsciously.

The pair of beauties stood and stared at the Golden Feather Eagle circling up in the sky, their expressions incredibly dignified. It was like they weren’t staring at an eagle but a giant monster.

When the two women arrived, the nearby High Heaven Pavilion disciples, regardless of whether they were male or female, young or old, all stopped what they were doing and respectfully saluted, “Greetings, Young Lady Qiu, greetings Young Lady Luo!”

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man did not even bother responding to these greetings though as their gazes remained fixed on the Golden Feather Eagle.

“Elder Sister Qiu, is it really ‘that’ eagle?” Luo Xiao Man, who despite her alluring figure still gave people a feeling of innocence, whispered quietly as she continued staring.

“It should be,” Qiu Yi Meng nodded heavily, “But I’ve only ever heard of it and have never personally seen one before.”

“That Xie Hong Chen flew up after it.” Luo Xiao Man stretched her finger and pointed at a figure up in the sky.

“What does that idiot think he’s doing?” Qiu Yi Meng’s pretty face became ice cold as she said a solemn tone, “He absolutely can’t kill that eagle.”

Kill the eagle? Even if one were to hurt it, the consequences would be dire! Although she had long since known that Xie Hong Chen was a man who liked to be in the limelight, Qiu Yi Meng could now only think of him as a brain-damaged idiot.

As long as someone had even a bit vision, they would notice that this eagle was extraordinary, right?

“Young Lady Qiu?” Tang Yu Xian looked suspiciously at Qiu Yi Meng and asked softly.

When Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man finally regained their wits, they both turned their eyes towards Yang Kai and the two Blood Warriors, trembling in surprise as they did.

None of them had ever imagined they would meet again like this.

Yang Kai at least knew that they were being led around by Shan Qing Luo; however, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian didn’t know anything about Qiu Yi Meng’s situation since she had disappeared inside High Heaven Pavilion.

After carefully sweeping her eyes over Qiu Yi Meng, Tang Yu Xian confirmed that she was indeed the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady who had been missing for several months!

In her surprise, she couldn’t help calling out her name.

Surprised as well, Qiu Yi Meng quickly turned her eyes towards Yang Kai and couldn’t help freezing up.

Luo Xiao Man, on the other hand, reacted even more violently. Her beautiful face suddenly wore a frightened expression and quickly hid behind Qiu Yi Meng, before glaring back at Yang Kai for a while.

“Hm?” Tu Feng was suddenly puzzled, and his expression became strange, faintly feeling that the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady seemed to be familiar with their family’s Little Lord.

After a long time, Qiu Yi Meng smiled towards Yang Kai and then turned her attention back to Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, sweeping her eyes across them.

Tang Yu Xian recognizing her wasn’t too surprising as she was a famous figure, but she had no idea who Tang Yu Xian was; however, when she saw the jade talisman on the two Blood Warrior’s waists, her pretty face couldn’t help but becoming serious, “Yang Family Blood Warriors?”

“Greetings, Young Lady Qiu.” Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian greeted respectfully.

Qiu Yi Meng’s position was equivalent to their Little Lord’s, or more accurately, her status was even higher than Yang Kai’s. After all, this young woman was the Heaven-sent genius of the Qiu Family. She was already one of the most dazzling females in the entire younger generation while Yang Kai was still just a disciple that had yet to return to the family.

Faced with such a figure, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian couldn’t be sloppy.

Qiu Yi Meng’s expression underwent numerous changes as her eyes glanced back and forth across the three newcomers, but eventually her gaze fixed firmly on Yang Kai as she dumbfoundedly asked, “With two Yang Family Blood Warriors here along with the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle and a youth whose surname is Yang, then would it be correct to a.s.sume you are one of the Yang Family’s direct descendants?”

After seeing all of this, if Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t guess the true ident.i.ty of Yang Kai then she wouldn’t be Qiu Yi Meng.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded casually.

“Oh… It seems I was mistaken.” Qiu Yi Meng muttered begrudgingly. Although she knew that Yang Kai hadn’t disclosed his ident.i.ty because of Yang Family’s rules, she still felt somewhat bitter about it.

Thinking back, she couldn’t help feeling ridiculous about how she had tried to recruit Yang Kai into the Qiu Family by offering ‘generous’ conditions while they had been trapped in Shan Qing Luo’s Palace.

As a Young Lord of the Yang Family, what resources could he possibly be lacking?

[No wonder he hadn’t spared my offer a single glance back then,] Qiu Yi Meng thought to herself. Originally she suspected him of being an arrogant youth whose eyes were higher than his head, but now she knew better. He hadn’t considered her offer simply because it was vastly inferior compared to his actual position.

Staring at Yang Kai’s calm demeanour, Qiu Yi Meng’s brow twitched as she felt the urge to slap him across his smug face for all the embarra.s.sment she had suffered.

No one had ever let her suffer such a big loss.

“You… you’re a Young Lord of the Yang Family?” Luo Xiao Man also stared at Yang Kai with a dumbfounded look.

“Naturally!” Qiu Yi Meng sneered gently.

Luo Xiao Man was speechless, not knowing what to say.

She still remembered when Qiu Yi Meng had evaluated Yang Kai. She had mentioned that fortunately, he didn’t have a strong background. If we’re to have a strong background, then there might be no one in the whole world who could surpa.s.s him.

No, it seems that not only did he have a strong background, it was actually the strongest one possible! None could compare.

“Do the two young ladies know my family’s Young Lord?” Tang Yu Xian’s beautiful eyes flashed as she curiously observed Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man.

As a woman herself, she sensed an unusual aura from the conversation these youths just had. It seems like there was something unusual between her family’s Little Lord and the two girls in front of him.

“En, I know him indeed!” Qiu Yi Meng showed a dazzling smile, but her teeth were clearly grinding as she did.

Hearing her response, a s.h.i.+ver ran up Tu Feng’s back as he was confused as to why he suddenly felt a chill in the air.

“Don’t be so hostile, I don’t owe anything to you.” Yang Kai looked at Qiu Yi Meng with a wry smile. He naturally felt the hostility coming from this young woman.

“You don’t owe us anything?” Qiu Yi Meng sneered, “I’d say you owe us a great deal.”

These words were quite ambiguous and immediately piqued Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s interest.

“Should I recount all of it for you?” Qiu Yi Meng stared at Yang Kai maliciously.

Yang Kai’s though maintained an indifferent att.i.tude, “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Hmm…” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly smiled impishly, and her eyes flashed as she licked her lips and said, “Then I’ll start with what happened with Shan…”

“Hey…” Yang Kai’s expression quickly changed as he rushed forward and covered Qiu Yi Meng’s mouth.