Martial Peak - Chapter 1256 - Dragon Cave Mountain’s Changes

Chapter 1256 - Dragon Cave Mountain’s Changes

Chapter 1256, Dragon Cave Mountain’s Changes

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

After some investigation, Yang Kai was surprised.

This Blood Fusion Pill was truly as he expected; although it contained a strong Blood Qi and vitality, it also contained a ma.s.sive amount of malevolent energy. If an ordinary cultivator took such a thing, it would cause them serious harm. Only a cultivator who came from a Sect like Demon Blood Temple could use this Blood Fusion Pill to enhance their cultivation.

But to Yang Kai, this kind of Evil Qi was not something that could harm him; after all, he had used and still used a similar type of energy.

After carefully checking the materials of this Blood Fusion Pill, Yang Kai was secretly shocked. Although he failed to recognize all the ingredients, he was able to deduce most of them and found that there were many rare spirit herbs involved. It was clear now why Deng Ning and his fellow Sect Brothers, who were all Third-Order Saint Kings, would fight for this Blood Fusion Pill.

Yang Kai figured that in Demon Blood Temple, the number of pills produced wasn’t large and they would only be awarded to a disciple who have made big contributions to the temple. Deng Ning had obviously obtained many benefits in the Flowing Flame Sand Field and given them to the Elders of Demon Blood Temple in exchange for this Blood Fusion Pill.

Then, at some point, news must have leaked out to Ye Yang Rong and An Zhi.

Shaking his head, Yang Kai no longer bothered himself with such matters; instead, he hesitated for a moment before tossing the Blood Fusion Pill into his mouth and swallowing.

Transforming his Demonic Flame into a pure Yang attribute, Yang Kai quickly refined the Blood Fusion Pill’s medicinal efficacies, sending a wave of cold energy coursing through his veins. However, under the scorching heat of his Demonic Flame, this cold energy was forced out of his body as wisps of black smoke, all of which left via his pores and dissipated into the air.

All that remained was the ma.s.sive amount of vitality contained in the Blood Fusion Pill that circulated through Yang Kai’s body and merged into his physique.

Not paying attention to the effect of this Blood Fusion Pill, Yang Kai turned to investigate the Demon Blood Thread technique given to him by Deng Ning.

Yang Kai was not planning on cultivating this Demon Blood Temple secret technique and instead just wanted to learn about it in preparation for when he ran into high level members of Demon Blood Temple. When fighting against others, understanding how their skills and techniques worked would give him an advantage.

But after beginning to read this scroll, Yang Kai let out a cry of surprise and soon became completely immersed in studying this secret technique, unable to extricate himself. As he continued investigating this technique, Yang Kai’s expression gradually began to change, sometimes surprised, sometimes frowning, sometimes thoughtful.


One month later, in the skies nearby Heavenly Fate City, a blue streak of light dashed forward and rushed towards Dragon Cave Mountain. A moment later, this azure light arrived at its destination and Yang Kai’s figure appeared.

Looking around Dragon Cave Mountain though, Yang Kai was shocked and surprised, completely forgetting to move.

It had only been about a year since he departed for the Flowing Flame Sand Field, but during this short time, Dragon Cave Mountain had changed dramatically.

From the air, the few peaks that had originally existed here had become completely invisible and were replaced by a beautiful picture of rolling fog and clouds. Among the clouds there was a remarkable World Energy aura, and through them Yang Kai was able to vaguely see the original cave he had sat in meditation in along with some small scattered buildings. Although there were not many of these buildings, they seemed well constructed.

There were also some blurry figures shuttling back and forth inside the fog bank.

[Is this really Dragon Cave Mountain?] Yang Kai suspected that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere and arrived outside the Spirit Peak of some Sect; however, this place was indeed fifty kilometres from Heavenly Fate City. Yang Kai was certain of this because as he pa.s.sed by the city, he had wondered whether he could drop in to see Qian Tong so the latter would know he was alright.

Although the scene in front of him was not on the level of a grand Sect’s headquarters, Yang Kai couldn’t believe such drastic changes had taken place in just one year.

This change was definitely thanks to Yang Yan! The Aura Gathering Spirit Array she had arranged here earlier was playing its role perfectly and under the exploration of Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, he could tell that all of Dragon Cave Mountain was surrounded by a powerful Spirit Array. As he used his Divine Sense, he frequently encountered obstructions and there were even some places he was unable to probe at all, including the original mountain cave.

Yang Kai’s current Divine Sense was no weaker than that of a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm master, yet even he could not see through this barrier. Yang Kai estimated that even the strongest masters on Shadowed Star would not be able to do any better than he did.

[Yang Yan has actually done it!] Yang Kai could not help feeling a bit stunned. Before he went to the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Yang Yan told him she intended to arrange an incredible defensive Spirit Array around all of Dragon Cave Mountain, but how could he have known she would complete it to such a degree in such a short period of time.

Yang Kai also didn’t know whether this Spirit Array had been fully arranged. If it weren’t complete yet, that would only be more frightening.

However, how many of the hundred million Saint Crystals he left behind were left? Arranging such a huge Spirit Array must have consumed an extraordinary amount of material and resources. When he thought of this, Yang Kai’s face could not help twitching.

Just as Yang Kai was exploring this barrier from the outside, from inside it, a few weaker Divine Senses emerged, but they withdrew quickly after contacting Yang Kai.

Immediately, a beam of colourful light radiated from inside Dragon Cave Mountain and opened a kind of pa.s.sageway through the fog bank right in front of Yang Kai. The view down this pa.s.sageway was still obscured but it should lead to the centre of Dragon Cave Mountain.

Yang Kai smiled as he understood that those inside had discoverer him; so, without hesitation, he flew inside.

Landing a moment later, the surrounding scene changed dramatically.

For a moment, Yang Kai could not help sighing in admiration. The changes to Dragon Cave Mountain were so great that he barely recognized it.

Before long, several figures rushed over, with Yang Yan, who was still wrapped in her customary black robe, in the lead. Because she was running so fast, her great peaks undulated up and down and her head wrappings flapped in the wind. On her face was a big smile and a look of relief, as if she had just put down a heavy load.

Immediately behind Yang Yan were Wu Yi and Yu Feng.

Chang Qi and Hao An were also present.

Yang Kai even saw Shadow Moon Hall’s First-Order Origin Returning Realm disciple Luo Qing.

Everyone smiled broadly and all of them seemed to be breathing sighs of relief from the bottom of their hearts.

It seemed that Yang Kai not returning even half a year after the Flowing Flame Sand Field had closed had worried them greatly.

Yang Yan worrying about Yang Kai was out of a genuine sense of friends.h.i.+p. If not for Yang Kai taking a chance on her, she might still have been sitting in Heavenly Fate City’s Refining Pavilion claiming to be an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner while only being able to help some untrusting cultivators refine trivial items, unable to use any of her amazing talents. It was not an exaggeration to say that Yang Kai gave her the freedom to display her skills while simultaneously providing her unimaginable funds. The same was true of Wu Yi, Yu Feng and the others from the Hai Ke Family. As for Luo Qing, he should have been ordered to come here by Qian Tong to inquire about Yang Kai.

“You’re back!” Yang Yan ran up to Yang Kai with small steps and looking him over from top to bottom, her pair of beautiful eyes were making sure that he was not missing any limbs, patting his shoulder heartily as she nodded in approval.

Next, Wu Yi, Yu Feng and the others all came up one after another and greeted Yang Kai joyfully.

Yang Kai’s heart warmed, and he suddenly felt a sense of trust and belonging. Since he entered the Star Field, his heart had constantly felt empty, because in this vast Star Field, there was no one who would worry for his safety, care about where he was, or even pay any attention to if he was alive or dead. No one would think about him while he was out or ask him if he was well when he returned, completely different from back in Tong Xuan Realm.

But at this moment, he once again felt such feelings. For a time, it was as if he had returned home and was facing Little Senior Sister, Meng Wuya, Ling Tai Xu, Chu Ling Xiao and the rest of his friends and family.

“I’m back!” Yang Kai said lightly, but his empty heart was warmed and filled greatly even so.

“It’s good that you’ve come back, en, particularly good. During these past few months, everyone was so worried not hearing from you, wondering if something had happened to you outside.” Wu Yi stepped forward and smiled lightly, her beautiful eyes glancing over at Luo Qing next and explaining, “You probably don’t know, but after the Flowing Flame Sand Field closed, Elder Qian ordered some people to remain there to wait for you for half a year, unfortunately, they never saw any trace of you. It wasn’t until recently that they returned to Shadow Moon Hall.”

[Half a year?!] Yang Kai’s brow twitched. Most likely, Shadow Moon Hall’s disciples had left just days before he had come out.

Feeling Qian Tong’s concern, Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists to Luo Qing and said, “Greetings Brother Luo, I must trouble you to express my grat.i.tude to Elder Qian for his concern. After the Flowing Flame Sand Field closed, I had a certain matter that needed to immediately be attended to, so I quickly found a place to enter retreat and only recently came out. It seems not sending any messages back made Elder Qian worry.”

Luo Qing laughed, “Brother Yang doesn’t need to act so distantly. Elder Qian will be incredibly happy as long as he knows you’ve returned safely. Since you are safe now… oh, Brother Yang has broken through to the Second-Order Saint King Realm, amazing! Congratulations!”

As Luo Qing exchanged greetings and pleasantries with Yang Kai, he noticed that the latter’s cultivation had risen a Minor Realm and quickly offered his congratulation as a touch of envy flashed across his face.

Because Luo Qing was an Origin Returning Realm cultivator, he could not enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field this time, causing him some small regrets. He had heard that many of the cultivators who returned safely from the Flowing Flame Sand Field had reaped great harvests and many had achieved breakthroughs in their bottlenecks. Seeing Yang Kai now, it seemed these rumors were true.

Hearing Luo Qing’s words, everyone else also showed a sunny expression.

In truth, all of them are gathered because of Yang Kai, so Yang Kai was the real leader here. Now that Yang Kai cultivation had risen, they would naturally be excited.

After a few more casual words, Luo Qing insisted on departing.