Martial God Asura - Chapter 5385: Something Is Wrong

Chapter 5385: Something Is Wrong

Chapter 5385: Something Is Wrong

This is?

Bai Yunqing widened his eyes in shock. He could tell that the imprint was a scroll.

Chu Feng infused his spirit power into the imprint, and the imprint flew out of his palm and expanded into the normal size of a scroll.

Big brother, is this the benefit you received from the Hidden Land? Bai Yunqing was overjoyed.

Thats right, Chu Feng replied with a smile.

Does that mean that you have cleared the Hidden Land? Bai Yunqing asked.

I did. Id have probably failed the trial if I didnt save the Jie Clansmen, Chu Feng replied.

He told Bai Yunqing about the clue he had noticed and the reason he turned around to save the Jie Clansmen.

No wonder! I thought that it was unlike you to save those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. That makes perfect sense now. It was definitely worth it to turn around and save them! Bai Yunqing was happy for Chu Feng.

He didnt bother asking why Chu Feng had told Ling Moer that he didnt receive any benefits because he knew that it would be best to keep this matter from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion might think that they rightfully own everything that was inside the Ancient Palace and demand Chu Feng hand over the benefits he had received.

Big brother Chu Feng, whats inside the scroll? Is it the legacy of this land? Bai Yunqing asked.

Let me take a look.

Chu Feng opened up the scroll before Bai Yunqing, allowing the latter to view the contents as well.

Another riddle! This is too convoluted. I should have known that it wouldnt be that easy to obtain the legacy. Bai Yunqing shook his head.

Its indeed tough. Chu Feng frowned as well.

He hadnt expected the scroll to be so difficult to decipher. Even he was clueless as to how he could go about solving it.

Big brother Chu Feng, you take your time on the scroll. Ill go cultivate first. I gained a lot from our trip to the Ancient Palace. I think I should be able to reach Purple Dragon G.o.d-cloak now, Bai Yunqing said.

Go ahead, Chu Feng said.

It was a fruitful trip to the Ancient Palace. The two of them had gained a lot from it.

Chu Feng continued examining the scroll after Bai Yunqing took his leave to cultivate. To his surprise, the content of the scroll suddenly changed shortly after Bai Yunqing left.

Whats going on? Is this scroll guarding against Bai Yunqing? Chu Feng was baffled.

Is it easier to decipher now? Eggy asked.

Yes, it has become unbelievably easy to decipher now, Chu Feng replied.

It looks like the scroll is reserving itself for you. Hurry up and decipher it. Im curious to know what kind of legacy it contains.

It isnt a legacy but a spatial realm.

A spatial realm? Do you have to enter it?

I think so. Ill head in to take a look.

Chu Feng quickly deciphered the scroll, causing the scroll to transform into a surge of teleportation energy that enveloped him. Just as he had expected, he was teleported into a spatial realm.

It was a terrifying realm. A ma.s.sive blood moon hung in the sky, casting a crimson glow on the barren land beneath. Ferocious noises that could have been either the roaring of a gale or the cries of the specters could be heard from all directions.

It was almost as if Chu Feng had stepped into the netherworld, and it unnerved him.

Deciphering the scroll was easy; it looks like the tough part is finding the fortuitous encounter here. Chu Feng laughed to himself. Much to his shock, he quickly realized that his body was transforming in weird ways. Huh? Whats going on?

Sensing himself through his psyche, he realized that his entire body had transformed into a bundle of light, such that he couldnt even make out his own appearance. It was as if he was manifested from a formation.

My cultivation has been sealed too.

There was a surge of energy within Chu Fengs body that sealed off his martial cultivation and spirit power, making him no different from an ordinary mortal. He was put at a loss, not knowing how to venture into this treacherous land in his powerless state.


While Chu Feng was trying to figure out what to do, a surge of teleportation energy suddenly appeared beside him. Soon, another bundle of light was teleported next to him. Knowing the special nature of this place, he figured that it might be another person.

Why was I brought to this darned place again? Theres no way to clear this d.a.m.ned trial! the person exclaimed with a helpless sigh. Oh? Theres someone else here?

The person was surprised to see Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was unable to make out the other partys appearance, but he could still tell from her voice that she was a woman. Based on what she had said thus far, it didnt seem like this was her first time here.

This suggested that other people had been here before too.

Could this mean that the legacy was actually connected, in the sense that those who were searching for the legacy in the other Divine Inheritance Grounds would eventually be teleported here too?

Chu Feng wanted to ask the woman about it, but he gasped the next moment.

Something is wrong, Eggy! he said.