Martial Peak - Chapter 5952: Apostles

Chapter 5952: Apostles

Chapter 5952: Apostles

Those from the Spirit Religion initially intended to capture Yang Kai so that they could find out his reasons for pretending to be the Holy Son, along with his ident.i.ty and any other conspirators who were working with him. However, in the fight earlier, none of the Order Lords dared to hold back in the face of their enemys strange methods.

Furthermore, this phoney seemed to be a ruthless man. Faced with Li Fei Yus fatal attack, he didnt seem to have the intention of dodging and instead tried to drag down his opponent with him. If Yu Dao Chi hadnt disrupted Yang Kais final attack at the critical moment, the latter wouldnt have been the only one lying on the floor. Li Fei Yu wouldve died as well.

All three Order Lords were drenched in sweat, and the onlookers were astonished.

Guan Miao Zhu couldnt help but ask, Was this guy really only a True Element Boundary cultivator?

You saw him fight. Theres no doubt he was only a True Element Boundary Master. The Earth Order Lord Luo Yun Gong appeared dejected, Such a shame. It wouldve been fantastic if such a talented young man were part of the Spirit Religion.

Yang Kai was already so powerful even though he was only in the True Element Boundary. If he broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, no one in the World would be a match for him. They initially thought that the Holy Son they had been hiding from the public already had the most outstanding skill and apt.i.tude, but now, it seemed that he paled compared to this fake Holy Son.

This guy would most likely be able to shatter the shackles of this World and explore the Realm above the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Initially, the Order Lords felt it was the right thing to have killed Yang Kai, but upon hearing Luo Yun Gongs words, they realised it was indeed such a shame.

Whats the point of saying this when hes already dead? Si Kong Nan, who was the oldest among them, said sensibly, Since he pretended to be the Holy Son and snuck into the Spirit Religion, he was our enemy. However, he acquired the peoples support and the blessing of the Worlds Will. If he managed to make it to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the Spirit Religion would cease to exist. Weve nipped a catastrophe in the bud by killing him today.

Hearing this, all of them nodded in agreement and no longer felt it was a shame.

Yu Dao Chi said, The disciples in the city have been riled up since he entered the city yesterday. They thought that the saviour had finally appeared, just like what was described in the prophecy. Everyone is antic.i.p.ating the start of a final war against the Black Ink Cult, but this person is dead now. How are we supposed to explain this?

This was giving Li Fei Yu a headache as she rubbed her forehead, Forget the common believers, even members of the Spirit Religion share the same sentiment. Many people have been asking when we will start taking action against the Black Ink Cult.

Si Kong Nan nodded, Ive heard about it as well. If we cant settle this issue properly, we will surely suffer serious backlash.

All of them sported solemn expressions and fell silent.

Suddenly, the Saintess said, Lets introduce the Holy Son to the public.

She swept a glance over them and continued, Even without todays incident, the Holy Son was supposed to appear very soon. Hes been cultivating in secret for 10 years and has reached the peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary. Since hes just as powerful as any of the Order Lords, hes able to represent the Spirit Religion.

What about the fake Holy Son? Li Fei Yu asked.

We just have to tell the disciples the truth, said the Saintess softly, The disciples and the entire World have been waiting for the Holy Sons advent, not this fake named Yang Kai. Therefore, we dont have to hide anything from them.

Si Kong Nan nodded repeatedly, We just have to let the real Holy Son appear to ease the impact of the fake Holy Sons death. As long as we allow the disciples to see hope, we can resolve the crisis.

The Saintess continued, The Holy Sons appearance is big news. The World and the Spirit Religion have been waiting for countless years as it signals the beginning of the end of the Black Ink Cult.

All of the Order Lords appeared thrilled upon hearing that as they turned to look at the Saintess with fervent gazes.

They had been waiting and fighting for years, but finally, it was time to deal with the enemies head-on.

Well introduce the Holy Son to the public in three days. In the meantime, all the Order Lords are to begin readying their subordinates, we shall set off to the Black Ink Abyss to end this scourge once and for all! The Saintess voice was as soft as ever, but she sounded determined.

Yes, Holy Saintess!


Li Fei Yu entered a secret room while holding a blood-soaked corpse. After putting the corpse down gently, she looked worriedly at him.

All of a sudden, the person, who was supposed to be dead, opened his eyes and an unprepared Li Fei Yu was thoroughly shocked.

Youre really not dead? An astonished Li Fei Yu looked at Yang Kai, who was now seated with his legs crossed. She could feel his vitality being restored in his originally cold body.

If she hadnt seen it with her own eyes, she wouldnt have believed such a strange story; after all, she was the one who killed Yang Kai, so she was certain that her sword had penetrated the mans heart.

The other Order Lords were present, and they were all Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters; therefore, they could easily see through any form of pretence.

That was the reason she had made a fatal move.

She couldnt help but ask, Are you a Human?

After giving it some thought, Yang Kai shook his head, I can no longer be considered a Human.

Following his experience in the Dragon Pool, Yang Kai became a Pureblood Dragon; however, since he was originally a Human, he never abandoned that ident.i.ty.

He took off his blood-soaked s.h.i.+rt and said, Im sure the Saintess has told you everything. The Spirit Religion will launch a war against the Black Ink Cult in three days while Ill a.s.sist all of you from the shadows. The Fire Order will be responsible for gathering information, so Ill need you to work with me Hey! What are you doing?

An astounded Yang Kai glanced at Li Fei Yu, who squatted and touched his firm chest.

Li Fei Yu stared fixedly at the chest that she had stuck her sword into. As she felt the mans strong heartbeat, she muttered, What kind of a monster are you?

Although the wound was still visible, it had mostly healed. It had only been a short time since Yang Kai was injured. As such, it was reasonable to a.s.sume it wouldnt be long before the wound disappeared completely.

What bothered Li Fei Yu was that Yang Kais blood was golden. His blood also seemed to contain a horrifying power.

That was probably the reason he was able to deal with three Order Lords despite being a True Element Boundary Master.

You should be more respectful of peoples boundaries, Yang Kai slapped her hand away and put on a new s.h.i.+rt.

Li Fei Yu continued, No wonder Xue Ji is so attracted to you. She even came back to you and submitted herself to you.

She learned that from Zuo Wu You, who was there to witness the incident. He was loyal to the Spirit Religion, so he wouldnt hide anything from Li Fei Yu.

Did you even listen to what I said? Yang Kai shot her a helpless look.

With a solemn expression, Li Fei Yu replied, Yes, there will be no flaws in our cooperation.

Only then did Yang Kai dip his head with satisfaction, Good. He then sat down cross-legged again and glanced at her, Tell me more about the Black Ink Cult.

Li Fei Yu asked seriously, What do you want to know?

Yang Kai said, Everything about the Apostles!

Li Fei Yu was shocked upon hearing that, Are you aware of the Apostles existence?

Ive heard about them, Yang Kai nodded. Naturally, he learned this from Yan Peng. Unfortunately, even though Yan Peng was an Immortal Ascension Boundary Master and held an important position in the Black Ink Cult, he knew little about the Apostles.

When he repeatedly came across Xue Ji back then, he wasnt aware of this piece of information yet, so he didnt have a chance to ask her about it.

Therefore, Yang Kai decided to seize the chance and find out more from Li Fei Yu now.

Faced with the question, Li Fei Yu considered her words for a moment before replying, In truth, we know little about the Apostles; after all, they always remain in the deepest part of the Black Ink Abyss to protect that place. Although weve launched some wars against the Black Ink Cult over the years, weve never managed to pose a threat to Black Ink Abyss; as such, the Apostles have never made a move.

After a pause, she continued, The Apostles existence is both a taboo, and a mystery. Its said that theyre engrossed in learning more about Black Ink Strength and spend all of their time in the Black Ink Abyss to unlock its secrets. Rumours have it that they mightve broken through the Immortal Ascension Boundary and reached a higher Realm. We have no idea what that Realm is, nor do we know how many Apostles there are. The only thing we know is that the Apostles will never leave the Black Ink Abyss; and indeed, theyve never been spotted outside. Even those from the Black Ink Cult know little about the Apostles. If not for the fact that they never leave the Black Ink Abyss, we wouldve been defeated a long time ago.

Hearing that, Yang Kai furrowed his brow.

With Mus help, he was now an Immortal Ascension Boundary Master. When he was at the Ancient Grounds earlier, he hid his cultivation and only showcased power in the True Element Boundary; as such, the Order Lords believed that he was only a True Element Boundary Master.

Given his true strength, it could be said that no one in the Primordial World was a match for him.

Nevertheless, his strength wasnt infinite, after all. He couldnt possibly defeat the entire Black Ink Cult on his own despite being powerful; therefore, if he wanted to destroy the Black Ink Cult, he had to make use of the Light Spirit Religions power.

The Profound Source Gate that had suppressed and sealed Mos Source Strength was located in Black Ink Abyss, where the Black Ink Cult originated from.

The Apostles were also hiding in the Black Ink Abyss. They were engrossed in Black Ink Strength, so they had been staying there to figure out its secrets. They could even be described as fanatics.

All the same, no one could deny that the Apostles were extremely powerful.

Only by destroying the Black Ink Cult and the Apostles would Yang Kai have time to refine the Profound Source Gate and suppress Mos Source piece.

It was destined to be a tough fight; however, this war would affect the survival of the 3,000 Worlds and the entire Human Race, so Yang Kai had to do his best.

Even the Fire Order Lord Li Fei Yu was only aware of some rumours about the Apostles, so the others obviously knew little about them.

Yang Kai thought that if he wanted to find out the Apostles secrets, he had to head to the Black Ink Abyss and look into the matter personally.

It wasnt until Yang Kai acquired more information from Li Fei Yu that he let her leave.

Before exiting, Li Fei Yu turned around all of a sudden and remarked, Your acting was impeccable.

Huh? Yang Kai subconsciously replied, but he soon realised that she was talking about the fight outside the Ancient Grounds.

He couldnt help but think that since he was a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, putting on an act in front of a group of Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters was like entertaining newborn children.