Martial Peak - Chapter 5854: Void Guard

Chapter 5854: Void Guard

Chapter 5854: Void Guard

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The reason Miao Fei Ping stood there was that he was the so-called Eldest Senior Brother of the Void Dao Temple; after all, not all of the Dao Temple disciples knew Li Wu Yi because those who became Open Heaven Realm Masters on the Black Ink Battlefield hadnt interacted nearly as much with the latter. Moreover, the Dao Temple disciples here all had high cultivation and were very talented, so they might be arrogant and needed the Eldest Senior Brother to keep them under control!

With his help, Li Wu Yi could get these Dao Temple disciples to listen to them.

Li Wu Yi continued, All of you here were called back from the various Armies, so you might already have a slight understanding of the situation. To sum it up, the Black Ink Clan was cowed by your Dao Lords powerful deterrence in E-5 Territory! They have recalled all their Pseudo-Royal Lords to the No-Return Pa.s.s, leaving the rest defenceless. Our Armies have broken the enemy Armies and slaughtered many of their soldiers, so it is only a matter of time before we reclaim the 3,000 Worlds.

The group of Dao Temple disciples below all had proud expressions. Since they were from the Void Dao Temple, they were destined to be bound to Yang Kais success and failures. The more powerful Yang Kai was, the prouder they were as Dao Temple disciples. Although the Dao Lord was always like a hidden Dragon who showed his tail but never his face and always seemed unreachable, it didnt stop these disciples from respecting him.

Li Wu Yi changed the topic, But dont celebrate just yet. The 3,000 Worlds originally belonged to us Humans, but when the Black Ink Clan invaded our home thousands of years ago, they defeated us and forced us to flee. Numerous Families were forced to abandon their ancestral legacy and inheritance, which they had acc.u.mulated for tens of thousands of years. It naturally felt like they had let their ancestors down. At this moment, the Humans have only reclaimed what they had once lost.

Moreover, since all the Pseudo-Royal Lords, and many of the Feudal Lords and Territory Lords retreated, the Black Ink Clan hasnt suffered any substantial damage despite losing so many soldiers. That was because those Masters were the ones that were truly difficult to defeat. The rest were all cannon fodder. Additionally, according to what your Dao Lord has reported, it might not be long before the Black Ink Clan has new Royal Lords, so the victory in the 3,000 Worlds is not the end, but merely a new beginning!

Li Wu Yi paused for a moment before continuing, Even though we have reclaimed the 3,000 Worlds, there are still harder challenges and more difficulties for us to face, the first of which will be the No-Return Pa.s.s. The Human Race used to guard that place as it was the only entrance to the 3,000 Worlds, but now it has fallen into the Black Ink Clans hands. If we dont take back the No-Return Pa.s.s, the Black Ink Clan will eventually return someday. Even if we managed to take back the No-Return Pa.s.s, the Black Ink Clans reign of terror still will not end. The Source, Mo, is being suppressed and sealed inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. That being is the origin of the Black Ink Clans invasion. The blood feud between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan is absolutely irreconcilable; so, how could we let the enemy have it easy while we suffer? Only by killing Mo can we finally rest at ease.

Li Wu Yis words led the Dao Temple disciples to imagine all sorts of things. Someone couldnt help but ask, Senior Brother, did the Dao Lord gather us here because he wants to acc.u.mulate more strength and ambush the Black Ink Clans base?

It wasnt wrong for that person to think this way because everyone present, whether they were Dao Temple disciples or Phoenix Clan, were proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce. Except for Eldest Senior Brother Miao

With so many people proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce gathered in one spot, they had a natural advantage when doing missions together, and the Black Ink Clan would definitely not see them coming.

While looking at that person, Li Wu Yi laughed and shook his head, No, he didnt

[This guy sure is imaginative. If we attacked the No-Return Pa.s.s with only these many people, it would be suicide.]

Li Wu Yi wore a serious expression while explaining, Your Dao Lord said that after taking back the 3,000 Worlds, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan would have a short period of peace. If we want to win the following battles though, we must act first and think of a way to take back the No-Return Pa.s.s before starting a crusade against the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Only then do we stand a chance to prevail; however, without mentioning the journey to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, even heading to the No-Return Pa.s.s is already a long journey. If we move together as one Army, the journey to the No-Return Pa.s.s alone will take up a lot of time, and once the war begins, it will be impossible to end in a short period. Also, it will be a problem if we want to send reinforcements to the frontlines.

After hearing this, the crowd nodded.

The 3,000 Worlds was expansive, and the Black Ink Battlefield was vast. Even with Seventh or Eighth-Order cultivation, the journey would still take a long while. Time was an essential factor during the war because the more time the Army wasted in transit, the more time the enemy had to prepare.

This was a problem that neither the Black Ink Clan nor Human Race could solve easily.

That is why! Li Wu Yi looked serious while speaking, Your Dao Lord has suggested forming the Void Guard. First, we gather the elites proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce, all of you, and then we will use ma.s.sive s.p.a.ce Arrays to pave a path from our home base to the battlefield in advance. That way, the Grand Army can save a lot of time travelling to the battlefield, and logistics and reinforcements can be moved to the frontlines at any time.

When the crowd heard this, they finally understood why so many Dao Temple disciples and Phoenixes proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce were gathered here.

Indeed, if they succeeded in forming such a path with s.p.a.ce Arrays, the communication between the frontlines and the rear would become much more efficient. However, this was a mammoth task that would require a lot of resources.

On the other hand, even if they didnt build such a pathway, they would still require a lot of resources every time they deployed their Armies, which the Humans couldnt afford with their current heritage.

Since this idea came from the Dao Lord though, he must have a reason for forming the Void Guard. If they succeeded, the benefits must outweigh the losses. In the future, the Humans could use this corridor and secure a large advantage, whether it was the battle at the No-Return Pa.s.s or the following crusade to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.

None of the Open Heaven Realm Masters here were fools, so they understood that point and were secretly excited.

Zhao Lun cupped his fist and said, Senior Brother, since were going to be the Void Guard, please give us our instructions on what we should do.

The crowd nodded in agreement.

Li Wu Yi smiled and nodded, The formation of the Void Guard has been submitted to and approved by the Supreme Headquarters, and your names have been recorded while you were en route. So, all of you are considered members of the Void Guard already. Then, he turned to look at the Phoenixes, That includes our friends from the Phoenix Clan as well.

The Phoenixes, led by Huang Si Niang, all nodded.

Afterwards, Li Wu Yi became serious again and quickly said, The Void Guards first mission is to look for structures to house the new s.p.a.ce Arrays. Fortunately, we already have such structures and wont need to build them from scratch, all you need to do is look for them.

Senior Brother, you mean Zhao Lun had a vague guess, but he wasnt sure.

Li Wu Yi explained, The Universe Temples! Nearly every Great Territory has their own Universe Temple. When the Black Ink Clan occupied the 3,000 Worlds, a few of those Universe Temples were naturally destroyed, but most of them are still intact. So, your mission is to visit each Great Territory and move those scattered Universe Temples to the Star Boundary. We will repair those Universal Temples to use as the basis for the new s.p.a.ce Arrays.

Once he finished, everyone understood.

A Universe Temple was indeed a good choice as a base. It was initially something left over from the Early Ancient Era and could allow one to cross a Great Territory rapidly. Cultivators had previously used the Universe Temples to move to the centre of Great Territories from their outer edge, halving travel time at least. But since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds, some of the Universe Temples were destroyed, and those that werent would have had their Arrays destroyed, rendering them unusable.

Letting the Void Guard search for those Universe Temples was the best choice because they were proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce, so they could move more quickly and thus save a great amount of time.

At that moment, Miao Fei Peng, who had been standing to the side without saying anything, came forward and took out a list of names before calling out the names, Hua Tong.

An Eighth-Order Master seated below responded by coming forward and cupping his fists, Here!

Miao Fei Ping took out a Universe Chart from his Small Universe and threw it at Hua Tong, Follow the trail marked on the Universe Chart to the Great Territory and search for the Universe Temple there. Be quick!

After receiving the Universe Chart, Hua Tong briefly checked and said, Yes!

Then, he swept away and soon disappeared into the distance.

Miao Fei Peng continued, Zhao Lun!

Here! Zhao Lun responded and came forward.

One after another, names were called out. The Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters moved alone while the Sixth-Order Masters acted in groups. Following the distribution of the Universe Charts prepared in advance, the disciples in the Grand Hall gradually left.

In the end, the dozens of Phoenixes also received their tasks and departed.

Soon, only Li Wu Yi and Miao Fei Ping were left in the Grand Hall.

Once the last Phoenixes left, Li Wu Yi said, Junior Brother Miao, Ill leave the rest to you. Im leaving as well.

He needed to search the Great Territories, too, quite a few of them.

Miao Fei Peng nodded, saying, Senior Brother may rest a.s.sured.

What followed was easy because he only needed to wait for his Junior Brothers and the Phoenix Clansmen to retrieve the Universe Temples. As for being a Void Guard, he was only included because he was the Dao Temples Eldest Senior Brother.

By the way, do you know where the Dao Lord is currently? Miao Fei Peng couldnt help but ask.

He thought Yang Kai would be at High Heaven Palace, but after asking Head Manager Hua, he discovered that Yang Kai never returned.

Li Wu Yi frowned slightly before whispering, I heard he and the other Ninth-Order Masters have gone to the Barren Territory, but I dont know if thats true.

The whereabouts of the Ninth-Order Masters were still confidential, and Li Wu Yi only casually asked Mi Jing Lun about it when he received orders from the Supreme Headquarters to form the Void Guard.

After hearing that, Miao Fei Ping was shocked, The Barren Territory, but thats

Since it was a group of Ninth-Order Masters going there, their intentions were easy to guess. At that moment, Miao Fei Peng couldnt help recalling many things and revealed a worried expression.

Chuckling, Li Wu Yi patted Miao Fei Pings shoulders, You dont have to worry about what the Ninth-Order Masters are doing. We just have to accomplish our own tasks. Ill be off now.

While saying so, he manipulated s.p.a.ce Principles and took one step forward. Then, his figure faded.

On the other hand, Miso Fei Ping stood in place and thought about something for a while before sighing.

As Li Wu Yi said, taking back the 3,000 Worlds didnt mean the war had ended. This was only a new start, with the Humans having only taken back what they had lost to the Black Ink Clan. They still had a long way to go regarding ending the Black Ink Clan invasion!

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