Magi Craft Meister - Chapter 95 - Jin’s lecture

Chapter 95 - Jin’s lecture

Chapter 95 – Jin’s lecture

The next day, after about an hour after finishing breakfast, Jin was called to the room of Marquis de Firentsiano. Reinhardt, Elsa, and Reiko are with me.

“It’s been a long time”

Was the first thing the Marquis said when Jin sat on the sofa.

“Of course”

When reporting about the golem problems after the competition, he had his attention elsewhere and did not notice, but when he saw the marquis once again, with her blonde hair gathered up and the blue eyes that faintly lifted slightly which gave her an intellectual look.

Combined with glasses, if she wore a suit, a female teacher or a secretary style also seems to suit her, but the reality is the marquis is wearing white leather pants, white blouse, blue vest and a light purple top coat.

Jin thought that he couldn’t see her as a woman in her mid-40’s.

That marquis continued,

“I think that Jin who was active in the Golem boat competition would surely be called out to the Imperial City of Shoul, so what exactly are our people out there watching?”(EDFalin: Did we mention an imperial city before? I couldn’t find it, so if anyone remembers, please comment below)

To want an excellent free magic craftsman is what any country would want. The Marquis regretted it with a half-jokingly smile.

She then ordered the servant to pour Kuuhe into a cup,

“Well, relax please, today I would like to hear about the golem story and about the bandits who you caught”

Firstly, from the mouth of the Marquis, an explanation was made about the captive bandits. It seems that it was a bandit originally in Isudo province of the East, but recently they have flowed to here.

Since the leader was a moderate magician, he used Magic to manipulate almost all of his underpinnings by using “hypnotism “and “guiding under consciousness”.

The terrible point of “guiding under consciousness” magic seems to be thinking that he himself is acting on his own will.

“Anyhow, he’s the kind of guy makes his subordinates disposable.”

The Marquis said to spit it out.

“It is not clear, but the leader seems to have been a lower aristocrat of the Kingdom of Celuria, talking about having killed the pursuer with a golem when escaping”

She says that she will know more about him after future interrogations,

“Besides that, it’s that golem, but when I first looked at the control nucleus, I found out something even more outrageous”

“What’s that?”

“Yes, that golem was named” prototype 11 type “”

It is only Elsa that didn’t understand its meaning and looked puzzled. Jin and Reinhardt understood the meaning immediately.

“What do you mean?”

Jin answered the question from Elsa.

“It means that, there are at least 10 more golems like it, and perhaps even more have been made.”

Reinhardt continued,

“To say” prototype “means that there is a purpose for making such a golem, and its purpose seems to have been found.”

‘Yes, definitely the purpose is war, right?’

The Marquis said so and connected the dots.

“Is there someone preparing a battle golem somewhere?”

Asked Elsa.

“Yes, according to the information, it seems that it was the same type of golem that helped Valentino to try and escape from Port Rock”

“Is Valentino also somehow connected to them?”

When Reinhardt asks so, Marquis de Firentsiano answered with

“Yes, but even if I investigated the residence that was left, nothing other than evidence of corruption came out, and it seemed that the 3 wives and 2 mistresses didn’t know anything ”

Marquis explains the results of the investigation at Port Rock.

“He was wearing a mask of a bad guy … …”

Jin said,

“No, it seems to be the whole region that’s terrible”

And the marquis concluded.


Marquis who changes the subject.

“This problem is a matter of our country, so Reinhardt, Elsa, and Jin do not need to be involved anymore.”

It came from a modest quarrel between the Marquis de Firentsiano and the heads of Elias, because they didn’t like how the whole thing turned out.

At that time, if you asked Jin and Reinhardt to cooperate, the confusion waiting ahead might have been avoided.

However, people aren’t gods.

After all, at this point, the golem body which Jin had yet to Study had not arrived in the capital, so he still didn’t know how it was knocked down.

As of yesterday, only control nucleus weapons and the bandits were sent to the capital. The golem was much heavier so it was postponed by the judgment of the site.

Jin was very curious about how they knocked it down and stopped the golem.

After that, centering on Port Rock, I was asked about the impression of the town and the points I liked about it, so Jin who talked about the town noticed one thing.

“Well, since Port Rock is a port city, because the sea is near, the water is bad, isn’t it?”

He said that not being able to wash the sticky body with salty wind would be a drawback on tourism. The Marquis heard of it,

“Oh, that’s right, because only some high-end accommodations can take a bath.”

Then, look at Jin, with a mischievous smile,

“But since you talked about that, do you have any ideas for it, Jin?”

Jin said so, bitterly.

“You are quite sharp. Yes, I have some idea about it.”

“Well, is that so, I would like you to tell me”

“Of course, it is” distillation “”


“What is that?”

Marquis and Reinhardt, the two people asked Jin. While leaning back from Reinhardt.

Jin answers that it is a magic for purifying water.

“But Jin, that well water, no matter how much you filter it out with salt cloth, you cannot get out the saltiness, although it looks clear and good.”

When he heard of it, he told them that salt dissolved in water would not be filtered out with cloth.

“What do you mean by that?”

Reinhardt asked dubiously. In contrast,

“Well, do you know what will happen if you take the sea water in a dish and leave it alone?”

Jin asked back. Reinhardt replied that immediately, salt water remained on the dish.

“Well then, where did the water go?”

To Jin who asked the question,

“Well? Ummm, it went dry, and did it disappear?”

Thought Reinhart.

“Half the correct answer is half a mistake, that being dry is not going to disappear, it becomes something like invisible grain, water scattered in the air”


It seems that Reinhardt do not understand well,

“Well, with water, when it is cooled, it is ice, which is called a solid. When it melts, it is a liquid. If it is heated and boiled, it becomes steam, which is called a gas.”

It is true steam is not strictly a gas, but I explained in order to make it easy to understand.

“Oh, I see …”

Then, Jin keeps explaining.

“There are states of this solid, liquid, gas in everything, but it depends on things, how to chill and how to heat it is different”

Jin who cuts down on words there. Reinhardt chews what he heard while groaning, arms and hoops.

Marquis and Elsa seemed to have not understood half, but they seem to understand only that he said were revolutionary things.

“So, salt has to be heated to a much higher temperature than water, or it will not be a gas.”

It’s as he says so, Reinhardt is indeed quite quick,

“Is that so? Will salt remain after the water gets exhausted?”

Jin answered,

“So, what happens when we gather water that has become a gas?”

Reinhardt thought for a little bit,

“Is it not going to be mixed water?”

I told my correct answer.

“Correct answer: If you use the principle, you can make fresh water from seawater”

“If that’s true then, by boiling seawater you can make salt, as well by doing that, you can make clean water too!”

As expected, Reinhardt seems to have come up with a concept, and what magic guides to make.

There is also a method of separating impurities by engineering magic, but the required magical digits are different.

With the method suggested by Jin, they will be able to make magic tools popular in general.

The Marquis de Firentsiano, who had seen such a situation,

“Mr. Jin, Reinhardt, I would like to become the lord of the state so please make a magic guide that can make that” Distillation” please”

He lowered her head.

It is hard to say no when the Marquis lowers her head. Jin and Reinhardt decided to make a magic tool at the meeting.

“Jin, in my opinion, put the pot on a fire and place the seawater in it. Then if you cover the pot with a lid and open a small hole in the lid, you will come out with gassed water will it not? ”

Reinhardt shows a sharp point. Jin answered positively,

“Put a tube in the hole and lead it to another pot, the gaseous water will cool down in the pipe and return to the liquid water”

“I see. Jin, is that your teacher’s method?”

That’s what he asked,

“Well, well, it was a solitary island where I lived, so I needed such a tool.”

It was a misunderstanding.