Magi Craft Meister - Chapter 511: Medical Care and Nursing

Chapter 511: Medical Care and Nursing

Chapter 511: Medical Care and Nursing

Netros was in an even worse condition.

Not only he had bruises and wounds all over his body, but both of his legs had been broken, and every single one of his nails on both hands and feet had been torn off.

After being brought to Nidou Castle, Nurses Alpha and Beta had given them first-aid treatment, so their lives weren’t at risk. Still…

“…This is too much.”

Of course, Elsa was also upset after seeing their condition.

“I can’t just judge an entire race for the actions of an individual. I see that clearly now.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Just as Elsa said. Anyway, we have to heal them now.”


Just as Elsa was preparing herself to use healing magic…

“Wait, Elsa. You should use this instead.”

Jin gave her a magic tool that Reiko had fetched for them.

“Ah, this is…”

It was a magic tool that had been very helpful during the time of the “Magical Exhaustion Fever”. It was something Jin had borrowed from Lithia and the others.

Elsa’s “Völlig Genesung” consumes a lot of magical power, so Jin was trying to reduce that burden with the help of that magic tool.

In this case, she wouldn’t be using the tool to do the healing for her. Instead, she would be using the magic tool in tandem with her own magical power in order to heal Istalis and Netros more efficiently.

“‘Völlig Genesung’.”

First of all, Istalis. As a faint light wrapped her, the color lost to her skin due to internal bleeding was restored, and the cuts on her body were closed.

This was the result of the combination of the power of Elsa’s mental image and the magic tool’s ability.


Shion’s eyes were wide open in amazement.

In a matter of seconds, Istalis’ skin had returned to a beautiful white color, completely devoid of wounds.

Her breathing, which had seemed to have been painful, had settled considerably as well.

“Now here.”

After repositioning the broken bones, Elsa used “Völlig Genesung”. She was already using it like a veteran healer.

The external wounds on Netros’ body seemed to have healed as well.

“The poison is going to be the hard part.”

“Yeah, that’s right. …Reiko, please?”

“Yes, Father. ‘Analyze’.”

Reiko analyzed the toxins in Istalis’ body. She was better at this kind of work.

She then did the same on Netros.

“…I see. It appears that they used sulfur dioxide on them.”

Sulfur dioxide is a type of volcanic gas that is also produced when sulfur is burned. Saki had been made to inhale this same gas in the past.

It affects the lungs and causes respiratory failure. It seems that Istalis and Netros were able to somewhat mitigate its effects thanks to their sturdy demon bodies.

“That’s a terrible thing to use. They must have not cared whether they died or not.”

There were no such things as chloroform and dimethyl ether for use as anesthetic gases in this world, since chemistry wasn’t as developed as in modern Earth.

Sulfur dioxide, also known as sulfurous acid gas, is a poisonous gas generated by burning sulfur, so its uses may have been well known in the Frantz Kingdom.

“And there are traces of what seem to be mushrooms inside their stomachs.”

The first thing that came to mind to Jin was toadstools. Some of them had toxins that can make people unconscious, and even in this world, they were used as anesthetics.

“Got it. Thanks, Reiko. ‘Entgiftung’.”

Previously, Elsa removed the arsenic affecting Marquis Gehren Theoderic using “Extraction”, but this time she chose to use “Entgiftung” instead.

It was a spell for breaking down poison within one’s body of the highest level.

This was based on the “Detox” spell developed by Sally, and incorporating the Engineering Magic spells “Extraction” and “Decomposition”. Thanks to this, Elsa had managed to assemble all three spells into the most powerful detoxification spell so far. She had really come a long way.


After clearing away the poison left in their bodies, Elsa used her most powerful spell for treating internal damage. With that, the treatment on the two of them seemed to be over for the time being.

It would take a few more days for them to recover their lost physical strength and the torn-off nails to regrow, but the organ failures induced by their poisoning had been completely taken care of.

“Sister… Netros…”

Shion stared at them with anxious eyes as they were still far from regaining consciousness.

Jin then decided to leave their nursing to Shion and Lucas, and left a jar with Hourai Island’s special Pelshika juice by their bedside.

“Give them a little bit of this to help them replenish their Mana.”

Jin ordered Land 1 to be even more vigilant than before.

“I feel like we don’t have to be too worried about Shion, but the others are a different story.”

After being tortured so much, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if Istalis and Netros ended up hating all humans.

“Hey Elsa… Sometimes I wonder if all this we’re doing can actually help solve the dispute between demons and humans.”

Jin found himself complaining idly at Elsa, who was standing by his side.

“…Yeah, but it’s still very sad.”

Elsa had a general idea of the history of the world Jin used to live in. Even in that world, tensions between nations haven’t disappeared yet, and local conflicts have never stopped.

“Though I don’t want to think that it’s because that’s how we humans are.”

Elsa seemed to have the same opinion as Jin.

“I think I’m beginning to understand why my predecessor decided to exile herself to Hourai Island.”

How much fun would it be to just spend his days on that island with like-minded friends, and creating stuff to his heart’s content?

But Jin had already made many connections in this world.

“There’s no way to prevent Kaina Village from being attacked…”

Jin and Elsa quickly went to Hourai Island. Reiko and Edgar followed after them.

* * *

“A weapon that makes it so someone can’t use magic? How would that be different from a Magi Jammer?”

“A Magi Jammer prevents someone from casting spells, but what I’m thinking about is something that can drain Mana from its target.”

Jin explained the concept he had been thinking about for some time.

“I think that a weapon like that would be amazing. But how can we make it?

Elsa seemed to be unable to imagine how to create such a weapon.

“Ah, well, for instance…”

The wind caused by Wind Magic is a localized phenomenon. This was possible because of their spells’ innate ability to manipulate air molecules.

The same applied to Water Magic. Their spells only were possible because of their ability to work on water molecules.

Fire Magic was no different. The phenomenon of fire is essentially air being burned, and Mana could be used to generate the heat needed to accomplish that. But there is a “force” that could allow one to manipulate fire on another level, like throwing it like a ball or giving it the shape of a spear.

Lastly, the same could be said about the power to dig holes and crush rocks with Earth Magic.

“What do you think this ‘force’ is?”

Jin asked both Elsa and Reiko. He had a mischievous smile on his face.

“…I don’t know.”

“…I give up.”

Both of them quickly raised a white flag, since they had no way to know the answer to that question, no matter how hard they thought about it.

“I believe this force could be psychokinesis.”

An invisible force, able to be directed and resized at the caster’s will. In other words, the ability to manipulate things with one’s mind.

“I’m sure magic as we know it wouldn’t be possible without this.”

“That makes sense.”

Elsa thought that this was true even with Healing Magic, it may be said that this “psychokinesis” is what makes the spell to the area she wanted to treat.

“In my world, the concept of psychokinesis is deemed questionable at best, so it’s often referred to as ‘force of will’ instead.”

The “power of the mind” would be the same as one’s willpower.

“…Hmm, I see.”

“So, going back to the topic, I’ve been thinking that maybe the medium that conveys this ‘force of will’ is actually Ether.”

“I see. That’s incredible, Brother Jin.”

“Wonderful, Father!”

Edgar remained silent. Unfortunately, it was possible that his Control Core wasn’t able to catch up.

“I wish I could understand the basis behind this ‘force of will’ that is generated from the caster and transformed into magic, but even if I can’t do that, I’d like to at least be able to understand the phenomenon itself.”

This is where Jin presented his theory.

“The caster has their own Mana in their body. And this Mana can be changed at their will.”

Just as one’s vocal cords trembled in order to make a voice, so that this voice would travel through the air as sound waves.

Magic would also be a force that was elaborated within one’s body that would then travel through the air to carry its effect to its target.

“I think that the medium for carrying a spell’s effect is also Ether.”

“Hmm, that sounds possible. That’s so smart of you, Jin.”

Turning to the voice, Jin was met by Toa Eschenbach. Stearleana was right beside him.

“I think so too.”

“You have to let me know whenever you’re going to talk about these interesting things, Jin.”

After being scolded by Toa and Stearleana, Jin scratched his head and started again from the top.