Magi Craft Meister - Chapter 40 - A DEVICE FOR COMMONERS



After lunch, Jin and Beana went to open the stall.

As usual, a simple table placed at the edge of the stall area with magic tools displayed there. That’s how it was supposed to be.

「Wha-What’s with this crowd…」

It was already overflowing with people.

「Ah! It’s come!」

「Oh, quickly sell the 『Popcorn』 please! My children are waiting」

「Two popcorns, make it quick please!」

「3 popcorns here!」

It seemed like most customers came to buy the popcorn.

「Okay okay, please wait a moment」

Saying that Beana put corn into the popcorn-producing device, adding in oil and salt and activating it. About 3 minutes later the corn began to pop.

「It’s always so interesting to see」

「Ohh, smells good」

The finished popcorn is sold packed up in foliage of Breadfruit. Since the leaves of Breadfruit are supple and don’t tear easily, it is a leaf that is widely used for packaging.

「Here, thank you for your patronage, that will be 5 copper coins」

1 packet is 5 torr (about 50 yen), it was set well. To begin with, half of it was for publicity.

「Ooh, I’ve been waiting for this. This is it, this taste!It pulls you back for more」

Some people opened their package on the spot and started eating. Jin was taken aback seeing that popularity, but quickly noticed the thing they had prepared for the goods displayed on top of the table that were prepared.

There was a tag with the name and price of the good. Looking around the stall there were many price tags left to see, however there was close to no description of the goods. And so he had made preparations for this.

「Hey, what is the 『Lighter』 thing?」

Sure enough, the customers lined up to buy the popcorn had bit.

「Yes, this is a magic tool to ignite a fire. This is a sample」

Saying that Jin showed how to use the sample lighter. In his hand was a rectangular case, and pressing the round button attached to centre, a small fire lit up.

「By doing this, you can use it to light a fire」

Having given the demonstration,

「Heeeh, sounds good. Could I have try?」

A housewife perhaps, about 30 women aid that so Jin handed over the lighter.

「Do this… wah, fire came out. So this is connected to wood for lighting. It’s convenient that the pilot flame goes out. This is… 50 torr? Un, I want it. Please give me one」

「Okay, thank you for your patronage」

One was immediately sold. Jin received the sample, handing over the good and receiving the money.

「F-un, it looks useful. I’ll take one too please」

「Thank you for your patronage」

The customers who were waiting to buy popcorn saw the usefulness of the lighter and people came out to buy it.

「Un, I want it but I don’t have any money on me right now, hey, are you coming to sell this tomorrow too?」

「Yes, I’ll come」

「Then perhaps I’ll buy it tomorrow」

Like that, before the evening, the corn that was prepared was all used up and the lighter had also sold out.

「Shall we go home?」


Beana had a worn out face. Not accustomed to it, Jin who was also tired decided to return.

「However, it sure sold well」

「Aah, I was also surprised. More than 200 people came to buy」

「Seems like it. The turnover was remarkable」

The pouch hanging on Beana’s waist was full of copper coins. As for Jin, he had a mix of silver and copper coins.

「Can’t we go exchange the money?」

Jin as