Magi Craft Meister - Chapter 145 - Jealousy

Chapter 145 - Jealousy

Chapter 145 – Jealousy

On the next day, Egelia Kingdom’s royal castle had finally calmed down and recovered.

In the morning, Egelia’s nobles who were inside the castle assembled, and according to Earl Kuzuma they were explained to about the present condition and the plans for the future.

And then before noon.

This time, all the invitees including the Magi Craftsmen like Jin and the others assembled.

To begin with they announced that this time’s riot was orchestrated by the [Unifilers], that the Celuroa Kingdom’s special envoy Dominique was the direct culprit, that using Elradrite she launched a large-scale attack, that countermeasures already exist and preparations to spread the technology to other nations hereafter are already underway, and other such things.

And finally was the conclusion of the golem party.

“We were delayed by this unexpected incident, but We would like to offer Our thanks to you ladies and gentlemen who gathered here for the sake of Prince Ernest, and announce Our evaluation of the golems you brought.”

All of the people present bowed their heads deeply as the King spoke.

Then, the Minister of Domestic Affairs William took over the rest and was made to announce the results.

“First place, His Highness Ernest’s favorite golem, ‘Lotte’. Second place, regrettably destroyed but nonetheless one that was beautifully molded and a pleasure to look at, the crystal golem ‘Ceres’.”

Everyone could understand the ranking.

And then in the third place was Schwarz Ritter. There was no fourth place or lower. This time there was surely no other option.

“To the one who presented ‘Lotte’, the assistant feudal lord of Blue Land, administrator of the eastern section, Earl Kuzuma we bestow additional territory, and a reward to the manufacturer, Magi Craftsman Jin.”

Jin would also get a reward. This must’ve been that other reward apart from Reiko’s case.

“We would also like to express our gratitude to the Magi Craftsman who manufactured ‘Ceres’, Stearina-dono.”

It looked like Stearina also got something.

“Finally, we’d like to similarly thank the manufacturer of Schwarz Ritter, Shouro Empire’s diplomat Reinhardt-dono, and in addition present a gift.”

Right after Egelia Kingdom’s compliments were given, the rewards were announced.

However, today Elsa had been looking depressed since the morning. Reinhardt noticed it and,

“Elsa, are you feeling ill?”

He asked with a whisper. However, Elsa silently shook her head.

“If that’s the case, alright…”

The reward Jin got was the title of Egelia Kingdom’s ‘Honorary Magi Craftsman’ and a badge with an extremely tiny piece of Elradrite fitted into it.

Gifting Elradrite, which was a resource completely controlled by the country, was a gesture that Jin was treated similarly to a state guest. Just that meant that he was considered a dependable and trusted person.

“Jin, it’s going to be difficult after this…”

There was no mistaking that now every country would unanimously covet Jin. Only when Reinhardt whispered that, Elsa who heard him raised her downcast eyes.

* * *

“Aah, I’m tired.”

Lying down on his bed in the guest house, Jin complained. He wasn’t good with formalities.

Just then he heard a knock. Come in, Jin said, and Reiko opened the door. Jin got up and greeted the guest while sitting on his bed. To put it bluntly, with bad manners.

“Excuse me.”

The one who talked and entered the room was the Royal Secret Maid Laila. Yes, she was supposed to be monitoring Jin, but ever since that golem riot sometimes she went elsewhere.

And, this time she entered the room after expressly knocking.

“U-umm, it was just for a short while, but I apologize for causing you trouble!”

That was the first thing Laila said.

“Eh? A short while?”

“Y-yes! After today’s events, I have been released of my duties of monitoring Jin-sama!”

Apparently it would be discorteous to monitor someone who has received the title of ‘Honorary Magi Craftsman’.

Even Jin could guess that. Then,

“Oh, is that so. Thank you very much for your work until now.”

Jin gave his thanks.

“Yes, I think I’ve been lacking in many areas, so please forgive me.”

Jin said that while he didn’t know if she managed to monitor him properly or not, but as a maid he’d give her around 75 points out of a hundred.

“T-thank you very much!”

Laila blushed with deep emotion and said. She then once mored made a deep bow and,

“Well then, I’m reluctant to part but I’ll be going now, please excuse me.”

She said and left. And forgot to close the door.

“…Make that 70 points.”

Jin mut