Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again - Chapter 2233 - 2233 Feng Yu Lets Sister Nian Watch the Show

Chapter 2233 - 2233 Feng Yu Lets Sister Nian Watch the Show

Chapter 2233 - 2233 Feng Yu Lets Sister Nian Watch the Show

2233 Feng Yu Lets Sister Nian Watch the Show

Qiao Nian received a call from Feng Yu when she was playing games in the afternoon. She retracted her legs and got up casually to answer the call. h.e.l.lo.

On the other side of the sofa, Qin Si urged her, Sister Qiao, where are you going? Hurry up. This round is about to start.

Ill take this call. You guys play first. Qiao Nian leaned against the sofa and twirled a lighter in her hand as she spoke lazily.

Seeing that she was busy, Qin Si relayed it to the other team members. Sister Qiao has something on. Ill take you guys on this round.

Zhang Yang was familiar with him and couldnt help but tease in the team voice chat, Young Master Qin, are you sure you can carry us? Miss Qiao isnt here. Just dont start with five! Without Miss Qiao to back you up, we can only lose.

F*ck, who f*cking started the game by fighting five! Im giving the other party a chance. Otherwise, it would be boring to play one-sidedly.

Yes, yes, yes. Zhang Yang smiled cheekily. Then dont give the other party a chance. We cant do it

Qin Si cursed again.

Qiao Nian raised her eyelids and glanced in his direction. Resting her elbows on the counter, she lazily asked the person on the other end of the call, Why are you looking for me?

Feng Yu also heard the commotion in the background and smiled. Ji Ziyin left the research inst.i.tute today. Do you want to come and take a look?

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows. Its confirmed?

Feng Yu couldnt help but laugh. Why? You dont believe me?

He continued warmly before Qiao Nian could speak, The First Research Inst.i.tute will definitely expel Ji Ziyin. This matter is not negotiable, and I cant change my words.

The Ji family has been in a high position for too long and has been blinded, Feng Yu said indifferently. The First Research Inst.i.tute doesnt belong to any faction in the independent continent. As the dean, I still have the right to decide to expel an internal member. Its useless no matter how many people they find to intercede I wont change my mind.

This time, the Ji family had found many connections to intercede for Ji Ziyin. These people directly or indirectly approached Feng Yu.

However, in the eyes of most people, Feng Yu had no children or desires in this life. There was no point of entry to get into his good books, so they could only leave it unsettled.

After a few days of stalemate, the final outcome still disappointed the Ji family.

Shes coming to the First Research Inst.i.tute to get something today. Are you free to come and take a look? Feng Yu called to ask if she wanted to come and watch the commotion.

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes, her cold chin looking a little cool. She was still playing with the metal lighter in her hand, looking quite arrogant.

Im not going. I dont have the habit of looking at people who are down on their luck.

Feng Yu couldnt help but laugh. You, you

He thought about it and changed the topic. If Ji Ziyin hears this, shell probably be angry with you again.

Qiao Nian threw the lighter on the table and turned her head. Her eyes were dark as she said indifferently, Her matters have nothing to do with me. I cant control her. She can think whatever she wants.

The Ji family wont give up on her. Feng Yu suddenly mentioned.

They can only support her before they find someone to replace her. The Ji family will think of a way to promote her and not let her decline like this even if she leaves the First Research Inst.i.tute.

The Ji family is determined to protect her this time.

Feng Yu said mockingly, I didnt expect them to be so determined to protect a useless person with an undeserved reputation. It seems like theres really no one in the Ji family in this generation who can be used.