Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again - Chapter 1889 - 1889 Sister Nian Handed In Her Papers Early

Chapter 1889 - 1889 Sister Nian Handed In Her Papers Early

Chapter 1889 - 1889 Sister Nian Handed In Her Papers Early

1889 Sister Nian Handed In Her Papers Early

Miss Ji. Someone from the research inst.i.tute saw Ji Ziyin and could not help but talk to her. Do you think that Qiao is writing nonsense? I think shes almost done with the B paper. Your Ji family representative has just completed the first page of the A paper At this rate, shell probably hand in the paper in advance.

Back when Ji Ziyin took the examination, she completed the test papers in the allotted time. This had already shocked many people in the research inst.i.tute.

Qiao Nian had not undergone systematic training, but she had created such a huge scene. Could it be that she really wanted to hand in her paper in advance?

It was very impressive to hand in the paper in advance.

The problem was that it would be embarra.s.sing if she scored only around 10 points!

The a.s.sessment questions of the research inst.i.tute were famously difficult.

It was not as if no one had scored a few marks or not more than ten marks in the past few years.

The Nan family was probably going to fail this time.

Ji Ziyins eyes only flickered for a moment. No one could see any emotions on her face. She smiled, seemingly not caring about Qiao Nians every move. Im not sure about this, either.

The others thought that she would gossip with them. Unexpectedly, she just brushed over the matter.

Ji Ziyin smiled again and continued casually, But from the looks of it, she might hand in her paper in advance! No one in the research inst.i.tute has handed in their paper in advance in the first round of exams. This time, she can be considered to have made history

She spoke casually as if praising Qiao Nian. However, if one listened carefully, one would be able to hear the mockery in her words.

The people from the research inst.i.tute in the monitoring room looked at the surveillance cameras one after another. No one spoke anymore.


No one from the research inst.i.tute had submitted their papers in advance.

If this person not only handed in her paper in advance but also scored the worst, it would be making history!

* *

Two hours later.

Qiao Nian handed in her paper in advance.

She walked out of the examination room and went out to look for Ye w.a.n.gchuan and the others.

Qin Si was still making a bet with Gu San over when Qiao Nian would come out. When he looked up, he saw that Qiao Nian had already finished her exams.

A little confused, he looked at Qiao Nian twice to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. Then, he asked in shock, Sister Qiao, are you done with your exams?

Gu San was also very surprised. He also looked at her and hesitated before asking, Miss Qiao, why are you out so quickly? The test paper

Im done. Qiao Nian lowered her eyes slightly, her expression handsome, as if she knew what he was going to ask.

With that, she opened the car door and placed her bag inside. Then, she unzipped it, found her cell phone, and took it out.

She leaned against the car with a relaxed expression and played with her phone.

Not to mention Qin Si and Gu San, even Bo Jingxing, who had always been calm and steady, could not help but look at her. He turned around and walked to his side, then lowered his voice and asked, Did Miss Qiao hand in her paper in advance?

Ye w.a.n.gchuan had opened the door and was taking out a bottle of water, preparing to hand it to the girl.

Hearing this, he raised his eyebrows and glanced at him. He closed the door and replied lazily, Yes.


Was it that simple?

Did Master w.a.n.g have anything else to say?

Bo Jingxing was slightly stunned. Then, he saw the man walk past him to the girl, unscrew the cap of the mineral water, lower his eyes, and speak to the girl gently.

It felt as if the two of them were not here to partic.i.p.ate in the recruitment a.s.sessment of the first research inst.i.tute but to accompany Qiao Nian to partic.i.p.ate in the final exam of Qing University. It was simple and relaxed.