Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again - Chapter 1668 - 1668 First Time in the Independent Continent

Chapter 1668 - 1668 First Time in the Independent Continent

Chapter 1668 - 1668 First Time in the Independent Continent

1668 First Time in the Independent Continent

All small overseas forces would be discussing the distribution of scientific research authority. There was no need for him to go.

If not for the Ji familys unusual banquet this year, there was a high chance that he would not have gone to the Independent Continent to join in the fun this time.

Other than the Ji familys banquet, help me reject the remaining banquets.

Tell them I dont have time. Im busy.

Jian Jin finally snapped out of her thoughts and nodded. Okay!

Lu Zhi picked up the phone again. His slender fingers rested on the phone. His fingers were fair and slender, as if he was thinking about something. Do you think I should bring some specialties back from the Independent Continent this time?


A question mark slowly appeared in Jian Jins mind.

At the same time, she wondered what specialties there were in the Independent Continent.

Independent Continents specialty? Erm Did gunpowder count?

She immediately realized why Lu Zhi was asking this. Jian Jins reaction was huge. She immediately waved her hand. Dont. I advise you not to buy special items!

Lu Zhi glanced at her lightly.

Jian Jins expression was indescribable. Qiao is studying. Its not convenient for her to accept it.

I was the one who brought your gift to Qiao last time. If you buy gunpowder, you wont be able to pa.s.s the customs.

Lu Zhis eyes deepened. He didnt say anything, but he seemed to agree with her words. Theres nothing special this year. Ill go a day earlier. Also, help me arrange a trip to the Pharmacy a.s.sociation.


Qiao Nian had hacked all the information about her on the Internet before she set off. Almost no one knew that she had gone to the Independent Continent.

Jian Jin naturally didnt know that Qiao Nian had gone to the Independent Continent alone with the research team from Qing University.

As for Lu Zhi

Every year, he would take some time to go to the Pharmacy a.s.sociation for Zhong Yiliu to take a look at his legs. It was not strange for him to go to the Pharmacy a.s.sociation before going to the Independent Continent.

Then, Jian Jin left.

Lu Zhi watched her leave before he focused on his phone again. He looked at the Like a few more times seriously.

He logged out of his WeChat and opened a browser to search for the Top 10 Love Words That Will Move Girls encyclopedia. Then, he started to choose again.

* * *

More than ten hours later.

Qiao Nian arrived at the Independent Continent.

Along the way, Master Cheng handled various procedures and they pa.s.sed through various checkpoints.

Qiao Nian followed behind them, keeping a low profile.

They arrived at their hotel as evening approached.

This time, Master Cheng, Nie Mi, and the others went to settle the procedures. Qiao Nian held her bag and stood calmly in a corner, waiting.

At the same time, she took a look at the hotel.

This was her first time coming to the Independent Continent.

The Independent Continent sent an invitation to the Red Alliance every year, but Qiao Nian had never come.

The main reason was that the trip would take at least a week. At that time, she was in high school and time was tight. She also had on weekends.

Usually, if there was no reason for her to skip cla.s.s for a week, the school would criticize her and make her do a reflection speech in the Monday morning reading.

Coupled with the Qiao familys matters, she did not want to cause trouble or be criticized by Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi, so she had never been to the Independent Continent.

This was her first time stepping onto the Independent Continents territory.

The hotel they were staying at tonight looked even more luxurious than the illegal zones.

Including the hotels doorman, the other staff were all well-trained people.