Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again - Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: Sister Nian: I Have a Friend

Jiang Xianrou was the belle of the Clinical Department of Qing University. Shen Hui was Jiang Xianrous senior brother and also studied under Liang Lu. Jiang Xianrou was good at interacting with others, and her relations.h.i.+p with Shen Hui had always been good.

At the thought of this, Tian Jing couldnt help but look in the direction of the girl in the corner, feeling even more dissatisfied.

If the person who came with them today was Jiang Xianrou, things would definitely be much easier.

She had wondered why she had brought a freshman over from the beginning.

However, the insisted that this freshman might be able to help.

Now that something had gone wrong, why didnt she see this freshman say anything?

Ill call Jiang Xianrou. Tian Jing was too busy to care about Qiao Nian. She only suppressed the anger.

She was unsure if Jiang Xianrou was willing to help.

However, they were unfamiliar with the illegal district. Other than Shen Hui, they couldnt find anyone else to hand the doc.u.ments to the Arbitration Commission.

Liang Conglin was the of Qing University, after all. He was usually in the same circle as Nie Mi and the others. He could also come into contact with top families like the Ye, Wei, and Wen families. How could he be an ordinary person? Hearing Tian Jings words, he knew that the matter of sending the information might be over.

That student probably did not want to help them.

He was anxious in his heart and was no longer as calm as usual. He picked up his phone anxiously and put it down. Picking it up again, he was already wondering if he should ask for help from Elder Ye and the others in the country.

After all, the only person in the country who might have the right to speak in the illegal zone was probably the young Master w.a.n.g of the Ye family.

Just as Liang Conglin and the others were in a fix, the girl in the corner slowly spoke.

Itll be fine as long as I can find someone to deliver it to the Arbitration Council, right?

Tian Jing and Liang Conglin planned to find their own connections to resolve the current predicament.

He suddenly heard Qiao Nian say this.

Before Liang Conglin could react, Tian Jing was the first to frown. Her tone was extremely unfriendly. Yes, you can find someone to send the information up, but can you find anyone? If you cant help, dont cause trouble here!

They were too busy!

Qiao Nian didnt even look at her. Her pure black and white eyes were on Liang Conglin as she picked up the phone she had just placed on the table. The expression on her eye-catching face was quite indifferent and a little arrogant. I have a friend who happens to be here. Ill call him down.

Liang Conglin:

She had a friend??

In the illegal district??

When he was at the Jin Chen Hotel??


Tian Jing was also stunned. She didnt expect Qiao Nian to ignore her and say simply, I have a friend.

She recalled how she had asked Liang Lu about Qiao Nian previously and frowned again.

She only felt that Qiao Nian was lying.

She had a good relations.h.i.+p with Liang Lu. When she asked her previously, Liang Lu had told her about this new student from the Chinese Medicine Faculty. Her results were not bad. When she entered Beijing from Rao City, she used some method to cling to the Ye family at a young age. Furthermore, with the Ye familys relations.h.i.+p, she had successfully made Master Nie and Mr. Huang look at her in a different light

In short, she had a bad impression of Qiao Nian.

This was an illegal area, and what kind of place was Jin Chen Hotel? Did she think that just because she could brag that she could find someone, she could find a random person?

They were going to hand the information to the Arbitration Council.

The Arbitration Council for this event was related to the Red Alliance.

Tian Jing stopped talking and stood there proudly. She did not contact Jiang Xianrou and Liang Lu anymore. She crossed her arms over her chest with a disdainful expression, waiting to see what kind of friend Qiao Nian would find!