Madam Is Being Evil Again - Chapter 698: Pardon Me for Being Blunt

Chapter 698: Pardon Me for Being Blunt

Chapter 698: Pardon Me for Being Blunt

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Ning Yus.h.i.+s eyes lit up. She looked at Jin Lan expectantly, but before she could say anything, Jin Lan suddenly changed the topic.

But, with all due respect, I dont like the way youre targeting your manager.

Ning Yus.h.i.+s eyes trembled. She had just said that she would not mention this matter, but now she was actually talking about this

After some thought, Ning Yus.h.i.+ looked at her manager and said, Sister Jin, forgive me for being blunt. No matter what happened before, I dont have the ability to do anything to you now.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ looked straight at Jin Lan. Also, even if I become stronger in the future, 1 wont do anything to you. Youre an excellent manager. 1 need you to make a living.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ was very straightforward. She did not dare to lie in front of her manager.

However, there were some things that she could not admit directly. She was afraid that this woman would record it. Sometimes, she had to be on guard.

Jin Lans expression was indifferent as she replied with one word.

This made Ning Yus.h.i.+ even more uncertain.

She looked straight at Jin Lan, but she did not dare to urge her at all. This time, she did not say anything. She had already said what she needed to say.

What do you plan to do next?

Jin Lan looked at Ning Yus.h.i.+. Ning Yus.h.i.+ was a little puzzled. She looked at Jin Lans expression. What should she do?

Hadnt she already dealt with it? Now that all the dirty water had been successfully splashed, what else did she need to deal with?

However, when she saw Jin Lan staring at her, Ning Yus.h.i.+ quickly thought of something and said, Ill listen to Sister Jins arrangements!

Jin Lan raised her eyebrows. Seeing how determined she was to listen, she thought for a moment and finally sighed.

Alright, Ning Yus.h.i.+.

Ning Yus.h.i.+s eyes lit up even more, She looked at the woman in front of her with antic.i.p.ation.

Jin Lan said very naturally, Ill make an exception this time and take you in. I hope you wont disappoint me.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ quickly nodded and said excitedly, Thank you, thank you, Sister Jin!

This time, she was really happy. If she had known that Jin Lan could tolerate her, why would she have asked Lu Meng to be her manager?

It was simply ruining her future!


Ning Yus.h.i.+ had no idea why Jin Lan had taken her in.

When she found out about this later, she hated that person even more! Jin Lan raised a hand. You dont have to thank me so early.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ was a little puzzled. Then, she heard Jin Lans exceptionally cold voice.

l dont like it when you frame others like this. If you dont like someone or something, you can compete with her and see whos better. You can use fair means to suppress her instead of thinking about how to harm others behind her back.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ was stunned. How could that be!

She wanted Ning Mengmeng to die quickly!

She wanted to kick Ning Mengmeng out of the entertainment industry!

Jin Lan was used to seeing all kinds of artistes and could see through Ning Yus.h.i.+s thoughts. Her eyes gradually turned cold and she said coldly, If you cant do it, then dont sign the contract.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ was a little anxious. Yes! I can!

Jin Lans ability in the industry was really good. Although she couldnt compete with Sen Cha, her ability was considered one of the best among managers.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ couldnt miss this golden manager!

She quickly added, Sister Jin, youve misunderstood. I just didnt react in time.. I promise Ill listen to you from now on!