Madam Is Being Evil Again - Chapter 644: Helping Each Other

Chapter 644: Helping Each Other

Chapter 644: Helping Each Other

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Awoo! And Sister Youran!

They were all trending!

In fact, for people with top-notch traffic like them, sometimes, a post could be trending.

Zang Senyan did post a video of the game to advertise for the advertisers, but he was very handsome when he played games! Many fans were mesmerized.

Meanwhile, Liang Youran posted her outdoor photos and shared them.

Ning Mengmeng was filled with unspeakable grat.i.tude.

She did not expect that these people would be so telepathic when she was just slandered.

Thats great! Theyre really amazing!

Sister Mengmeng, youre saved!

Ning Mengmeng smiled and looked directly at MO Qiyan beside her. Im really happy to have you guys. This comes from the bottom of my heart.

MO Qiyan smiled. Help each other out.

Anyway, their relations.h.i.+p was very good.


Because the three top celebrities had all posted updates, directly pus.h.i.+ng Ning

Mengmengs trending searches down, those who bought the trending

searches were really going crazy!

They were really going crazy from anger!

On the other hand, Ning Mengmeng was exceptionally relaxed and casual. This was just right!

As for Ning Yus.h.i.+, she gritted her teeth and called her manager.

The other party quickly picked up.

Xiao Yu? Whats wrong?

Sister Lu.

Ning Yus.h.i.+ only said these two words before she stopped. Her voice was still a little deep.

Lu Meng was a little confused. Whats wrong, Xiao Yu?

Have you seen the trending searches?

l saw it. Whats wrong?

The other party replied very quickly, but Ning Yus.h.i.+s expression was a little ugly. Thats why 1 dont want to use your method anymore. Its too light.

She was worried that the other party would not feel any pain or itch and would be exposed again like today.

This was not the result that Ning Yus.h.i.+ wanted to see.

Lu Meng was a little surprised. Then What do you plan to do?

I have a video that Ill send to you later. Help me get it out with my alternate account.



The other party paused for a moment, then said softly, Alright, send it to me.

Ill get it out later.


Then, the two of them hung up.

However, Lu Meng felt a little frustrated.

In reality, she did not want to help Ning Yus.h.i.+ do these things at all. This would only harm others and not benefit herself. Moreover, there was no absolute conflict between the two of them in the entertainment industry. There was no need to pay attention to others.

However, Ning Yus.h.i.+ insisted on dealing with Ning Mengmeng. She had tried to persuade her before, but Ning Yus.h.i.+s power was too strong for her to control. She even needed Ning Yus.h.i.+ to earn more money for her. In the end, she could only obey. She had to sneak away from this woman and think of a way to frame Ning Mengmeng.

Soon, Lu Meng received a video from Ning Yus.h.i.+.

However, when she saw the content of the video, Lu Mengs eyes were filled with surprise and a complicated look.

Once this video was released, it would definitely cause a sensation on the internet. It would also have a huge impact on Ning Mengmeng. If the other party did not have a solution, Ning Mengmeng would be completely dead.

Even if her movies and TV series were broadcast later, she probably wouldnt be able to turn things around.

What Lu Meng did not know was that Ning Yus.h.i.+ did not give her this video because she wanted to play with Ning Mengmeng and make her break down bit by bit. However, if she did not control the situation now, she might really become famous. This was not what Ning Yus.h.i.+ wanted.


She would kill her in one hit!