Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657: Getting The Best Deal Is The Largest Support For Boss Pei!

Everyone exchanged confused looks. No one spoke.

After a long time, Nie Yunsheng heaved a long sigh. It looks like as long as Boss Pei is still alive, we will never be able to stand out.



The bosses present were all smart people. They understood their current situation without much explanation.

In their opinion, the desperate attack that Lu Xiaoping had planned this time could be said to be the closest attempt to success. Other companies would not be able to withstand this attack.

Whats more, even if he could survive, he would definitely suffer greatly. It was impossible for him to be unscathed.

However, Boss Pei seemed to be cheating. He predicted their movements in advance and successfully resolved them in a higher dimension.

Even the movie content that they had carefully prepared had benefited Tengda Corporation. It had helped Boss Pei increase his popularity and attention. All the preparations had added fuel to Tengda Corporations fire.

At this point, the anti-Tengda Alliance had already lost so badly that there was no need to continue existing.

There were only two options for these companies.

They could either continue to act against Tengda Alliance and maintain their current business model to fight Tengda to the death.

However, it was conceivable that these companies had worked together to attack Tengda Corporation. All the companies had worked together to help each other, but they were still defeated. Could they win alone? That was definitely impossible.

They could also gradually lean towards Tengda Corporation like other companies.

If he could not win, he could join. At the very least, he could drink some soup with Tengda.

However, no matter what, no matter which path they chose, it meant that the good days of lying down and earning money would never return. This was actually a huge failure that many companies had no choice but to face.

However, what could they do?

It was no wonder. Nie Yunsheng said that as long as Boss Pei was still alive, they would never be able to stand out.

In fact, this was the process of good money expelling bad money. In the end, all companies would be a.s.similated by Tengda Corporation. That was because people who did not play according to Boss Peis game rules would naturally be removed. They did not have the right to persevere at the table.

Many bosses stood up, shook their heads, and left.

The launch of the anti-Tengda alliance was grand but it disappeared silently in a few months.

A week later.

October 3rd, Thursday.

Qiao Liang was playing with a few netizens pa.s.sionately. He was killing everyone in the online PvP mode of The Future You Choose.

Be careful, that sniper high up on the opposite side should have already upgraded his smart volunteer eye. Hurry up and hit the money. Spend some money to upgrade your legs. Otherwise, the pressure on the front would be too great.

My mantis knife is finally done. Everyone, hold it off from the front. Ill think of a way to use optical camouflage to go behind and cut the back.

We have to focus our forces and take down high ground number three first. We have to master the high ground so that we can have the initiative on the battlefield.


Qiao Liang discussed tactics enthusiastically with the netizens in the voice chat.

Previously, when the game The Future You Choose had just been released, most players had focused on the games standalone gameplay and plot interpretation due to public opinion.

After Qiao Liang released the first half of the video, the movie The Future You Choose appeared again. Everyones attention was diverted.

It was only when the dust had settled that many players realized that the online PvP gameplay of The Future You Choose was very interesting!

In fact, it could be seen from the standalone mode of this game that it was very suitable to be changed to an online gameplay.

That was because the game The Future You Choose did not focus on the details of the city. The protagonists main plot was to partic.i.p.ate in battle after battle in each scene. These scenes were actually ready-made PvP mode maps.

Players acting as rebels against Tengda Corporation in the game would form a natural opposition.

In the combat mode, players could naturally fight on the map of these combat modes as long as they were allowed to act as both sides.

The games combat mechanism was also richer. Players could obtain different combat ability by modifying their own prosthetic limbs.

For example, modifying his legs could obtain more elasticity and better mobility. Modifying his prosthetic eye could obtain better vision. He could obtain better shooting accuracy with smart firearms. On the other hand, modifying his hard skin and mechanical armor could reduce the lethality of bullets against himself.

Apart from that, there were also optical camouflage, mantis knives, and so on. It allowed the cold weapon combat mode on the battlefield to integrate very well with the hot weapon combat mode, making the players battles more diverse.

There were three different basic PvP modes in the game.

The first model was similar to traditional shooting games. It mainly emphasized the fun of shooting. The effect of armor, optical camouflage, and close combat weapons would be weakened under this model. The main reason was to experience traditional shooting games like Ocean Stronghold.

Maps in this mode were usually small-scale maps. Players could enjoy the thrill of shooting in such maps.

The second model was an equalization model. Players could achieve a cycle restraint effect through different methods under this model. For example, upgrading heavy firepower, smart firearms could be used to cover key positions. They had to use sniping to counter it.

On the other hand, sniping was very easy to be equipped with. a.s.sa.s.sins with optical camouflage and close combat weapons would be a.s.sa.s.sinated.

Such a cycle restraint effect required players to choose their next step of artificial limb upgrading according to the characteristics of the map and the specific situation of the battle. The players had to distribute resources and emphasize the division of labor. Under the blessing of various artificial limbs, all soldiers were like superpowers. They had specific strengths and skills.

This model of PvP map was usually a mid-scale map with a richer map mechanism. It was mainly to win through interactive points points points points with the map mechanism. The fun was similar to MOBA games.

The third mode was PVE mode. It could also be seen as a multi-player internet connection that completed the original battle goal in the game.

Players could play the role of the attacking party or the defending party in this model. It was a little similar to the Endless Mode. It could continuously increase the difficulty and undergo higher-level challenges.

On top of that, the games charging mode was very interesting.

If players were not interested in the game plot, they could directly experience the online PvP mode. It was just like GOG. There was no threshold.

However, they could spend money to buy the skins and looks in the game in the future. The game itself was definitely fair, just like GOG.

The plot that had to be purchased was not just the game plot. It also included some skin characters and looks. It was equivalent to selling the games standalone plot content and some appearance value-added services.

Obviously, to Tengda Games, it encouraged standalone gamers and online gamers alike. Online gamers would experience the standalone plot of this game and encourage standalone gamers to fight other gamers online.

The standalone game mode and online game mode were very well integrated.

Whats more, this was only the preliminary plan for the future game. There would be more updates.

For example, new mechanical prosthetic limbs, new characters, new skin appearance, new game map, new PvP mode, and so on.

Obviously, Tengda Games wanted to use the game background of The Future You Choose to work hard to integrate the gameplay of high-tech gunfight to the extreme.

That way, Tengda Corporation would have three different shooting games.

One was Ocean Stronghold that was more traditional, and the other was Bullet Hole 2, which focused on collecting resources and the gameplay for the Great Escape. The current PvP mode given by Ocean Stronghold was actually not overlapping with these two games. Instead, it was more focused on the PvP mode where everyone had different upgrading routes and special skills to win through close cooperation.

That way, Tengda Games would be able to firmly stand on the entire racing track. Basically, it would eliminate any possibility of latecomers.

Qiao Liang had been playing the internet mode for the past few days and had a lot of fun.

As his videos influence kept expanding and he had more fans, the live-stream became more and more lively.

Qiao Liang replied the questions on the bullet screen as he played the game.

What? I said that I wanted to fight Tengda Corporation, but now Im playing Tengdas game. Im having a lot of fun.

This audience obviously did not watch my video properly. Youre fined to watch my video again. Dont interpret my meaning randomly.

Didnt I tell everyone how to fight Tengda Corporation?

One is to maintain supervision, the other is to quickly take advantage of any opportunities that Tengda gives.

Look, Dawn Games platform is sending new games. Why arent you collecting them?

Dont treat Tengda as one of your own. You have to partic.i.p.ate enthusiastically when you see Tengda throwing money. Think of ways to take advantage of Tengda. That would be the greatest help to Boss Pei.

What do you mean you dont believe me? When have I, Teacher Qiao, ever lied to you? If I say that I understand Boss Pei the most, I will definitely understand Boss Pei the most. Just do as I say. Its definitely not wrong. Boss Pei might even have to thank you.

Qiao Liang chatted with the bullet screen comments as he played games.

To him, the previous episode of Products of the G.o.ds was his proudest work in recent years.

The anti-Tengda alliance was finally completely declared a failure with the use of the aftershocks of the game and movie The Future You Choose. The heated public opinion from before gradually calmed down after the wave of academics.

Of course, choosing academics was a common knowledge. Perhaps in the future, it would be redone by people and read some new meaning.

However, at the moment, everyone had already achieved initial success.

People had truly realized the existence of the invisible will. They had also confirmed their vigilance and attack posture with Boss Pei.

Qiao Liang had also said in the video that this would be a drawn out battle.

Everyone had to keep this string in their hearts. However, they had to eat, drink, and continue living their lives with Tengdas products.

Getting the best deal was the greatest support for Boss Pei!