Long Live Summons - Chapter 68 – The Divine Grimoire

Chapter 68 – The Divine Grimoire

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Chapter 68 – The Divine Grimoire

Translated by: Sephillia

Edited by: Brian, editAS and Rango

TLCed by: s.h.i.+royukineko

Clasping the silver grimoire, the color of which had slightly dulled, a familiar, voiceless beckoning appeared in his heart again.

Rather than waiting to grab hold of a gold, platinum or diamond grimoire to contract in the future, he might as well contract with this silver grimoire right now. If he used it constantly in battles, it would probably rise in level to become gold or even platinum on its own.

Thinking along these lines, Yue Yang abandoned his burdened thoughts, stretched his hands, and rested them lightly on top of the silver grimoire.

When the message in his mind emerged, he made a precise and clear affirmation to contract… Between his fingers, streams of golden light appeared. Initially, it was gentle, but it slowly intensified. Finally, the entire silver grimoire was s.h.i.+ning with an extremely dazzling golden light, illuminating the surroundings. Even Ye Kong and the others who were unconscious had a layer of golden light on them.

A splendid pillar of light rose from the silver grimoire. When Yue Yang raised his head to look at it, he found that the light pillar was extremely tall. As it shot upwards, through the clouds, it became impossible to see the top of the light pillar.

While Yue Yang was still stunned, he suddenly discovered that a piece of special information had emerged within his mind.

Looking down, he saw that the Silver Intermediate-ranked grimoire was falling in level, descending first into a Silver Beginner-ranked grimoire. This was not the end, it kept dropping in level, to Bronze Advanced-ranked, then Bronze Intermediate-ranked, and finally turned back into a Bronze Beginner-ranked grimoire. Yue Yang began to sweat bullets as he saw this happen. So it seemed that regardless of what grade the summoning grimoire was, with a contract, it would turn into a Bronze Beginner-ranked grimoire… The things that belonged to the previous Grimoire owner would be deleted, and everything will go back to the beginning state. If he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have hesitated to contract it at all.

It was not too much of a pity for the silver grimoire to fall to this level. If he had obtained a diamond grimoire that dropped back to become a bronze grimoire, he would be crying until he ran out of tears.

But why was Xiao Wen Li’s grimoire already a Diamond-ranked one when she first used it?

As this thought arose in Yue Yang’s mind, he suddenly heard a chirp, a heavenly chirp, from the depths of his soul. It was so beautiful that his entire soul shook along with it.

The mysterious, dormant energy that he had felt in his body forever had finally become active again.

It seemed to want to break out from his body, suddenly giving Yue Yang the shock of his life.

Could it be the Heavenly Sword G.o.ddess?

Was she leaving?

His right hand that was lightly covering this summoning grimoire which had turned from Silver-ranked to Bronze-ranked, started feeling a wave of pain. His skin split open, and drops of fresh blood seeped out from his hands, causing the entire summoning grimoire to be dyed red with blood. At the same time, the spiritual qi within Yue Yang’s body frantically rushed out towards the summoning grimoire, at a more ferocious pace in comparison to Empress Fei Wen Li’s absorption. Within a short period of time, he had become weak due to losing too much blood and consuming too much spiritual qi. Originally, Yue Yang wanted to pull his hand away, but, at this point, he was unable to control his own hand. He could only stare helplessly as more fresh blood from his palm was absorbed into the summoning grimoire…

Suddenly, a burst of a seven-coloured light pillar, resembling a rainbow appeared.

It then turned into a beautiful halo of light, that seemed like a wheel, ring or moon, emanating everywhere from Yue Yang’s hands; his fingers, the back of his hands, his wrist and his arms. A wonderful fragrance that was hard to describe and a heavenly chirp that was hard to express in words appeared at the same time… Yue Yang seemed to see two dazzling, colourful Eastern phoenixes flying around his arms, before finally entering into that grimoire… Before he could take a closer look, a loud ‘bang’ resounded in his head and he lost consciousness, fainting onto the ground.

The Blood Moon Demon Palace.

In the Abyss Blood Prison Continent, Baruth, one of the Three Great Demon Lords was currently frowning as he researched the ‘G.o.d’s Runes’. But the complex, profoundly mysterious, special-type summoning runes almost caused the Great Demon Lord Baruth to have a brain haemorrhage. Even though he had spent three days’ and three nights’ worth of research, there were still been no progress on it at all.

At this point of time, one of the usually calm Demon Commanders barged into the palace, frantic and anxious. He had directly knocked over the palace guards, sending them flying away as he burst into Baruth’s living room.

“Du Lan, what’s the matter?” Great Demon Lord Baruth looked at his right-hand man with slight astonishment.

“Your Majesty Demon Lord, the sealing crystal pillars have shattered, we must immediately redo the seal now… I mean, we’ve almost exhausted the entire country’s power to catch that unknown holy beast in Tong Tian Tower’s seventh floor. It has awakened, and its power has shattered the sealing crystal pillars,” The Demon Commander named Du Lan hurriedly reported.

“Has it not been sleeping for the past three hundred years?” As Great Demon Lord Baruth heard this, his headache grew worse. That unknown holy beast’s power was extremely high, and n.o.body was able to contract with it. It was dangerous to keep it, yet it would be a pity if it was released. He really did not know what the best course of action to take was.

“Yes, it was sleeping quietly in the sealed barrier for 300 years. However, it suddenly reacted today and woke up from its deep sleep on its own. When it woke up, it immediately started to howl towards the southeast. It was as if something had awoken it from that direction, or perhaps it was calling for help from its companions. I did not understand what it was trying to do, and could only increase the power of the seal, forcing it to go back into a deep sleep… Although that unknown holy beast had gone back to sleep again, our sealing spell has reached its limits. Six out of the ten crystal pillars have already shattered.” Demon Commander Du Lan explained the situation, worried to death.

“The southeastern direction? Send some men to investigate and see what there is to our southeast.” But the Demon Commander Du Lan shook his head the moment Great Demon Lord Baruth spoke.

“There’s no need to investigate. Your Highness Demon Lord, aside from a dozen or so human warriors disturbing us at the portal by counterattacking, nothing else has happened. Those that were transferred over here from the s.p.a.ce in Tong Tian Tower were no-name human warriors. Aside from a human lady called Luo Hua who has some reputation, the others were all human kids. I don’t think that those people would have the power to awaken or contract with the holy beast. If they wanted to contract with Holy beasts or Mythical Beasts, they would first have to have a Divine Grimoire… Not only that, the distance between us and that place is far too great.” Although Demon Commander Du Lan could not figure out the reason why the holy beast awoke, he did not feel that the counterattack initiated by the humans was the reason why the holy beast had awakened.

“Then, why did it happen?” Great Demon Lord Baruth also felt puzzled by this, and habitually raised his eyebrows.

Battlefield of Death (Seph: Scene s.h.i.+fting to Yue Yang)

(s.h.i.+ro: The place where Yue Yang had been battling with the Demon General is called Battlefield of Death. Sorry we didn’t realise it’s a term, we thought it was just a descriptive phrase when it first come out)

When Yue Yang woke up, he found a grimoire s.h.i.+ning with a rainbow light floating silently in front of him. It was as brilliant as a diamond and as sparkling as a flawless crystal. It was so perfect that it would cause people to gasp in admiration.

“Divine Grimoire?” Yue Yang was astounded when he saw what was written on the cover.

From his knowledge, there were only Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond grimoires, a total of five kinds. He had never heard anything about a Divine Grimoire.

In truth, the highest level summoning grimoire that he had ever seen was Xiao Wen Li’s diamond grimoire.

And the grimoire that he had just contracted was originally a Silver-ranked Intermediate grimoire which dropped in level to become a Bronze-ranked Beginner grimoire. How had it suddenly become a Beginner Divine Grimoire? What the heck is a Divine Grimoire anyway? At this time, a scene suddenly flashed within Yue Yang’s mind. Before Empress Fei Wen Li fell asleep, she had once conjured a huge summoning grimoire. It was faintly similar to the Divine Grimoire that he possessed now, but that book had been a few times larger than this book.

Could it be that in the realm of the strongest, those Rankers that had reached the summit, used a Divine Grimoire rather than the normal Bronze, Silver etc Grimoires?

Yue Yang had an extremely shocked, disbelieving expression as he continued to observe his own Divine Grimoire… It was a full one metre long, and half a metre wide. The book was thick and probably had a few dozen of pages. Regardless of whether it was the cover or the details, they were all decorated with a beautiful yet mysterious runic designs.

These runic designs were complicated, profound, and mysterious; it was as if it was the workmans.h.i.+p of a G.o.d.

For a moment, it caused Yue Yang to be intoxicated…

He firmly pinched himself. He was not dreaming. All of a sudden, his pulse quickened to around 300 bpm, almost causing his blood vessels to burst.

With a flash of a rainbow light, Xiao Wen Li floated out of Yue Yang’s body. She summoned the diamond grimoire, and opening her beautiful eyes, she floated into the Divine Grimoire. Yue Yang was dumbfounded. Could this little girl be moving house on her own? Before this, she was not willing to stay within the bronze grimoire. So the reason was because she disliked the low level of the bronze grimoire. Now that he had a Divine Grimoire, this little girl immediately moved inside.

Yue Yang wanted to hurry up and open the Divine Grimoire and see whether he had obtained new inherent skills and a guardian beast.

But when he stretched his hand towards it, a piece of information popped up in his mind that made him sweat bullets.

Innate Rank and Spiritual Qi is not enough to open the Divine Grimoire… To his surprise, there was such a thing as being unable to open his own summoning grimoire. Yue Yang felt as if a cat had scratched his heart. He really wanted to see what the mysterious Divine Grimoire had inside, but it could not be opened.

A while later, he saw the little snake loli float out with a smile on her face. Her six little hands hugged Yue Yang’s thigh, intimately acting like a spoiled kid towards him.

She seemed to be really happy with this new home?

But, what was contained within the Divine Grimoire?

“My precious, could you tell me what’s inside? What’s my new gift and guardian beast?” Yue Yang hurriedly asked.