Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting With Wellness Technique - Chapter 770: Human Dao Heavenly Court! The Heavenly Emperor Is Actually Me? (2)

Chapter 770: Human Dao Heavenly Court! The Heavenly Emperor Is Actually Me? (2)

Chapter 770: Human Dao Heavenly Court! The Heavenly Emperor Is Actually Me? (2)

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[For some reason, the other races Emperors and the Nine Nether Heavenly Demon both fought Emperor Xuan Miao. An earth-shattering battle erupted between the two sides.]

[Ever since the other races Emperors and the Nine Nether Heavenly Demon descended to the world, you havent attacked again. After knowing that a huge battle had erupted in the Outer World, you wanted to take advantage of the white-hot battle to launch a sneak attack on Emperor Xuan Miao. However, Emperor Xuan Miao used the Reincarnation Disc and the Reincarnation Mirror and displayed his might. He actually killed the other races Emperors on the spot. The Nine Nether Heavenly Demon retreated in defeat.]

[After experiencing an intense battle, not only did Emperor Xuan Miaos strength not weaken, but his strength increased further. You realized that his realm had actually increased to the Fifth Tribulation Realm. The Fiendcelestial Heavenly Tribulation descended on the spot.]

[Emperor Xuan Miao transcended the heavenly tribulation and became a Fifth Tribulation Emperor.]

He broke through from the Fourth Tribulation Realm to the Fifth Tribulation Realm in more than a hundred years. Its too ridiculous!

What exactly is this Reincarnation Disc?

Han Zhao looked at the information in the simulation and his expression became extremely solemn.

At this speed, Emperor Xuan Miao would probably break through to the Sixth Tribulation before he became an Emperor in the simulation.

No! We cant wait any longer!

Han Zhao made up his mind and immediately attacked Emperor Xuan Miao through the immersive simulation.

[After experiencing a series of battles and resisting the Fiendcelestial Heavenly Tribulation, Emperor Xuan Miaos Dharma power was also greatly exhausted. Under your sudden attack, he was caught off guard and was injured by you.]

[However, after losing the Reincarnation Law, your Pseudo Spirit Domain was reduced to a s.p.a.cetime Pseudo Spirit Domain. Its no longer a Supreme Spirit Domain fused with the Three Supreme Laws, and its power has greatly decreased. After a stalemate, you fell into a disadvantage and are no match for Emperor Xuan Miao.]

[You were in danger under Emperor Xuan Miaos attack and suffered heavy injuries one after another. The two Tribulation Subst.i.tution Dolls were also consumed one after another.]

[In desperation, you sacrificed the Time Main Body to the Time Seal and finally successfully activated it.]

[The moment the Time Seal appeared, the originally domineering Reincarnation Disc was also suppressed by it. You finally had a chance to catch your breath. Under the power of the Time Seal, you broke through Emperor Xuan Miaos Reincarnation Spirit Domain and severely injured him. Just as you were about to use the remaining power of the Time Seal, Emperor Xuan Miao used the same trick again and his body was sucked into the Reincarnation Disc.]

[The next moment, Emperor Xuan Miao appeared from the Reincarnation Disc. His injuries had all recovered. Not only that, but his cultivation level had actually increased from the initial Fifth Tribulation to the peak of the Fifth Tribulation.]

[Emperor Xuan Miaos eyes were about to split open. You made him pay such a huge price. He wanted to imprison your soul and let you never reincarnate.]

What exactly is this Reincarnation Disc?! Han Zhaos eyes widened. What a strange ability!

[Seeing that you couldnt do anything, you activated the Time Seal to escape. However, you were struck by Emperor Xuan Miaos full-power attack. In order to avoid the fatal blow, you were forced to throw out the Time Seal.]

[The last power of the Time Seal has been activated. The spatial gate has opened. You have escaped the scene.]

[When you regained consciousness again, you appeared in a residential house in a small village.]

[So when you were unconscious, you were saved by the fishermen who were fis.h.i.+ng. The place you are at is called the Immortal Gazing Island, one of the ten islands under the Penglai Immortal Island. At this moment, your cultivation level is only at the First Level Spirit Refinement Realm.]

[After some indirect questioning, you were shocked to discover that this time, you returned to 30,000 years ago before you fought with Emperor Xuan Miao.]

Huh?! 30,000 years ago?!

Han Zhaos eyes widened.

Wait! Doesnt this mean that I have 30,000 years to prepare!

Although he had lost the Time Main Body and the Reincarnation Main Body and his strength had been greatly reduced, and he had even lost the precious treasure, the Time Seal, the s.p.a.ce Law was still there. He still had a First Level Spirit Refinement cultivation.

Moreover, with the existence of the s.p.a.cetime Immortal Body, it was only a matter of time before he recovered his cultivation.

After 30,000 years of development, when the timeline of the battle with Emperor Xuan Miao arrived, the outcome was still unknown.

[After learning about this, you began to focus on cultivation. Soon, you realized that the residents of Immortal Gazing Island had been deceived by the Star Pavilion. The so-called Immortal Seeking Dao on the Penglai Immortal Island was just a scam woven by the Star Pavilion for the Blood Sacrifice divine weapon. However, no one believed you.]

[Therefore, you self-proclaimed to be Perfected Demon Vanquis.h.i.+ng and left behind an inheritance on the Immortal Seeking Island. You asked the martial artists on the Immortal Seeking Island to spread it to ten, ten to a hundred. In just twenty years, there were hundreds of thousands of martial artists who obtained your inheritance. These martial artists spontaneously established the True Martial Sect on the Immortal Seeking Island and wors.h.i.+ped Perfected Demon Vanquis.h.i.+ng as their Ancestral Master and sincerely registered elder.]

[In an extremely short period of time, a million people gathered under the True Martial Sect.]

[However, this action attracted the attention of the Star Pavilion. They sent a Weapon Master to capture the upper echelons of the True Martial Sect. Although there is no lack of talented disciples in the True Martial Sect, they have only cultivated for a short period of time after all. The strongest person is only a Five Fiend Martial Saint. Facing a Weapon Master who has grasped Dharma power, the upper echelons of the True Martial Sect are not the Star Pavilions match at all.]

[At the critical moment, you appeared as Perfected Demon Vanquis.h.i.+ng.]

[You defeated the Star Pavilions Weapon Master and expressed that the True Martial Sect is unwilling to be enemies with the Star Pavilion.]

[A group of True Martial Sect disciples came to kowtow to you, the Ancestral Master. At this moment, you discovered an invisible force seeping out of everyones bodies and finally gathering in your body.]

[Three days later, the Star Pavilions Weapon Master returned. This time, he brought three Holy Lords.]