Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting With Wellness Technique - Chapter 682: Heavenly Emperor's Remnant Soul! Demon Vanquishing Levels Up! (2)

Chapter 682: Heavenly Emperor's Remnant Soul! Demon Vanquishing Levels Up! (2)

Chapter 682: Heavenly Emperors Remnant Soul! Demon Vanquis.h.i.+ng Levels Up! (2)

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Youre only at the Deva Realm. How can you

Thousand Autumn Weapon Lords voice stopped abruptly.

When the Weapon Masters and Martial G.o.ds regained their senses, they saw a scene that made their bodies turn cold.

The palm of the Great Light Buddha landed. The Thousand Autumn Weapon Lord, who was a hundred thousand feet tall, shrunk rapidly as if he was suppressed by Han Zhaos palm.

No one would have thought that it would end like this.

Even if it was only the avatar of the Weapon Lord, it was enough to match the Third Level Deva Realm. Even if Han Zhao could win, it should be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.

How is this possible? Everyone was stunned.

At this moment, Han Zhao waved his sleeve, and an invisible force descended from the sky. The Weapon Masters and Martial G.o.ds fell from the clouds like birds with broken wings.

l want to enter seclusion in this grotto-heaven, you guys can stay for a while. Han Zhao said calmly.

The strength of the Pseudo Time Spirit Domain exceeded his expectations.

Even if he only grasped the Time Rule Power now and did not even have 1% of the power of the simulated Pseudo Time Spirit Domain, he could still instantly kill the Weapon Lord avatar.

Therefore, Han Zhao changed his original thoughts.

The Heavenly Demon Yin energy provided by the avatar and the Origin divine weapon in my body can be simulated again. If my strength can improve further, it will be a change in attack and defense!

Han Zhao was originally prepared to strengthen himself through the simulation and find an opportunity to escape.

However, the terrifying power of the Pseudo Time Spirit Domain gave him a new idea.

Now, he was prepared to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kill the main body of the Thousand Autumn Weapon Lord.

If it were anywhere else, even if he broke through to the Grotto-Heaven Realm, it would not be easy to kill a Weapon Lord. After all, Heavenly Demons had many life-saving methods.

However, at this moment, the Thousand Autumn Weapon Lord was rejected by the Outer World and could not unleash his full strength. On the other hand, Han Zhao could unleash his full strength. Furthermore, with the Pseudo Time Spirit Domain, he was enough to fight above his level.

After all, other than the Thousand Autumn Weapon Lord, there was also the Thousand Spirits Weapon Lord.

Killing one first could reduce the pressure on him. Otherwise, the next time he came out to fight for ownerless grotto-heavens, he would be trapped in the grotto-heaven again, he did not want to suffer like this again.

Han Zhao flew into the sky. As he familiarized himself with the strengthened Rule Power in his body, he refined the Heavenly Demon Yin energy of the avatar of Weapon Lord Thousand Autumn.

Outside the grotto-heaven.

A one-eyed giant about ten feet tall stood in the void. The Heavenly Demon Yin energy and powerful Law Power emitted from its body caused s.p.a.ce to constantly distort and be destroyed.

Huh?! Whats going on? Why did my avatar suddenly disappear?!

Weapon Lord Thousand Autumn was bewildered. His avatar was instantly killed and his body and soul were destroyed. Even his memories were not sent back.

Looks like this human brat is much stronger than the last time we fought. I have to deal with him completely this time. I cant let him continue to grow.

Killing intent surged in Weapon Lord Thousand Autumns eyes. The reason why he was so concerned about Han Zhao was not only because of Heavenly Demon Grotto-heaven.

To a Heavenly Demon at his level, a mere grotto-heaven and a few subordinates of the Holy Lords were nothing. Even if Heavenly Demon Grotto-heaven was destroyed, it had nothing to do with him.

The key was that Han Zhaos advancement speed and terrifying strength that did not need to be acc.u.mulated at all must have a huge secret.

He had a feeling that if he wanted to advance to the Nine Nether Heavenly Demon, the opportunity was on Han Zhao.

If not for that, he and Thousand Spirits would have been able to defeat Han Zhao with their avatars.

l have to test this kids background again. Thousand Autumn Weapon Lords gaze changed.


A phantom left his body and pounced, pa.s.sing through the plane barrier and entering the grotto-heaven.

However, after a few seconds, Thousand Autumn Weapon Lord felt that he had lost contact with his avatar.

d.a.m.n it!

Thousand Autumn Weapon Lords expression was extremely gloomy. The first avatar had 30% of his strength, but it was easily dealt with by Han Zhao.

Although the avatar just now only had 10% of his strength, it was not a physical body. Its speed was extremely fast, and it was instantly killed.

Could it be that this kid has comprehended the Spatial Rule? Weapon Lord Thousand Autumn was shocked. Otherwise, even if the Wind Rule was perfected, he would not be able to catch up to this invisible and formless Heavenly Demon avatar.

I dont believe you can stay inside for the rest of your life!

Thousand Autumn Weapon Lord made up his mind and immediately sent out another avatar.

However, this time, his avatar did not enter the grotto-heaven again. Losing his avatar consecutively had a considerable impact on his main body.

His avatar headed straight for Heavenly Demon Grotto-heaven, urgently ordering the four Holy Lords to descend to the Origin World and attack Qian Heaven Palace.

He had to force Han Zhao out.

Origin World.

Great Wei, Cloud Prefecture.

In the hall of the Qian Heaven Palace, the upper echelons of the sect gathered.

Han Zhao was not around. The main seat was empty.

Lu Yingxuan and Han Nianxuan were at the head of the table on the left and

Originally, Yu Chongxiao should be in charge of the overall situation. However, he had sensed the opportunity to break through ten years ago, so he had already gone into seclusion.

In the current Qian Heaven Palace, Lu Yingxuan was the acting Sect Master, and Han Yan was in charge of the sects matters.

As for Han Nianxuan, she had already cultivated to the Perfected Ten Fiend Realm. If not for the fact that the sect had gathered everyone for a meeting this time, she would have gone into seclusion to break through to the Divine Power Realm.

Seeing that everyone was here, Han Yan said in a clear voice, Everyone, Ive gathered everyone here today because I have something important to announce that concerns the survival of the sect.


Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

Could it be that something happened to the Perfected Sect Master? Cheng Pengs expression darkened as he asked.

At this moment, Lu Yingxuan took a step forward and said in a deep voice,

Just now, Fellow Daoist Zhu of Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven came to the lower realm and told us bad news. Husband obtained an ownerless grotto-heaven in Outer World, but he was trapped by Heavenly Demon

Grotto-heavens Weapon Lord Thousand Autumn and could not return..