Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable - Chapter 851: I Want To Return To Earth

Chapter 851: I Want To Return To Earth

Chapter 851: I Want To Return To Earth

Smashed to death!

Twenty-six heavenly flames smashed down and smashed Devil Monarch Flame to death.

This was something Luo Tian didnt expect.

Heavenly flames are too overpowered!

Luo Tian then turned serious as he said to himself: Come on and explode.


Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Devil Monarch Flame. You have gained 500,000,000 experience points, 50,000,000 profound energy

Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Tianxuan Continents origin essence. Do you wish to fuse with it?

Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a system reward for killing Devil Monarch Flame. Your reward is four chances at the heavenly flame draw!

Do you wish to start drawing now?


A huge roulette wheel appeared in his mind and many heavenly flame icons appeared. He drew all four at once!

Four new heavenly flames were added to his list of flames.

The moment Devil Monarch Flame was killed, the magma around them was quickly sucked up by the stone door. In just a few seconds, the magma flow turned into a dry riverbed and a strangely shaped stone forest surrounded them. Luo Tian also stopped getting alerts that his health was decreasing.

Luo Tian cast several Regeneration on himself and filled up his health. He then threw some Healing Art on Fatty Lei and the rest.

Boss, he died just like that?

Isnt that old guy a bit too trashy?

You dont know anything! Its the boss thats fierce and strong! That old guy will be killed off in seconds even if he had more flames on him. But this Devil Monarch Flame is just a clone of an expert from a higher realm. Since a clone is already that strong, it looks like higher realms are going to be quite interesting.

Those guys started chatting casually amongst themselves.

Luo Tian frowned as he said: Didnt I tell you guys to wait up there? What if some accident happened?

If he hadnt killed Devil Monarch Flame so quickly, Fatty Lei and the others would definitely be injured.

Wild Blade replied: Luo Tian, you cannot always carry the burden by yourself. We arent kids but your brothers. We can share the burden together. You cant keep treating us like babies all the time. I know you are doing it for our sake but we would rather die than see you get hurt.

Fatty Lei scratched his head and said: Boss, let this one follow you.

Xuanyuan Yi and Blindman Liu looked at Luo Tian.


Luo Tian had a stomach full of words to lecture them with but they all choked on his throat. He looked at the four of them and said: Fine, we will carry the burden together from this path on.

Heh heh

Boss, are we going down now? Fatty Lei asked impatiently.

Luo Tian sat down cross-legged and replied: Lets rest for a bit and not rush down there. I want to study the power I received from Devil Monarch Flame and see what it can do.

In reality, Luo Tian wanted to figure out why higher realm experts would want to come to a lower world like the Tianxuan Continent.

Is the spiritual essence of an origin continent really that powerful?

According to Mount Huas progenitor, the strength of an origin continent will determine the future cultivation of its experts.

Devil Monarch Flame must have been cultivating in the Tianxuan Continent for many years. After so many years, his loot explosion only had a drop of origin essence? Isnt this too little? Or is one single drop of origin essence considered very valuable?

Luo Tian was too lazy to think further and started using his system interface.

Item: Tianxuan Origin Essence

Attribute: Power of Destruction

Description: Tianxuan Origin Essence is the spiritual essence of the Tianxuan Continent. One drop can destroy everything within a million kilometers. It contains the power of destruction. The fusion process must be carried out by a martial artist from the Tianxuan Continent or else the fusion process will fail.


Everything within a million kilometers will be destroyed?

This kind of power is way too perverted! Could this be the power that I can use to deal with the Arcane Dark King? Luo Tian stared at the insignificant looking drop of water and made a thought: Fuse!

He had to prepare for the last level.

The molten rock level is definitely where the strongest boss Devil Monarch Veil is located. Luo Tians cultivation level is currently stuck and theres no way for him to break through to the great perfection of the Profound G.o.d Sovereign realm. He could only increase his strength with this drop of origin essence in order to kill Devil Monarch Veil.

There was a pause for a few seconds before the system gave an alert tone.


Fusion has failed!


Luo Tian was stunned, How can it fail? Theres no reason for it!

He made another thought: Fuse!


Fusion has failed!

d.a.m.n it! You d.a.m.n system, did you make a mistake?! How can it fail? Luo Tian couldnt understand why he couldnt fuse with such a powerful item. It was similar to a naked beauty dancing around you seductively but you just happened to be impotent. Wasnt that too messed up?

Why did it fail?

Whats the reason?

The system didnt give any more alerts so he could only re-read the description of Tianxuan Origin Essence once more. He read one single word at a time and said to himself: Only martial artists from the Tianxuan Continent can fuse with it? Others cannot?

Devil Monarch Flame absorbed it and didnt fuse with it

The Tianxuan Origin Essence clearly says that only martial artists from the Tianxuan Continent can fuse with it and I am a martial artist from the Tianxuan Continent. How come I cant fuse with it? Luo Tian scratched his head in confusion.

His expression suddenly changed as he muttered: Could it be that Im a transmigrator?

d.a.m.n it!

No way, right?!

I transmigrated through my soul and not my body, so how can I not fuse with it? Luo Tian was depressed as the system must have labeled him as a transmigrator and not a martial artist of the Tianxuan Continent. This is why he cannot fuse with it!

This made Luo Tian suddenly think of his home Earth!

Based on the systems information, maybe the Earth I know of still exists? And I can only fuse with the origin essence from Earth? Upon thinking about this point, Luo Tian started smiling. This is too awesome then! Maybe I can go back to Earth one day!

d.a.m.n it!

I need to cultivate! I need to cultivate like crazy! Level up like crazy! I need to go back to Earth and meet Teacher Sola Aoi and little sister Maria Ozawa! Theres also tons and tons of very awesome girls, hahaha

Luo Tian was instantly motivated.

Since he cannot fuse with this worlds origin essence, then maybe the Earth still exists. He only needed to gain the ability to travel through s.p.a.ce and return to Earth one day!

Luo Tians blood boiled just thinking about this.

Going back to earth with a super strong cultivation realm and then beating up everything!

He will make all those people in his previous life that looked down on him sing Conquered!

Boss! Boss! What are you smiling at? asked Fatty Lei as he looked at Luo Tians excited expression.

Luo Tian shook his head and replied: Nothing really.

Clank~ clank~ clank~

At this moment, the stone door suddenly opened and a majestic power blasted out from beyond the opening.