Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 715 - Life and Death

Chapter 715 - Life and Death

Chapter 715: Life and Death





“Among us, only you are qualified to contend against Violet Fairy. But I’m afraid you can’t defeat her.”

“As for Zong Ming, he is quite powerful by nature. Now that he has become a Copper-armored Demon G.o.d even a warrior as powerful as you can’t overcome him.” Ling Yu, the Vice Palace Master, said full of frustration.

After hearing this, the Palace Master Destruction knew what he had said was true even if he was unwilling to admit it.

“Although Zong Ming and Violet Fairy are fortunate, they are far behind from Yun Fan.” Mo Tao said in a low voice.

“Yun Fan…”

The experts of the Eternal Realm from the Ancient Sect all thought of the current Great Elder of Cloud Sea Asgard, Yun Fan, and a flow of indignation emerged from their heart.

Yun Fan was the sitting Great Elder of the Cloud Sea Asgard, who was considered as the strongest among the eternal realm in the Cloud Sea Asgard experts.

What bothered them was the fact was that many years ago Yun Fan had been just as strong as them, and the Palace Master Destruction had been even much more powerful than Yun Fan at that time.

Just because of the Eternal Zone expedition that happened then, however, Yun Fan had been so lucky to get a Demon G.o.d Baptismal Pool and successfully turn into a Silver-armored Demon G.o.d with its help.

That was much more formidable than a simple Copper-armored Demon G.o.d.

Since then, Yun Fan made an earth-shaking progress and became the strongest expert of the Eternal Realm in the Cloud Sea Asgard, only ranked behind Xuan Yi Palace Master of the Ancient Sect among the experts of the Eternal Realm in the whole Firmament Territory.

Other experts of the Eternal Realm, even those who turned into Copper-armored Demon G.o.ds, were still miles away from Yun Fan.

He had been so lucky that time.

There were so many experts in the Firmament Territory, but till now Yun Fan was the only one who had managed to turn into a Silver-armored Demon G.o.d by virtue of a Demon G.o.d Baptismal Pool.

“Luck is also part of someone’s strength. We have no choice but to wait for the next opportunity. Fortunately, the Eternal Zone will open every 100 years, which is not too much for us.”The Palace Master Destruction said helplessly.

“That’s right.” Other experts of the Eternal Realm nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, a burst of light emerged from the other wormhole.

“These little guys are coming out of the Eternal Zone. What have they gotten?”

“Let’s see.”

Most of the present experts of the Eternal Realm were full of expectation.

As rays of light raised, many disciples of the Divine Realm strode from the wormhole. Although they were tired out after the ten-day fight, they had made some gains just for surviving in the Eternal Zone.

Those disciples strode out of the wormhole one by one.

Among the six disciples of the Ancient Sect, Liu Chong, Feng, Dong’er and Luo Yong walked out from the Eternal Zone.

“Boy, what have you got?”The Palace Master Destruction asked one of his best disciples with a smile.

“I got three drops of Demon G.o.d’s Essence Blood” Feng answered.

“Three drops? Very good.”

The Palace Master Destruction nodded with satisfaction, “Those Demon G.o.ds are quite strong, even the weakest Copper-armored Demon G.o.d is a tough opponent among the advanced Demon G.o.ds. Although they are clumsy and not good at fast movements, their bodies are quite strong to be killed. You still managed to get three drops of Demon G.o.d’s Essence Blood only in ten days. Very good.”

“It’s true. It’s not easy to kill those Demon G.o.ds. I really spared great efforts to find one fo them alone, but failed to kill him in more than half an hour. A disciple from the Cloud Sea Asgard rushed to finish him off and got the Demon G.o.d’s Essence Blood.”Luo Yong said bitterly, who only got one drop of Demon G.o.d’s Essence Blood.

Dong’er, as powerful as Luo Yong, was lucky and got two drops.

When it came to Liu Chong, he was a superior Divine Realm expert with great strength. So he got more Demon G.o.d’s Essence Blood, six drops in total.

“Jian Wushuang and Situ Yi haven’t come out yet. I wonder what they have gained in the Eternal Zone.”The Palace Master Destruction showed a slight smile.

But this time, as light raised again, an awkward figure strode out from the wormhole.

Most of the experts and disciples showed a strange look when they looked at the figure.

He was Wu Dao from the Cloud Sea Asgard.

Wu Dao was the strongest among the three superior Divine Realm experts who entered the Eternal Zone, even one of the best among the Divine Realm experts in the Cloud Sea Asgard. Logically, it should be very easy for him to make a breakthrough in the outer layer of the Eternal Zone.

But now, he was as pale as death and his aura was weak to the extreme. It was obvious that he was seriously wounded.


The experts from the Cloud Sea Asgard all frowned and quickly walked towards Wu Dao. One leading elder among them asked in a low voice, “Wu Dao, what happened?”

“Distinguished elders, I and junior brother Dao Mei were tricked by Jian Wushuang.” Wu Dao said with a grudge and then he narrated what he had gone through in the Eternal Zone.

“What? Did you just say that Jian Wushuang plotted against you two along with the Demon G.o.d Clan?” The elders from the Cloud Sea Asgard were shocked.

“Right.” Wu Dao nodded solemnly.

“Are you sure that Jian Wushuang joined hands with those Demon G.o.ds, and they did not just happen to attack Jian Wushuang too?”The leading elder asked again.

“That… I’m not sure. Those Demon G.o.ds did attack me and junior brother Dao Mei rather than Jian Wushuang.” Wu Dao replied.

“How about Jian Wushuang? Do you see him?”The elder made a detailed inquiry.

“No.” Wu Dao nodded.

“Really?” The elder thought for a while and then he claimed, “Well, let it go. No matter whether Jian Wushuang is alive or dead, you must say you never met Jian Wushuang in the Eternal Zone if someone asks you.”

“Yes.” Wu Dao nodded seriously.

Many disciples of the Divine Realm came out from the wormhole one after another. After about an hour, all the experts who had survived in the Eternal Zone were almost out.

Only less than 60 disciples finally came out from the Eternal Zone among the original 80 disciples from the three magnates and top nine sects.

There were two noticeable sects. One was the Cloud Sea Asgard, which dispatched three superior Divine Realm experts to the Eternal Zone, but Wu Dao was the only one who survived but suffered serious injuries.

Another attractive sect was the Ancient Sect.

Jian Wushuang, a peerless genius that scared all sects, who was tutored by Xuan Yi Palace Master of the Ancient Sect, had not shown up his face from the Eternal Zone yet.

But the wormhole was going to close.