Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 1224 - The Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation

Chapter 1224 - The Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation

Chapter 1224: The Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation





“It will most likely work?”

The Palace Masters around instantly erupted with cheers and applause at the confirmation of Palace Master Yun.

“That is great!”

“Jian Wushuang’s teacher is invincible in the skills of using magical formations!”

“Since we have the plans now, let not lose any more time!”

Some of the Palace Master urged anxiously.

“Let’s not be hasty.” Palace Master Yun waved dismissively before he continued, composed and reserved as he was. “The methods proposed here will work. The sword formation that Jian Wushuang’s teacher has imparted to him is also complex and powerful. But there is a strict requirement for the four persons who will operate the formation!”

“Ah?” The sudden remark made everyone look at him.

“It is called the Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation. It requires four completely different Sword Principles that conflict with each other. This means that the four people operating the formation will each have to create a mighty Sword Principle of their own. What’s more, the four would have to at least be Universe Masters!” Palace Master Yun explained gravely.

“Create the most mighty Sword Principle? And they have to be at least a Universe Master?” The Palace Masters present were all taken aback by the sudden notice of predicaments.

It would hardly be a hindrance if only the strengths of Universe Masters were required.

Unlike eighty years ago, the current Green Fire World has produced more than twenty Universe Masters, all of whom could have been easy candidates for the sword formation.

But they now encountered a conundrum: the four chosen warriors would have to create a most powerful Sword Principle! The creation of the Strongest Sword Principle which was a feat of intense difficulty!

The Strongest Sword Principle had always remained a myth in the Green Fire World. There has only been a handful of people who have been able to create Sword Principles of such tremendous power and potency in forty million years. But now, they needed four such virtuosos of martial skills, all of whom must be capable of forging the Strongest Sword Principle.

This was an impossible task!

“Where in the entire Green Fire World are we going to find such people?” Red Lotus asked absent-mindedly.

Even the rest of the Palace Masters have turned sullen and dejected.

But Jian Wushuang, hardly beaten, rumbled instead, “We have! There are four such warriors in the Green Fire World!”

“Ah?” This made everyone look at him.

“The Sunrise Sword Emperor and I have both once created the Strongest Sword Principles of our own. In fact, we have forged two. Moreover, I have an additional Original Body which wields also the strength of a Universe Master. I alone can operate two of the four points of the Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation.”

“With the Sunrise Sword Emperor, we will now have three points covered.” Jiang Wushuang said.

“That is true.” The eyes of the a.s.sembled Masters twinkled once more with hope.

Jian Wushuang had displayed the prowess of his two Original Bodies in the battle before. Despite not fully equal in strength, both of his Bodies possessed the strength of Universe Masters. With the two Strongest Sword Principles of his creation at hand, his Original Bodies could adequately man two of the four points of the Sword Formation.

“Your Original Bodies do possess the requirements. As long as the Sword Principles you wield are different and the Bodies are able to act as separate ent.i.ties.” Palace Master Yun nodded at his a.s.sent.

“But we are still short of one more?” Red Lotus frowned with distress.

“Everyone. Please forget not my father, who has created also the Strongest Sword Principle of his own.” Jian Wushuang announced.

“Your father?” The rest of the a.s.sembled Masters were surprised.

Jian Nantian!

Another prodigy in swordsmans.h.i.+p whose talents and skills were no less wanting if compared to Jian Wushuang and the Sunrise Sword Emperor!

It was due to an injury which he had suffered during his youth that his potential has waned. Then again, he was still a powerful swordsman whose strength none dared question nor challenge.

It was no secret that Jian Nantian had once forged a Strongest Sword Principle of his own.

But it was due to his long years of wandering that his name did not come to the mind of the rest of the warriors of the Green Fire World. His travels that have brought him out of the domain of the Green Fire World and the emergence and fame of his own son, Jian Wushuang had partially made him a forgotten myth.

“Jian Wushuang, your father has reached the level of Universe Master?” Palace Master Yun looked to him inquiringly.

“Indeed, he has.”

But the voice did not come from Jian Wushuang. Rather, it was the Samsara Temple Master who had answered in Jian Wushuang’s stead.

Being the Teacher of Jian Nantian, the Samsara Temple Master was also aware of Jian Nantian’s situation.

“During the preparations for war, we of the Green Fire Palace have ama.s.sed huge quant.i.ties of Nirvana Elixirs. It was these elixirs which have helped bolster the ranks of our Universe Masters. Knowing that Jian Nantian himself possessed remarkable potential, I knew that it is very likely that he will be able to reach the level of Universe Master. Hence I have given him one of the elixirs and he has achieved success. It’s just that he has yet to reach the Green Fire Palace.” The Samsara Temple Master explained.

The Green Fire Palace was extremely stringent in its distribution of Nirvana Elixirs. Only Holy Masters who were close to achieving the rank of Universe Master would receive the elixirs as a supplement.

With one Nirvana Elixir, Jian Nantian had managed a breakthrough back then.

The Sunrise Sword Emperor, although possessing strength equal to that of a Universe Master, was only a Holy Master. He had consumed one of the four Nirvana Elixirs procured by the Green Fire Palace during their battle for the Loyalty Palace.

Alas, his efforts had yet to bear fruit!

The Nirvana Elixirs could only be consumed once. If it effects had yielded only failures, additional consumption of the Elixir would hardly help.

“I have earlier communicated with my father. He will come to join us in this battle once he has made necessary arrangements for my mother.” Jian Wushuang explained.

“That is great.” Palace Master Yun beamed with delight. “Pray to send word that he hasten. With him, you and the Sunrise Sword Emperor; you shall operate the Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation.”

“Understood.” Jian Wushuang nodded and left to deliver another message to his father.

For years, Jian Nantian and Ji Wumeng have been wandering around from glen to glen upon the wide swards of the Green Fire World, enjoying their travels across the Void Continent, the Samsara Continent and many other Ancient Worlds.

But he had interrupted his travels ever since word of the fateful war between the Green Fire World and the Jin Kingdom came to him. He began to make arrangements for Ji Wumeng and prepared himself for the battles ahead.

He was, after all, a member of the Green Fire World.

With the Nirvana Elixir which had help propelled him into the ranks of Universe Master, the current Jian Nantian was also one of the most formidable warriors of the Green Fire World.

Receiving words from Jian Wushuang, he immediately set off for the battlefield. With only a few days, he reached the Battle Fortress.


Jian Wushuang could hardly suppress a smile as he beheld the proud and stern man before him who was his father.

Jian Wushuang could distinctly feel that his father’s presence was no longer what it was through his years of wandering.

The Jian Nantian of old held Ji Wumeng dear to his heart, constantly concerned about her wellbeing. But his years of traveling with her seemed to have mellowed him out.

“Mother is well?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Yes.” Jian Nantian nodded. “In truth, it hardly makes any difference. None will be spared from the merciless onslaught of the Jin Kingdom should we lose this battle.”

“We will not lose the battle, Father.” Jian Wushuang remarked vehemently.

“Indeed. Because we cannot afford any failure.” Jian Wushuang agreed and smiled.

The father and son shared a few words before they joined Sunrise Sword Emperor in studying the Quadruple Supreme Sword Formation.