Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 1068 - Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm

Chapter 1068 - Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm

Chapter 1068: Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm





“For 2100 years, Father has remembered the date on which Mother was abducted. It shows how important Mother is to Father,”

Jian Wushuang thought to himself in amazement.

“One month. There is only one month left!” Jian Nantian exclaimed.

Jian Nantian took a sip of his wine, his vision turning sharper.

“Meng’er, I’ll pick you up in a month, and then our family will be reunited!”

“I will go to mother’s rescue in a month’s time,” Jian Wushuang said, his eyes glistening with resolution.

While Jian Wushuang was conversing with Jian Nantian, the Ancient Demon Clan had fallen into a state of chaos.

As one of the four greatest clans on Samsara Continent, the powerful Ancient Demon Clan rarely experienced distress from any happenings.

Today, however, the news of Holy Master Lei Yi’s death and Jian Nantian’s and Jian Wushuang’s plans to break into Heaven-ceasing Peak put the entire Ancient Demon Clan into a state of rage and astonishment.

There were only three Dao Masters in the whole of Ancient Demon Clan. The killing of one of them expectedly infuriated the Ancient Demon Clansmen.

Beyond their fury, they were astounded.

Majority of the Ancient Demon Clan’s seniors had gathered in the solemn and sizeable palace.

There were three black thrones in the palace hall. Two were occupied by the two remaining Holy Masters in the clan- Dong Ming and Heart-withered, the latter of whom was the strongest in the clan.

The third throne belonged to Holy Master Lei Yi. Since he had died, his throne was empty.

“And that is what happened.”

Holy Master Dong Ming quickly summarised what had happened at the inauguration ceremony. After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he swept his glance over the crowd.

Upon hearing Holy Master Dong Ming’s words, all the experts present wore a grave look.

“Are you saying that the new supervisor of Samsara Temple is my disciple’s husband? The husband that she found in the Ancient World? And that well-known Jian Wushuang is their son?” Holy Master Heart-withered broke the silence with his solemn voice.

“Yes,” Holy Master Dong Ming nodded.

“It can’t be!” Heart-withered narrowed his eyes. He could not believe this fact.

“It has been a mere 2000 years since my disciple returned from Ancient World. At that time, both Jian Nantian and Jian Wushuang were as powerless as ants. I will not doubt it if only one of them had made great progress within this 2000 years. But it’s unbelievable that both of them have progressed into outstanding experts!”

“It’s hard to believe, but it’s true,” Holy Master Dong Ming responded with a frown, “Jian Nantian declared before the experts that he and his son would break into Heaven-ceasing Peak and spare no mercy to anyone who dared to get in their way! We ought to think of a plan to deal with this father-son duo.”

Holy Master Heart-withered’s face darkened with worry.

Based on what Holy Master Dong Ming has just said, Jian Nantian and Jian Wushuang… Jian Wushuang alone was able to defeat Lei Yi.

Within the whole Ancient Demon Clan, only I can bring him down.

Jian Nantian is even more powerful than Jian Wushuang, and he will arrive in a month’s time.

“Dong Ming, are you sure that Jian Nantian took Lei Yi’s life with only one strike of his sword?” Holy Master Heart-withered asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Yes, I am sure. I am not the only one who witnessed the scene. All the experts present did too. Jian Nantian launched only one strike with his sword, and a strange one at that. The strike looked slow and weak, but it killed Lei Yi before he could even defend himself,” Holy Master Dong Ming replied.

“A slow and weak blow?” Holy Master Heart-withered repeated, his forehead wrinkling into a deeper frown. “The sword principle he created must be incredibly powerful. With the integration of his three sword principles, his Dharmic Form of Invincibility became exceptionally overwhelming. Judging from what you said, he most probably have reached the level of the Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm.”

“Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm? Do you mean that he is as strong as you are?” Holy Master Dong Ming asked, looking astounded.

The Holy Masters’ strength varied. The type of sword principles cultivated and the number of integrated principles divided the Holy Masters into several different strength levels.

The Holy Masters of the elementary level were the weakest. They could barely integrate two principles and attain the Dharmic Form of Invincibility. Blood Asura Clan’s Great Elder Lin Li and Holy Master Ape of the Three Big countries were at this level.

The Elementary level was the lowest level which a Holy Master could belong to.

Then there is the Intermediate level. Most of the Holy Masters at this level could integrate two principles, which were usually of Heaven or Earth level. Sometimes, one of the principles might even be of a Creation level. Holy Masters who were able to integrate principles of higher levels were able to attain stronger Dharmic Forms of Invincibility.

Xia Clan’s founder Xia Yong, who was slayed by Jian Wushuang in Tang of the East, and Ancient Demon Clan’s Holy Masters Dong Ming and Lei Yi belonged to the Intermediate level.

Following the Intermediate level was the Advanced level.

Holy Masters of the Advanced level had integrated either two principles of the Creation level or three normal principles.

The Patriarch of Empyrean Glory was an advanced Holy Master with exceptional strong power.

The strongest Holy Masters of all belonged to the Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm. Holy Master Heart-withered of the Ancient Demon Clan and Su Rou’s Master Su Qian, the most powerful being in Blood Asura Clan, were at this level.

Holy Masters of this level had integrated three principles, and at least one of the principles is of the Creation Level.

After being informed on how Jian Nantian had killed Lei Yi, Holy Master Heart-withered figured that Jian Nantian possessed the strength of Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm.

Huge gaps exist among Holy Masters and experts of different levels. To kill a Holy Master of the Intermediate level, such as Holy Master Dong Ming, with a single strike of the sword, one must at least have the battle strength of Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm.

Even Holy Master Heart-withered had no absolute confidence in taking Holy Master Dong Ming out in one blow.

“You mentioned that Jian Nantian has the strength of Holy Master in the Exceptional Realm. Do you think he can beat you?” Holy Master Dong Ming asked Holy Master Heart-withered.

“It’s hard to say,” Holy Master Heart-withered replied, shaking his head. “Holy Masters at different levels differ from one another in strength. Wide gaps in power exist even within the same level. Look at Sunrise Sword Emperor, the best skilled Sword Cultivator in the Green Fire World. He is a Holy Master, but his real battle strength remains as a mystery.”

“Both Sunrise Sword Emperor and I have the power of Holy Master of the Exceptional Realm. But I could not even pluck up the courage to challenge him to a duel.”

“Perhaps Jian Nantian is not strong enough to defeat Sunrise Sword Emperor. But since he had managed to kill Lei Yi with one blow, his power is unlikely to be weaker than mine. Only a fight between us could prove whether he is able to bring me down.”