Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 2245 Against Khan Cao (1)

Chapter 2245 Against Khan Cao (1)

Chapter 2245 Against Khan Cao (1)

"I won't hold back even if my opponent is a woman" Khan Tall said to Zhi f.u.xe, he told Zhi f.u.xe that he would not hold back even if he fought a beautiful woman like Zhi f.u.xe.

"I don't need pity from someone like you" Zhi f.u.xe said that she didn't need pity from Khan Cao, she will not defeat Khan Cao with his own hands.

Khan Cao took out his sword, he summoned several powerful puppets, and intended to control them.

"that . . ." The puppets taken by Khan Cao is very different from the previous one, it is definitely stronger and more powerful if compared with before.

"It's an ancient puppet with enormous strength, it has very good things, it's not strange that it's so confident in its strength," Ye Chen said while looking at the puppet.

"is that bad . .." Zhi Fuze asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know if it was bad or not.

"Of course, it's a little bad, it will be difficult to destroy and stronger compared with the one I fought before".

Ye Chen briefly explained to Zhi Fuze, he told clearly what would happen next.

"Big sister, I hope you win" Zhi Fuze hoped that Zhi f.u.xe would win against Khan Cao.

Zhi f.u.xe started to attack, she used a ball of light and started to attack the enemy in front of her, using the ball of light, he shot a light toward Khan Cao.

Khan Cao used his sword, he parried the attack from Zhi f.u.xe with his sword.

The sword skills possessed by Khan Cao are said extremely high level, with this kind of ability, he was able to easily intercept Zhi f.u.xe's ??attacks.

Zhi f.u.xe saw what Khan Chao was doing, this man used a sword to parry her attack.

"your attack that's weak." Khan Cao said to Zhi f.u.xe, he told Zhi f.u.xe that she had a weak attack.

Zhi f.u.xe remained calm, she still had a chance to win over Khan Cao.

??"s.h.i.+eld Light" Zhi f.u.xe used strong s.h.i.+eld power, she smashed into Khan Cao's body with his s.h.i.+eld.

"Clank" Khan Cao tried to block Yang's attack launched from Zhi f.u.xe.

It was a pity that Zhi f.u.xe's ??attack power was much stronger this time compared with before, this power made Khan Cao overwhelmed.

"It's tougher compared with before" Khan Cao knew that Zhi f.u.xe used a harsher light.

Khan Cao had no choice but to retreat, this was the time he used his puppet.

Khan Cao's puppets started attacking Zhi f.u.xe, they attacked Zhi f.u.xe from behind.

Zhi f.u.xe wielded a s.h.i.+eld of light, she endured the attacks from the enemy.

"Clanks . . ." When Zhi f.u.xe was sure that she had blocked the enemy's attack, a puppet took out a large two-handed sword and immediately destroyed Zhi f.u.xe's ??defenses.

"bad . ." This time Zhi f.u.x dodged, she knew that she wouldn't be able to withstand the attack from the huge puppet wielding a huge sword.

"hehehehe, so that's your weakness, then I'll attack you directly" Khan Cao having discovered Zhi f.u.xe's ??weakness, now only needed to attack and destroy Zhi f.u.xe using his huge puppet.

"one finger shot" Zhi f.u.xe used his finger and started shooting toward the puppet in front of him.

This is one of the strongest techniques possessed by Zhi f.u.xe, with this technique Zhi f.u.xe is able to defeat enemies and destroy mountains.

Light shot out from Zhi f.u.xe's ??finger, this contains immense power of light.

The doll used own power, thet resisted Zhi f.u.xe's ??power.

While Zhi f.u.xe was focusing on one doll, the other dolls distracted Zhi f.u.xe, and they attacked the off-guard Zhi f.u.xe.

"ah . . . . ." Zhi f.u.xe retreated, she backed away when she received the attack from the doll.

"big sister" Zhi Fuze was worried about Zhi Fuze's condition, she immediately came forward and saw Zhi Fuze's condition.

"I'm fine" Zhi f.u.xe said to Zhi Fuze, she told her that she was fine, it was only a minor injury.

Zhi f.u.xe was trying to get up, he was trying to get up and put up a fight against her enemy.

"I will immediately kill you both, prepare yourselves," Khan Cao said to Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze, he used his puppet power to kill both of them.

Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze had no time, an attack from Khan Cao came very quickly, the attack came very quickly.

"dead"Khan Cao said to Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze, he had obtained his victory.

"Clanks. . ." when Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze were in an urgent and super difficult condition, Ye Chen came, he came and gave his help to Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze.

"do you think I would let that happen" Ye Chen said to Khan Cao, he couldn't possibly let Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze be killed in front of his own eyes.

"Chen. . ." Zhi f.u.xe saw Ye Chen, he saved her in the last situation.

"It seems that the puppet he has is very troublesome, I will take care of it" Ye Chen said to Zhi f.u.xe and Zhi Fuze, he will take care of Khan Cao and the puppet which is a bother.

"d.a.m.n it, don't be arrogant, I will kill you with my hands" Khan Cao said to Ye Chen, he would kill Ye Chen with his own hands.

Khan Cao ordered his puppet to attack Ye Chen, he also started moving and attacked Ye Chen with his sword.

"Slashes . . ." Khan Cao used an extremely powerful slash, that slash was so powerful, it was capable of cutting whatever easily.

Ye Chen used a branch to block Khan Cao's attack, he didn't need a sword to block Khan Cao's attack.

"why. . ., you are not dead" Khan Cao said to Ye Chen, he really wanted Ye Chen to die.

"You are too confident, you won't be able to kill me" Ye Chen said to Khan Cao.

"What did you say ?" Khan Cao was angered by words spoken by Ye Chen.

"dragon head cutting slash" Khan Cao used a technique to split Ye Chen's body into two pieces.

No one has ever survived Khan Cao's attack, and they are divided in two.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand, he blocked Khan Cao's attack with his bare hands.

The strongest attack owned by Khan Caodiscontinued by Ye Chen using only his bare hands, this was something that Khan Cao would find hard to believe.

"Crack. . ." Ye Chen pinched Khan Cao's sword, he smashed Khan Cao's sword into pieces.

"impossible . . ." Khan Cao was stupefied when he saw what was conducted by Ye Chen, he didn't expect Ye Chen to destroy his sword with one pinch.

See is conducted by Ye Chen, Khan Cao hurriedly backed away, he backed away and kept his distance from Ye Chen.

"Is this just a coincidence?" Khan Cao thought that this was just a coincidence, Ye Chen couldn't destroy his sword.

Khan Cao decided to use his puppet, he started attacking Ye Chen using puppet he had.

Khan Cao didn't want to mess around anymore, he used all of his puppet abilities to destroy and kill Ye Chen.

The puppets owned by Khan Cao started to merge into one, and this became a bigger puppet with a very complete weapon.