Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 3310 The start of the second prince's plan

Chapter 3310 The start of the second prince's plan

Chapter 3310 The start of the second prince's plan

If that were the case, then perhaps the Four-sided Immortal Palace would intervene, and they would have the same goal of dominating the world.

"That's the case, the second prince and the Four-sided Immortal Palace are working together," said Duke Cai.

"What ? ? ?" Ye Chen said to Duke Cai, adding that things would only get more complicated if that were the case.

"I told you, they are working together, what can you do about the problem?" said Duke Cai.

The situation was starting to get complicated. If only they had fought, Ye Chen could use this to destroy both sides. It was a shame they were working together; this would be a difficult problem to solve.

"A little difficult," Ye Chen said in his heart. If that's the case, then the second prince's strength is worth considering.

Ye Chen said that this problem might be a little difficult, Ye Chen had to destroy the second prince, because he was an opponent.

"How about we work together?" Ye Chen asked Duke Cai.

Ye Chen invited Duke Cai to work together. By working together, they might be able to win easily.

"I'm not interested in doing something like that with you," Duke Cai said, indicating that he didn't want to cooperate with Ye Chen.

He rejected Ye Chen's offer to cooperate.

"If you really refuse, I won't force you." Because Duke Cai rejected Ye Chen's offer, Ye Chen would not force Duke Cai to do this.

"Then I will go, thank you for your time, Yuechan let's go" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"Okay," Chu Yuechan followed behind Ye Chen, and she went with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan left the place and left the way they had entered.

After they made it out, Chu Yuechan immediately asked Ye Chen.

"Why did you let him just refuse?" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

Why did Ye Chen reject the very strange offer?

According to Chu Yuechan, it was such an attractive offer that Ye Chen shouldn't have rejected it.

"I have my own reasons for doing this," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan. He had a reason for doing this.

"So what is your reason for doing this?" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know why Ye Chen did this.

"I intend to make them fight," Ye Chen said, explaining why he did this.

"make them fight, can you make both sides fight?" Chu Yuechan asked.

"I'm very confident that if I can do that, I can definitely make them fight each other" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen said that he could do this, for him doing this was not difficult.

"Even without me interfering, they will fight soon," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

The second prince will start a battle with Duke Cai but needs to wait until it fully happens.

"for the time being, we will retreat, we will try to provoke them" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"Okay," Chu Yuechan understood. She followed behind Ye Chen's body; she knew what to do now.

Chu Yuechan and Ye Chen returned, and they met Gu Xun and Dongfang Xiu, who were still hiding very well.

"How are you, did you succeed?" Dongfang Xiu asked Ye Chen.

"It didn't work, that person refused firmly," Chu Yuechan said to Dongfang Xiu.

"He rejected your offer, could he be collaborating with the second prince?" Gu Xun asked.

Gu Xun asked Ye Chen to ascertain what is happening now

Ye Chen told Gu Xun about what he had found.

After Gu Xun listened, she finally knew why Duke Cai didn't want to join Ye Chen.

"He's afraid or maybe doesn't believe in the power you have," said Gu Xun.

Gu Xun was sure Duke Cai did not believe in Ye Chen's strength and abilities.

"It's possible that that person doesn't believe in my abilities, but that doesn't matter to me." Ye Chen said that it didn't matter. He didn't really mind that; he still had a way.

"If you were rejected, what would you do right now?" Dongfang Xiu asked.

Dongfang Xiu was curious about what Ye Chen would do to solve this problem.

"What an interesting question," Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu had such an interesting question that Ye Chen had to answer.

"I intend to let them fight, I'm sure that the second prince will eliminate Duke Cai" Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

"Why can you be so sure about that matter?" Dongfang Xiu asked Ye Chen why Ye Chen was so sure about this matter.

"That's because I've seen Duke Cai, that guy, he's the type of person who won't listen to others, it seems like he's quite confident in his strength, and one more thing, that guy's words are a little unbelievable, why don't we hold back for a moment before taking action" Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen didn't want to rush. He didn't want to be caught in a trap the enemy had prepared. It would be very stupid for Ye Chen to fall into the trap and fight with the second prince.

Duke Cai's camp would benefit most if Ye Chen did this; they would not fight with the second prince but would benefit from the battle Ye Chen fought.

Ye Chen decided to wait. That was the best way that Ye Chen could see. That way, he could easily find out who was an enemy and who was a friend.

"Let's go back first," Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu and Gu Xun. They would go back and remove the traces.

Let both sides fight and fight; that was what Ye Chen wanted right now.

Battles between kingdoms are the most complicated. Plus, Ye Chen has no connections inside. If he is careless and trapped inside, it can be immediately concluded that Ye Chen will be very easily killed.

Ye Chen didn't want this to happen and didn't want to endanger the people closest to him right now; rather than Ye Chen having to do that, Ye Chen preferred to wait for the time to come.

Ye Chen sent a Clone and asked for help from his woman who had troops for information, by doing these two things, Ye Chen could easily find out what the enemy was doing.

The second prince had finished building the palace he owned; even though Ye Chen had destroyed it, his plans could still be carried out, so there was no problem.



"Sir, what should we do now?" everyone asked the second prince. They wanted to know what to do now.

"All of you, do as I say. We will start to carry out an attack. Our targets will be people who oppose the power I have. We will do it slowly," said the second prince.

The prince had prepared everything well; he was ready to start fighting with all the dissidents.

"Understood" Everyone understood, all obedient generals were gathered.

Zhao Geng was also here. He was very strong and was only one of the most powerful generals. There were still some people who were more senior than Zhao Geng. They were all the most powerful people and were more terrifying than Zhao Geng.