Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor - Chapter 1184 Dao Banquet: Lavish Food

Chapter 1184 Dao Banquet: Lavish Food

Chapter 1184 Dao Banquet: Lavish Food

1184 Dao Banquet: Lavish Food

The day of the banquet arrived, and the first to arrive was, of course, the immortals from the Myriad Emperor World. The Steward had prepared a special floating mountain for this banquet, and the designated people would lead the guests to it.

The mountain, even the banquet, looked ordinary, with countless small dining tables arranged in different sections. However, the beauty of this event was in its simplicity. The dining tables were made of Purple Sovereign Wood, an Emperor-Grade material used for refining pills and weapons.

The bowls, tea cups, and wine cups shone with an unknown l.u.s.ter, and that's because they were made from Dream Dust - another Emperor-Grade material known to calm the mind and ensure the best cultivation state. The scariest part is there were 100 million of these things. Even if only a small part was required to refine the table and dining utensils, it was too extravagant.

Furthermore, this was not the end. A pink tree that resembled a Sakura Tree stood towering at an inconspicuous corner of the banquet, releasing petals that enveloped the banquet. The tree's petals would temporarily purify the soul and increase comprehension.

People could not immediately fly to the top of the mountain but must walk these beautiful purple stairs to the banquet. The stairs were blessed to condense a person's luck, giving them a temporary blessing that increased comprehension.

Lastly, beautiful Dao music echoed in the background, and its effect was the same as the others-another boost to concentration and comprehension.

Feng Heng was the first to arrive with three people following him, and a disciple led him to the Emperor Area, putting at the very front facing w.a.n.g Wei. However, the three monks with him sat somewhere else.

Soon, more people arrived and were put in an area based on their paths: Dao Area, Immortal Area, Primarch Area, Soul Area, Luck Area, and Guest Area. w.a.n.g Wei allowed these people to bring three disciples from their sect to partic.i.p.ate in this event, and the Guest Area was for them.

The sky in the distance suddenly burst open as a golden carriage descended from the sky, followed by a vision. The Steward wondered what the big deal was but soon realized it was only someone from another world community who had arrived. More foreigners arrived for the next few hours, and somehow, they all decided to make the flas.h.i.+est entrance possible. These actions made the immortals of the Myriad Emperor World wonder whether they should have been flamboyant as well.

Once everyone had arrived and the Dream World was broadcasting this event, w.a.n.g Wei finally showed up, dressed in an elegant purple and gold robe. He also chose a simpler and more direct entrance - suddenly appearing at the slightly elevated table at the front as if he was always there. While all eyes were on him, he calmly sat cross-legged on a cus.h.i.+on, his dining table before him, facing all these people. He looked at the crowd, checking on all the people he knew.

He smiled at his mother and father, who sat at the front near the Myriad Emperor World's True Eternals like Feng Heng and Ao Shen. His father was the only non-eternal in that position, but no one said anything - just like no one said anything about Dong Lifen sitting at the front of the Luck Area. However, he did notice one complaint in the Immortal Area despite no one uttering a word and decided to address it.

"Welcome," w.a.n.g Wei said, his voice covering the entire mountain. "A few words before we start. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Sage Duan Ru for being the first mortal to achieve a level of enlightenment on par with immortals through Mortal Art."

Everyone looked toward the Immortal Area at the simply dressed elderly man with long white hair, a beard that reached his knees, aged spots, and cloudy eyes that hid their profoundness. Duan Ru used his cane to slowly stand-up and bowed to w.a.n.g Wei: "Thank you, Your Majesty, for allowing me to partake in this momentous event." Duan Ru took big risks and put much effort into coming here. He heard about this event over 10,000 years ago as he was about to end his lifespan. He immediately sealed himself without knowing if he could attend while asking his descendants to pet.i.tion the court to allow him entrance.

Luckily for him, his clans gave birth to talented cultivators who could live long enough and were filial enough to help him.

"You've earned it," w.a.n.g Wei nodded. "And you'll be the first in the Dao Area to preach."

Duan Ru was surprised but quickly thanked him again. Such honor will further cement his legacy and bring him and his clan luck and destiny. w.a.n.g Wei originally wanted to give him the very first spot in the banquet since they were starting with the Immortal Area. However, he wanted to know whether Duan Ru's sermon would improve after the people before him had enlightened him.

"The second announcement is that I've invited a special guest to preach, and they will be the last to do so."

The guests immediately squinted. Duan Ru's appearance was a mild surprise, but this news intrigued and perplexed them. They expected the Supreme Emperor to be the last sermon, closing the banquet with the best. Now, his majesty insinuated that someone even better than him was about to preach? Except for a few people who knew about Chen Tong, no one guessed who it was or whether someone like that even existed.

"Now, let's start with the food," w.a.n.g Wei declared before waving his hand to manifest the food. The meal was a small piece of meat, a vegetable plate, and a rice bowl. However, this was not ordinary meat. It originated from a Tier 10 Void Beast prepared with Wu Hong's Sealing Cooking Magic and blessed with w.a.n.g Wei's Essence Flower Ability. In other words, everyone who eats will significantly increase their flesh body cultivation.

The vegetables were grown from a Tier 10 Source Beast that w.a.n.g Wei hunted, and its purpose was to heal hidden injuries and boost the absorption of the meat, allowing everyone to benefit even more from consuming it.

The wine that w.a.n.g Wei was made from the best material, has been brewing or marinating for Yuan Epochs under Time Formation and was blessed by fate to be the best wine possible. After drinking, the taste was out of this world, but that was the least important part - unless you were an alcoholic.

Countless aura suddenly rose as people's Qi quant.i.ty increased drastically - some even broke their bottlenecks and became Immortal Sovereigns. The immortals were not the only ones who benefited since the wine could also increase soul energy, meaning everyone - including the Emperors and Eternals - benefitted from the growth of their souls, minds, and spirits.

w.a.n.g Wei cultivated the rice using World Source - that's how lavish this event was. After eating it, the people present will enter their absolute best state. Any events - battles or sermons ??? could be affected by many factors like mentality, state of mind, and past experience. The rice ensures that someone enters their absolute peak state without internal or external influence.

'I recommend you eat the rice first, followed by the vegetables, and take two sips of the wine and leave the meat alone since your body cannot handle it,' w.a.n.g Wei communicated to Duan Ru. He personally arranged this old man's meal to ensure he survived the entire banquet with his limited lifespan.

'I understand, and thank you for your care, His Majesty,' Duan Ru replied. The meat could be left for his descendants, but some small part of him felt unwilling. He would rather wait until his reincarnation to eat it, but he doubted these unfilial b.a.s.t.a.r.ds would preserve it for him. More importantly, other clans might try to attack his clan, knowing he was storing such a valuable thing.

"Hey, honey," w.a.n.g Tian whispered.

"Don't ask to share my food."

"I wouldn't," w.a.n.g Tian replied speechlessly.

"Oh, then, what is it?"

"How are we supposed to hold a banquet that compares to this?"

Yu Yan exhaled deeply after hearing his question. "I've been thinking the same thing. All I can say is we better start preparing now." All she can do to soothe her heartache is laugh at the misery of the Emperors after them. She wished she could see their stress as they tried to hold a banquet on this level and failed miserably.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really knows how to be extravagant," w.a.n.g Tian complained. "We were lucky he only wanted a simple Dao Companion Ceremony."


w.a.n.g Wei waited for everyone to finish with their food, their breakthrough, and helping their disciples to digest their meal. Cai Song, Jin Mengyao, and Li Wenling had other people helping them. He waved his hand to summon the tea.

"This is Enlightenment Tea brewed from the Bodhi Tree with petals from the World Tree used as a.s.sistance to prolong the effect."

The people were shocked. The Bodhi Tree was known for its effect of increasing comprehension and allowing a cultivator to enter a state of epiphany. Meanwhile, every petal of the World Tree contained a world, and now, it was used as an a.s.sisting material for this tea.

This banquet was simply the definition of lavish.