It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future - Chapter 1501 - Wait for Me

Chapter 1501 - Wait for Me

Chapter 1501: Wait for Me

Luo Chao smiled. So, is this your answer?

Yes! Ling Lan reached out to wipe away Luo Chaos silent tears.

Wait for me! Ling Lan patted Luo Chaos pretty face. She abruptly turned around and left without hesitation.

It wasnt that she didnt want to chat with Luo Chao for a while longer, but Ling Lan knew that staying here wouldnt help Luo Chao at all. Since it was futile, she might as well find an opportunity.

Luo Chao watched as Ling Lan walked away. Her tears fell again.

Finally, Ling Lans figure disappeared from Luo Chaos sight. At this moment, Luo Chao smiled and said softly, Alright, Boss Lan!

With this shout, Luo Chaos entire body dispersed like a fluorescent light, replaying the scene that happened in the real world. The entire s.p.a.ce returned to its cold silence as if Luo Chao had never existed.

Luo Chaos appearance stirred Ling Lan, but she still couldnt find her direction.

Ling Lan stared at the quiet world again with a serious expression.

What do you want me to understand? As smart as Ling Lan was, she already understood that this path was paved by the heavens to allow her to find her own law. Otherwise, she might be stuck here for the rest of her life, or she might disappear from this world when her life force was completely cut off outside and when her spiritual power could no longer support her. That would be true death.

Ling Lan took a deep breath to calm herself down and continue moving forward firmly. Since she had yet to find an opportunity, she could only continue walking until she encountered another catalyst.

Orange Hall: Qi Long and Luo Lang were fighting Tornado Lord Xun and Rain Lord Kan. The battle between the two parties had also reached its final climax.

The Orange Hall was no longer what it used to be. This was a world filled with violent storms. In the middle of this world, Luo Lang had a cold expression on his face. His entire body emitted thick killing intent. His two long whips hung by his sides. However, the strange thing was that no matter how strong the gale was or how intense the rain was, it could not shake him at all.

Qi Longwho should have been fighting beside himhad disappeared.

Likewise, there was no sign of Tornado Lord Xun and Rain Lord Kan. It was as if Luo Lang was the only person in this world.

Fusion domain? Although Luo Langs gaze was calm, there was still a hint of seriousness.

I didnt expect such a nomological skill to exist in this world. Its really an eye-opener. Luo Langs gaze turned cold, and the murderous aura around him intensified.

The pressure from the fusion domain is getting stronger. The other partys next move should be a trump card. With our abilities, we wont be able to block it. Luo Langs gaze became sinister.

The fusion domain boosts them to the half-step G.o.d-realm from the imperial stage, making them come infinitely close to the G.o.d-realm. The difference in our strength is too great. Luo Langs gaze became calm and indifferent again.

The main body isnt strong enough to accommodate more of our personalities. A hint of regret appeared in Luo Langs eyes.

Its already good enough. In just a few years, we managed to accommodate five people at the same time. Luo Langs eyes had a hint of languidness.

Cant we resist it even with the five of us combining forces? Luo Langs eyes were bright and clear.

The five of us combined only bring us infinitely close to the imperial stage The calm and indifferent Luo Lang mercilessly broke the illusion.

No matter what, we have to take a gamble. The bright and clear-eyed Luo Lang suddenly became determined. I want to buy time for Qi Long.

Can your companion really do it? The calm and indifferent Luo Lang finally voiced his doubts.

I trust him, the bright and clear Luo Lang replied firmly.

In that case, lets give it a try. The calm and indifferent Luo Lang fell silent for a moment before making this decision.

These seemingly complicated exchanges only lasted for an instant in Luo Langs mind.

Luo Lang knew that whether he lived or died depended on whether he could block the other partys terrifying sure-kill technique. It was a perfect combination attack delivered by two imperial realm formidable warriors.

Ah, I promised Xie Yi that I would live on with his wis.h.!.+ Luo Lang suddenly roared. His domain concept increased crazily

Various expressions began to appear on his face, making him appear ferocious and terrifying.

Tornado Lord Xun and Rain Lord Kanwho had completely fused with the wind and raincouldnt help but be stunned when they saw this.

Although they had been fighting for so long, they actually didnt know what the other partys domain concept was. The other party seemed to have only shown an increase in physical strength and didnt show any signs of elemental or other special domain concepts.