Invincible - Chapter 3065: Top Ten Giants on the Extermination List?

Chapter 3065: Top Ten Giants on the Extermination List?

In fact, the others didn’t need Special Envoy Hailan to remind them at all, the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang retreated almost at the same time she jumped back in a panic.

The power of absolute poison ranked higher than the power of absolute lightning amongst the thirteen kinds of absolute powers!

Perfection level absolute poison power was said to be able to corrode everything, and not even peak-level cosmos artifacts could resist it.

How could the four of them not be afraid?!

The shock was written all over Xuankong, the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng, and the rest of World Manor’s experts’ faces

An early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable could wield the power of absolute poison, but the problem was that it was perfection level power of absolute poison!

They had never seen nor heard something like this before!

Right at this time, under Xiao Yuncheng and others’ full attention, Huang Xiaolong’s body suddenly disintegrated into speckles of light. That’s right, speckles of icy blue lights, spreading in the air!

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, Special Envoy Hailan, and the others were dumbfounded on the spot.

“It’s, it’s the power of absolute frost at perfection level!” Three Blades Yang couldn’t keep the stammer out. 

Perfection absolute frost power!

Through these years, through many discussions of dao with Lei Yu, Huang Xiaolong had become more apt with using the various absolute powers he wielded. Through his control, Huang Xiaolong could turn himself into a snowfrost through the power of absolute frost. This was no illusion or hallucination, but true down to the essence.

Snowfrosts drifted through the underground space, freezing everything in their path!

Although the power of absolute frost ranked lower than absolute poison, no one doubted its lethality.

Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang frantically deployed cosmos energy from their small worlds and launched their most powerful attacks. The ground quaked violently, and snowfrost tumbled chaotically in the air, but their attacks were futile as snowfrost continued to fall. A couple of snowfrosts fell on Three Blades Yang’s arm, and Three Blades Yang lost the sensation of his arm almost immediately as he was encapsulated in ice.

Parts of Purple Giant’s body were similarly frozen when he came in contact with the falling snowfrost.

Special Envoy Hailan looked at the sky of falling icy-blue snowfrost with dread and asked apprehensively, “You, who are you really?!”

Perfection power of absolute poison at this degree of strength? Even if the young man isn’t someone one of the Extermination List’s top ten giants, he is not far away!

The most frustrating thing was, Huang Xiaolong was clearly an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable brat in his eyes, and this was also the most frightening point.

Barely a second passed after Special Envoy Hailan’s question when purple streaks of lightning emerged high in the air where icy blue snowfrost fell!  

Seeing these streaks of purple lightning, Special Envoy Hailan looked like she had been struck by world-destroying lightning, and shrieked sharply, “Absolute lightning power!”

She was too familiar with this purple lightning because she herself wielded the power of absolute lightning!

Moreover, her power of absolute lightning had only reached major completion, but the sky-dominating lightning above her was much stronger than the power of absolute lightning she wielded! 

“This, is this peak major completion absolute lightning power?!” Some distance away, the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng could barely string his words properly.

First, it was perfection absolute poison power, then perfection absolute frost power, and now, peak major completion absolute lightning power!

“Even if it’s not the peak major completion level, it’s not far away!” Xuankong said stiffly, and his statement startled Xiao Yuncheng, as well as other World Manor’s experts. 

“This, this, he, he’s one of the top ten giants on the Extermination List, is he?!” one of the World Manor’s experts blurted out, and as he did, he felt as if all of his strength was extracted from his body.

Existences on the Extermination List’s top ten!

Whether it was Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Three Blades Yang, or Purple Giant, all four had completely lost their earlier confidence. Before Huang Xiaolong had shown the power of absolute poison, they were confident and had hope of sending off Huang Xiaolong’s group, now, every last bit of advantage they thought they had was crushed.

The absolute frost power was even more terrifying after combining with absolute lightning power, crushing the four people’s attacks and defensive barriers in the blink of an eye, and the overpowering combination of two absolute powers struck them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Mystical Pavilion’s four top experts were whipped into the air at the same time, and when they crashed to the ground, they had turned into four frozen ice sculptures enshrouded by crackling purple lightning.

Huang Xiaolong finally reappeared in his entirety, and the sky full of snowfrost and purple lightning quietly dissipated. 

But just as Huang Xiaolong appeared, the ice sculpture of Special Envoy Hailan exploded to pieces all of a sudden, a long sword with world-destroying momentum shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing that long sword, Xuankong’s face tightened. “It’s the Dragon Vanquishing Sword!

“Dragon Vanquishing Sword? Semi-creation artifact!” Xiao Yuncheng was agape when he heard that.

Semi-creation artifact?

Huang Xiaolong’s interest was roused when he heard that, and thus he did not dodge the long sword coming at him full of murderous aura.

The Vanquishing Dragon Sword penetrated Huang Xiaolong’s flesh and entered one inch into Huang Xiaolong’s chest. 

Xuankong was dumbfounded as it was mind-boggling to them that Huang Xiaolong didn’t even try to dodge or parry the sword. Special Envoy Hailan was just as dumbfounded, she didn’t dare to hope that the Vanquishing Dragon Sword would be able to hurt Huang Xiaolong, and yet it penetrated one inch into Huang Xiaolong’s chest, she was shocked and delighted at the same time.

She was shocked because as a semi-creation artifact, the Vanquishing Dragon Sword had only penetrated one inch into Huang Xiaolong’s flesh, and delighted because the Vanquishing Dragon Sword had multiple restrictions placed by the Main Pavilion Master. Hence, she knew that the young man would have suffered grave injuries from this attack!

In the meantime, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Three Blades Yang, and Purple Giant had successfully broken out from their iced state, and were similarly delighted, seeing that Huang Xiaolong was injured by the Vanquishing Dragon Sword.

Then, they saw Huang Xiaolong grip the Vanquishing Dragon Sword with his hand and pull it out with ease. Special Envoy Hailan was aghast and wanted to call back the sword, but to her horror, she couldn’t drive the Vanquishing Dragon Sword. Her connection with the sword was forcefully cut off by an overwhelming power.

When Huang Xiaolong pulled the sword out from his chest, a kind of flame rushed out from his wound, but this was not the power of absolute blaze, instead, it was a kind of dark green flames. 

As the dark green flames danced in the air, the wound in his chest healed perfectly in the blink of an eye, as if he had not suffered any injuries.

“Peak completion power of nirvana!” Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Three Blades Yang, and Purple Giant could no longer suppress the fear in their hearts upon seeing the dark green flames. Their faces were drained of blood. 

“This, this, top three?! Or top five?!” Xuankong mumbled dazedly under his breath.

Although their World Master wielded the four kinds of absolute powers of earth, wind, water, and blaze at the perfection level, two of Huang Xiaolong’s absolute powers, the power of nirvana, and absolute poison rank higher than all four of the earth, wind, water, and blaze. Especially, the power of nirvana was only second to the power of space and time.” 

“It looks like the defenses of my Dao Body of Heaven and Earth are still a little weak,” Huang Xiaolong muttered with a slight frown as he studied the Vanquishing Dragon Sword. 

But his words drummed in the ears of Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Xuankong, Xiao Yuncheng, and the others. Dao Body of Heaven and Earth?!

A while ago, they were astounded that Huang Xiaolong wielded four kinds of absolute powers, and they had failed to pay attention to other things. On a second look now, Huang Xiaolong actually cultivated the Dao Body of Heaven and Earth!

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